Sat, Nov 02, 2013

John Hawkins | November 02, 2013

What's the point of having a President who learns about everything his administration is doing from the newspapers, just like everyone else? When do you start to ask, "Is this guy stupid or just dishonest?"

John C. Goodman | November 02, 2013

From day one, the health policy community has correctly seen the Affordable Care Act as an attempt to completely change the health care system. This isn't even controversial. It's accepted by all as an undisputed fact.

Kathryn Lopez | November 02, 2013

It was irresistible. On Halloween, The Drudge Report highlighted a Washington Post interview with the author of "The Exorcist." William Peter Blatty had used the word "demonic," and now there atop Drudge was a photo of Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Rich Tucker | November 02, 2013

It takes a lot to convince a company to move jobs out of the town that bears its name. But that’s the step Hershey took a few years ago, driven in part by cronyism.

Ed Feulner | November 02, 2013

So how much more is your health insurance going to cost you? That’s the question, really, as Obamacare begins taking effect and the stories pour in from around the country: how much your premiums are going up, not if they are.

Mark W. Hendrickson | November 02, 2013

If there is one truth that became apparent during the financial panic five years ago, it is that Big Government and Big Finance are inseparable.

Night Watch | November 02, 2013

The reason for the training, which runs from the 29th to the 31st, is unclear, but it may be a precaution against social unrest while senior officers are in Pyongyang.

Steve Deace | November 02, 2013

Who’s currently most on the minds of Republican presidential primary voters in the first-in-the-nation caucus state, and why it matters.

Tad DeHaven | November 02, 2013

In what must have been a moving scene for beleaguered supporters of unabated big government, tea party “radicals” joined hands with Democrats to support special interests at the expense of taxpayers.

Larry Kudlow | November 02, 2013

That’s the bigger message as Obamacare collapses before our very eyes.

Ransom Notes Radio | November 02, 2013

In all fairness, Obama probably would have said anything the teleprompter told him to. Still, it’s been wild watching Liberals try to justify the President’s promise that people could keep their current insurance. Idiots like Ezra Klein are beginning to meltdown over the incompetence of the White House. (Not to mention the dishonesty.)

Fri, Nov 01, 2013

Ken Blackwell | November 01, 2013

Cincinnati and Detroit are separated by barely more than 250 miles – a five-hour drive at worst, or under an hour by plane. Despite this proximity, many Cincinnatians would prefer to believe that Detroit’s horrendous fiscal situation couldn’t possibly hit their city. Not so fast.

Humberto Fontova | November 01, 2013

“Mr President the American people are asking with new urgency: what is going on in Cuba?” On August 31st 1962 Senator Kenneth Keating (Republican, New York) was on the Senate floor prompted by reports of a huge and rapid deployment of Soviet troops and sophisticated arms to Cuba.

Caroline Glick | November 01, 2013

US President Barack Obama views lies as legitimate political tools. He uses lies strategically to accomplish through mendacity what he could never achieve through honest means.

Michelle Malkin | November 01, 2013

While her husband's signature health care law goes up in flames, first lady Michelle Obama is reveling in the success of her East Wing pet project, the "Let's Move" initiative. But ignore the do-gooder dressing.

Mark Davis | November 01, 2013

I close my eyes and imagine the coming days. The American public growing skeptical and then outright dismissive of Obamacare. A growing revulsion over the administration's Benghazi deception. A national awakening to the crises we face in spending, especially on entitlements.

Michael Barone | November 01, 2013

Where are Americans moving, and why? Timothy Noah, writing in the Washington Monthly, professes to be puzzled. He points out that people have been moving out of states with high per capita incomes -- Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland -- to states with lower income levels.

Brent Bozell | November 01, 2013

Feminism isn't just a brutal philosophy for millions of unborn children. It's brutal on the Internet.

Jonah Goldberg | November 01, 2013

Often in error but never in doubt, Barack Obama could walk into the Rose Garden and step on a half-dozen rakes like Foghorn Leghorn in an old Looney Tunes cartoon, and the official line would be, "He meant to do that."

David Limbaugh | November 01, 2013

I just don't understand it. Everywhere we turn, we conservatives are told we need to moderate, be less extreme, be more bipartisan. The public just wants us all to get along and solve our major problems together.

Mona Charen | November 01, 2013

When New York City's strikingly successful police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, arrived to address students at Brown University, he was harassed, booed and heckled for 30 long minutes. "Racism is not for debate," they shouted.

Pat Buchanan | November 01, 2013

"Nothing is lost save honor."

Suzanne Fields | November 01, 2013

Three decades ago, Woody Allen made a movie called "Zelig," and Zelig is still among us -- popping up in Hollywood, politics, academia and anywhere where ambition is on the make. Zelig is a human chameleon, a liar and an imposter eager to fit in anywhere opportunity knocks.

David Harsanyi | November 01, 2013

You can't keep your insurance if you like it under Obamacare, because you're too ignorant to understand what's good for you.

John Ransom | November 01, 2013

This administration is masterful at making sure they have the punitive measures all set to go to cover for the fact that they can’t govern. Only in Washington DC and only amongst Democrats would this be applauded as success.

Diana West | November 01, 2013

Could Obamacare be the biggest voter registration fraud scheme in the history of the world?

Linda Chavez | November 01, 2013

The White House welcome of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki this week couldn't come at a more awkward time for President Obama, whose fecklessness in foreign affairs will be his most enduring legacy.

Donald Lambro | November 01, 2013

The unraveling of the Barack Obama's dysfunctional presidency started when it became clear his policies were not improving a jobless economy that is still on the Fed's temporary life- support system.

Rich Galen | November 01, 2013

I am not cheering as I write this column. The Presidency of Barack Obama is spiraling downward largely because of Obamacare and it is not clear to me that Mr. Obama can avoid a Presidential face plant.

Anna Higgins | November 01, 2013

I received a call this week from representatives of the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange in response to my article published by in which I outlined my journey to discover which plans under the D.C. health exchange exclude elective abortion coverage.

Night Watch | November 01, 2013

Pro- and anti-Brotherhood students clashed at Azhar University in Cairo, prompting the university president to invite the police to restore order. At the al-Azhar university's main campus, students smashed windows, hurled chairs and covered walls of an administrative building with graffiti.

Ransom Notes Radio | November 01, 2013

Katie Pavlich and Michael Schaus discuss the absurdity of the liberal Obamacare-Defense. As Kathleen Sebelius continues to defend the law on Capitol Hill, the White House is suggesting people are losing their coverage because of the evil-private sector. . . I think we know how this debate is going to devolve.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | November 01, 2013

“Unbelievable. A new low. I’m so ashamed.” So remarked Boon to his girlfriend Katie in the movie “Animal House,” offering a fake apology for another raucous fraternity party just before Delta House’s downfall at the hands of Dean Wormer.

David Sterman | November 01, 2013

Warren Buffett loves to invest in stable businesses with few competitors. One of his recent favorites is DaVita HealthCare (NYSE: DVA), which operates a network of dialysis treatment centers in the United States catering to patients that have diabetes-induced kidney failure. But DaVita has a big problem on its hands.

Bill Tatro | November 01, 2013

Indeed, when it comes to sports trivia, the president is certainly a well-informed authority. But when it comes to world events, economics, and providing much needed leadership as he attempts to run this country, Obama is totally clueless.

Thu, Oct 31, 2013

Cliff May | October 31, 2013

No, America isn't committing "war crimes."

Ken Blackwell | October 31, 2013

When Vice President George H.W. Bush accepted the GOP nomination for president in New Orleans in 1988, he memorably said: “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Too memorably, as things turned out.

Terrence Moore | October 31, 2013

The Common Core Standards that now dictate the so-called “standards” and therefore the testing and therefore the curriculum (despite claims to the contrary) of forty-five state school systems in the land have dressed themselves up nicely.

Hugh Hewitt | October 31, 2013

The chattering classes, overrun with Red Sox fans, are waking up to a scary thought: the realization that now they have only the Celtics to cheer hem through an increasingly gloomy time for their favoritist president ever.

Callista Gingrich | October 31, 2013

It's vitally important that young Americans learn American history. Our country’s strength has always come from being a “great melting pot,” a nation open to people from all over the world who want to become American.

Michael Brown | October 31, 2013

Over the last few weeks, a tremendous amount of my time has been focused on a critical issue that is bringing major division to many evangelical Christians in America which leads me to ask myself, “If we, as a sub-group within a sub-group, can’t even work together, how can we possibly influence the larger world around us?”

Derek Hunter | October 31, 2013

President Obama loves to golf. President Obama loves to campaign. President Obama loves to hobnob with celebrities. In fact, President Obama loves all the trappings of the presidency except, it would seem, actually doing the job of being President.

Michael Schaus | October 31, 2013

Bill de Blasio wants to gut a privately funded non-profit so the city can fix some swing sets in Harlem. (Or something.)

Victor Davis Hanson | October 31, 2013

By 1968, President Lyndon Baines Johnson was finally done in by his "credibility gap" -- the growing abyss between what he said about, and what was actually happening inside, Vietnam.

Larry Elder | October 31, 2013

"World War II Vets Under Attack by Blacks." Can you imagine such a headline in The New York Times -- or anywhere else, except perhaps some in underground racist tract?

Cal Thomas | October 31, 2013

When the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is completed next year what will happen to Afghan women? Will a resurgent Taliban return them to wearing burqas, withdraw them from schools and force them to live behind painted glass in their homes, permitting them to leave the house only when accompanied by a blood relative?

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | October 31, 2013

Last night, my husband Jimmy and I were talking about how fast time, at least as it pertains to our children, has flown.

Scottie Hughes | October 31, 2013

Three weeks after the opening of our government, I finally realized why there is so much hatred for Senator Ted Cruz and company: Jealousy. Cruz’s words and actions served as the political equivalent of Dramamine by freeing Americans from the motion sickness that comes from Washington, DC’s normal spin cycle.

Debra J. Saunders | October 31, 2013

Apparently, President Barack Obama was fibbing when he said in 2009 that under his Affordable Care Act, "if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period." On Wednesday, Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler rated that pledge as a four-Pinocchio whopper.

John Ransom | October 31, 2013

It's Obamacare, where stupid is the new normal.

Matt Towery | October 31, 2013

With the current debacle of the Obamacare "failure to launch" in full swing, it may well be that Democrats have little, if any, prayer of keeping their control of the U.S. Senate after the 2014 elections.

Paul Greenberg | October 31, 2013

See the impossible before your very eyes: trying to buy insurance in this wacky game that everybody is talking about . . . .

Steve Chapman | October 31, 2013

In 1996, as California voters considered whether to make theirs the first state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, they were warned that they were on the verge of creating a grim wasteland from which they might never escape.

Emmett Tyrrell | October 31, 2013

The historic blunders of President Barack Obama's embarrassing health care rollout demonstrate spectacularly the utter failure of what? Let me tell you. They are the blunders of what was once called the "Brightest Generation" in American history, the 1960s generation.

Jeff Crouere | October 31, 2013

While Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, is not taking responsibility for the web debacle and, of course, the President refuses to take any of the blame for any of his fiascoes, the White House has found a fall girl, the website lady.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 31, 2013

More of Obama’s campaign rhetoric has turned out to be nothing more than dishonest sales pitches. Michael Robinson, Chief Technology Strategist for Money Map Press, also joined the program to discuss the endless possibilities of the tech sector.

Leo McCloskey | October 31, 2013

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, is visiting the White House this week. Doubtless, the President has many pressing issues to raise with him, among them Baghdad’s acquiescence to Iranian over-flights, carrying weapons and Revolutionary Guards to prop up Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad, and his increasingly sectarian marginalization of the Sunni minority in Iraq.

Bob Beauprez | October 31, 2013

As a staffer to an Illinois Democrat Congressman who voted for ObamaCare, Sue Klinkhamer "had constituents scream at me, spit at me and call me names that I can't put in print." Now, because of the provisions of ObamaCare, her insurance premium will more than double. And she's not loving it. . .

Robert Knight | October 31, 2013

Imagine that it was Sept. 12, 2001, and you opened your newspaper, gazed in horror at the many photos of unspeakable carnage at the Twin Towers, and found this story: “The American Civil Liberties Union today urged the Justice Department to probe the surveillance of Muslim Americans by the New York City Police Department.”

Jerry Newcombe | October 31, 2013

There was a story last week that got my attention. Lech Walesa, former president of Poland and a great hero in my book (but not on this point), said that what we need today is a “secular Ten Commandments.”

Night Watch | October 31, 2013

One major provision being considered in Egypt is a stricter separation of powers among the presidency, legislature and judiciary so as to limit executive power relative to the other branches of government.

Wed, Oct 30, 2013

Ann Coulter | October 30, 2013

We have Obamacare for one reason and one reason only: For a brief, ghoulish period in recent history, Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Austin Bay | October 30, 2013

Enhancing survival is the gut reason for spying. In the case of the United States, enhancing survival means reducing the likelihood that enemy surprise attacks like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 will succeed.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | October 30, 2013

In my new book, You Were Born for More, I give spiritual principles that will help any believer to have courage in an overwhelmingly negative environment and it will help them take a confident personal stand when persecution, mean-spiritedness and ridicule come their way.

Larry Kudlow | October 30, 2013

Obamacare’s glitches are here to stay according to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. In an exclusive interview with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, Ryan said the problems with the Affordable Care Act extend far beyond website malfunctions.

Michael Schaus | October 30, 2013

Another woman being interviewed by NBC asked, rightfully, what she’s supposed to eat now that her insurance premium is as large as her rental payment. (Cake?) Over 1.5 million Americans have received similar letters in recent weeks, with up to 14 million more Americans potentially on the healthcare chopping block.

Thomas Sowell | October 30, 2013

The public's opinion of politicians of both parties seems to have reached a new low. But no matter how much the voters detest Congress -- or how justifiably -- that does not mean that there will be radical changes at the next election.

Michelle Malkin | October 30, 2013

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is allergic to the truth. She is the ruthless enforcer of Obamacare's Jenga tower of lies upon lies upon lies. Now that this fatally flawed government edifice is collapsing, you can expect Sebelius to do what she has done her entire career: blame, bully and pile on more lies.

John Stossel | October 30, 2013

I've always avoided reporting on the Federal Reserve. I know it's more important than much of the stuff I cover, but it's so boring. How can I succeed on TV reporting on the Fed? Fed chairs even work at being dull.

Walter E. Williams | October 30, 2013

According to a recent Fox News poll, 73 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the country, up 20 points from 2012. Americans sense that there's a lot going wrong in our nation, but most don't have a clue about the true nature of our problem.

Brent Bozell | October 30, 2013

There may be no more misleading newspaper sentence in the Virginia governor's race than this one from reporter Carol Morello in the Oct. 26 Washington Post: "The two major-party candidates running for governor in Virginia are both practicing Catholics."

Jonah Goldberg | October 30, 2013

"All we've been hearing the last three years is if you like your policy you can keep it. ... I'm infuriated because I was lied to," one woman told the Los Angeles Times, as part of a story on how some middle-class Californians have been stunned to learn the real costs of Obamacare.

Bob Barr | October 30, 2013

If there is one man who knows about corrupt presidential administrations, it is Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. So, when the man who helped bring down Richard Nixon warns about widespread corruption within the Executive Branch, it commands attention.

Terry Jeffrey | October 30, 2013

"I had to say Mass in my room," says Father Ray Leonard, recalling the years he served in the Tibetan region of the People's Republic of China.

Ben Shapiro | October 30, 2013

On Monday evening, NBC News reported that President Obama wasn't just wrong, he was willfully lying when he said that if Americans liked their insurance plans, they could keep them under Obamacare.

Austin Bay | October 30, 2013

Enhancing survival is the gut reason for spying. In the case of the United States, enhancing survival means reducing the likelihood that enemy surprise attacks like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 will succeed.

Paul Greenberg | October 30, 2013

The disappearance of the old-fashioned editorial writer has pretty much paralleled the disappearance of the old-fashioned newspaper. It is not a change for the better.

Rachel Marsden | October 30, 2013

So-called "transparency advocates" who believe that splaying out all the intelligence activities of America and its allies will result in increased oversight, regulation and accountability have failed to learn the recent lesson of warfare: Whining about what you can't handle just leads to more secrecy. That's how we ended up with drones.

Donald Lambro | October 30, 2013

Now we know what President Obama knew all along -- that millions of Americans would not be able keep their health insurance plans under Obamacare.

Paul Driessen | October 30, 2013

Having a child who struggles in school torments parents – whether it’s because of attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, an inability to comprehend “whole word” approaches in learning to read, or just a need to “learn differently” from peers. The experience is even harder on the child.

Susan Stamper Brown | October 30, 2013

Not every bad thing that happens to us is bad, long term. I've learned it well; some of life's biggest blessings arrive unexpectedly, wrapped in the most unsightly dressings. It's as if the alchemy happens in the waiting. And so it may be for the GOP, as they now get to witness certain Democrats, who supported Obamacare, paying a hefty price for their misdeeds.

Jacob Sullum | October 30, 2013

Last Friday, the Justice Department acknowledged for the first time that it is using evidence derived from warrantless wiretapping to prosecute someone. That development sets the stage for a Fourth Amendment challenge to a law that gives the National Security Agency amazingly broad discretion to eavesdrop on Americans' phone calls and read their email.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 30, 2013

After years of ridicule, and name calling, NBC finally figured it out: Maybe the President wasn’t actually telling the truth when he said we could keep our current insurance. Michael Cannon, from Cato, joined the program to discuss the millions of Americans who are being dumped from their coverage in the wake of Obamacare.

Bob Beauprez | October 30, 2013

When Obama repeatedly made the claim – "If you like your health plan; you can keep your health plan" – objective observers knew it wasn't so.

Anna Higgins | October 30, 2013

Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, many pro-life leaders and others with moral objections to having elective abortion covered in their health care plans were concerned that they would be forced into purchasing health plans that cover abortion. It turns out their concerns were well-founded.

Ken Connor | October 30, 2013

When you allow ideology to drive the development of policy with no attention to reality or practicality, the results are catastrophic. For the President and his supporters, Obamacare was conceived not as a policy solution for America's growing healthcare challenges but as a symbol of the President's progressive worldview.

Night Watch | October 30, 2013

The implication of this news is that it reinforces the government's media theme that international Islamic terrorists pose a growing threat to the Cairo government and to stability in Egypt.

Tue, Oct 29, 2013

John Ransom | October 29, 2013

The price of peace, it seems-- at least the Nobel variety of peace that Obama brings—is humiliation and decay; a dis-lodgement of American and civilized interests.

Diana West | October 29, 2013

Post-shutdown, I'm still mulling two things: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn't seem to know what the House of Representatives is supposed to do, and President Obama doesn't seem to know the way "checks and balances" are supposed to work.

Phil Kerpen | October 29, 2013

It seems every major scandal, abuse of power, and spectacular failure in President Barack Obama's administration happens, we're told, without the president's knowledge.

Todd Starnes | October 29, 2013

Audrey Hudson’s husband had just left for work on August 6 when suddenly, her dog began barking. The nationally-known journalist walked over to the curtains and peeked outside to discover her Chesapeake Bay home was surrounded by law enforcement officers wearing full body armor.

Hugh Hewitt | October 29, 2013

Two extraordinary interviews yesterday, each of which suggests the gathering storm for the party of Obama-Clinton.

John Hawkins | October 29, 2013

It's hard for a service to be viable when the government forces consumers who buy it to pay a massive new tax for the privilege.

Thomas Sowell | October 29, 2013

Polls indicate that the public is so disgusted with Washington politicians of both parties that a surprisingly large proportion of the people would like to get rid of the whole lot of them.

Chuck Norris | October 29, 2013

The FBI reports on its website that "not only is human sex trafficking slavery but it is big business. It is the fastest-growing business of organized crime and the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world."

Michael Barone | October 29, 2013

"The examination of war from an exclusively military perspective, isolated from its social and political context, leads to false conclusions and poor strategy."

David Limbaugh | October 29, 2013

Two snares stand in the way of conservatives' fervent desire to dismantle Obamacare: 1) a possible perception that its problems are limited to the technical issues with the rollout and 2) the GOP's potentially suicidal impulse to bail Obama out.

Mona Charen | October 29, 2013

The spectacularly dreadful debut of Obamacare represents the greatest political opportunity for conservatism and the Republican Party in two generations. Big government stands rebuked. It has overreached, overpromised, and, embarrassingly, failed to deliver.

Cal Thomas | October 29, 2013

"Bye Bye Birdie" is an old musical that survives in high school productions and in some people's memory bank. It debuted on Broadway in 1960 and was made into a film in 1963. One of the songs from the show might serve as an inspiration, if not a theme, for Republicans in the winter of their discontent over President Obama and congressional Democrats: "Put on a Happy Face."

Dennis Prager | October 29, 2013

So it is with great sadness that I write that President Barack Obama has done and continues to do major damage to America. The only question is whether this can ever be undone.

Pat Buchanan | October 29, 2013

The first reports in early May of 1960 were that a U.S. weather plane, flying out of Turkey, had gone missing. A silent Moscow knew better. After letting the Americans crawl out on a limb, expatiating on their cover story, Russia sawed it off.

Jeff Jacoby | October 29, 2013

Is there an idiom in Arabic for cutting off your nose to spite your face? Saudi Arabia's abrupt rejection on October 18 of the UN Security Council seat to which it had just been elected was described as "bizarre" and "baffling."

Debra J. Saunders | October 29, 2013

When opinion shifts in modern America, the change can be like a flash flood. Three years ago, 54 percent of California voters rejected Proposition 19, which would have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Paul Greenberg | October 29, 2013

Cardinals Meet Red Sox in World Series. It was headline news in 1946, too. Which wasn't the only similarity between now and then. Because it was the best of times, the worst of times, like a lot of other years in always bubbling and simmering and broiling history, especially the American kind.

Phyllis Schlafly | October 29, 2013

Republicans and conservatives recognize that the principal reason for our unique abundance is our constitutional restraints on the power of government, separation of powers, balanced budgets, and a minimum of government supervision and interference in our daily lives.

Edward Lindsey | October 29, 2013

'Tis the season for zombies, ghouls and ghosts, our little ones swaddled as oversized pumpkins and our adolescents as chilling horrors. Soon, all that gothic shuffling and calls for candy through mummy-wrapped mouths will come to a close for most of America.

Rebecca Hagelin | October 29, 2013

California is dead set on stripping away the privacy of children - and we need to do what we can to stop the madness.

Bill Murchison | October 29, 2013

More inflation. I can't wait. What we seem to need, on the reckoning of various "progressives," as well as some corporate types, is -- I infer -- more sustained effort by the Federal Reserve to print money.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 29, 2013

According to the Left, it is either Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz. And while Ted Cruz continues to fight against Obamacare, Rand Paul is ramping up to fight for transparency in the Fed. . . Now, just wait for the insults to fly from the Janet Yellen advocates on the left.

Ralph Benko | October 29, 2013

Ferguson succeeds in methodically humiliating New York Times columnist, celebrity blogger, and Nobel economic prize laureate Paul Krugman, together with his “gaggle of bloggers who are to Krugman what Egyptian plovers are to crocodiles.”

Bob Beauprez | October 29, 2013

The evidence is overwhelming that if Nancy Pelosi says it, it probably isn't true or necessarily connected to reality.

Bill Tatro | October 29, 2013

When it comes to negotiations involving the so-called federal regulators (U.S. Justice Department) and the big-money-center-too-big-to-fail-national-institutions better known as banks, it seems that it really isn’t rocket science.

Night Watch | October 29, 2013

This weekend featured another surge in attacks, mainly against Shiites. At least 88 people were killed and 203 were wounded in a series of coordinated bombings.

Marvin Olasky | October 29, 2013

A key court case may determine whether we begin looking over our shoulders.

Mon, Oct 28, 2013

Michael Gerson | October 28, 2013

While chemical weapons disarmament proceeds in Syria, so do mass attacks on civilians. In the eastern suburbs of Damascus, where the regime used sarin, it now conducts a siege, blocking the entrance of food and the exit of refugees.

Byron York | October 28, 2013

Under Obamacare, the Internal Revenue Service will determine who is eligible for health insurance subsidies, and it will deliver those subsidies, in the form of tax credits, to millions of individual Americans.

Rich Galen | October 28, 2013

When Senator Barack Obama became President-elect Barack Obama, then President Barack Obama there was not-so-secret high-fiving in newsrooms and editorial offices world-wide that after eight years of plundering and bumbling by that cowboy George W. Bush, finally America's foreign policy would be led by a sophisticated internationalist sitting in the White House.

David Spady | October 28, 2013

Environmentalists have galvanized behind a movement to resurrect wolf populations in rural America. Public support, particularly from urban regions, appears to favor the idea of returning this iconic symbol of the wilderness to America’s rural landscapes.

Todd Starnes | October 28, 2013

Soldiers attending a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood say they were told that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation and that any soldier donating to those groups would be subjected to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Kurt Schlichter | October 28, 2013

The establishment has declared us defeated, but we’re ready to fight like rabid wolverines. Now we need to think carefully about how we defeat our opponents over the long haul. And “the long haul” means many election cycles.

Gannon LeBlanc | October 28, 2013

The average college graduate holds at least $35,200 of debt and has spent four years out of the workforce, where he or she would be otherwise gaining experience. All this for a piece of paper that by no means guarantees a job.

Star Parker | October 28, 2013

Political discussions commonly assume there are two separate sets of issues.

Katie Kieffer | October 28, 2013

A confident woman who speaks her mind is a powerful force for good, and newly crowned Miss World Megan Young is unafraid to speak her mind on sex, marriage and life.

John Ransom | October 28, 2013

For the first time in our history ordinary citizens have the ability to communicate with one another over the heads of the media in publications like Townhall. We are networked on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter that expose us to thousands of people for free.

Paul Greenberg | October 28, 2013

Only now does Obamacare's namesake call the press to the Rose Garden, which is much better tended than his signature program, to acknowledge what everybody already knows: There are, well, a few problems with his signature program.

Dan Holler | October 28, 2013

The big headline from USA Today says it all: Democrats beginning to support Obamacare delays.

Hank Adler | October 28, 2013

If it is a big mistake and everyone makes big mistakes, before making a public comment, the first step is always to make a complete assessment of the problem. That assessment has to determine both the why, the solution and the time required to achieve a solution.

Matt Barber | October 28, 2013

Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Rachel Alexander | October 28, 2013

The country of Greece is in catastrophic economic chaos due to a history of irresponsible spending. This is where the U.S. will be in few years unless drastic changes are made.

Lee Culpepper | October 28, 2013

This past Monday as math teacher Mike Landsberry lay shot and dying on a playground’s basketball court in Sparks, Nevada, America’s public education system on the East Coast was already at work subjecting more children to the perils of another lethal threat: political correctness. Make no mistake about it -- political correctness is the impetus of gun-free zones. It is also destroying the minds of America’s children while leaving them physically vulnerable.

Michael Schaus | October 28, 2013

Common Core teaching materials instruct teachers to explain that land owners are evil, and that business owners are inherently greedy. In addition to reading a glowing biography of a Marxist labor leader, second-grade students will be asked to evaluate the scales of fairness between wealthy landowners, and lowly [non-union] workers.

Mark Calabria | October 28, 2013

Natural disasters illustrate the industry’s ability to manage and absorb large losses. The losses from hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, and the Northridge earthquake, were all comparable to the losses from 9/11, so there is nothing particularly special about the level of terror damage.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 28, 2013

CATO’S 31ST ANNUAL MONETARY CONFERENCE — WAS THE FED A GOOD IDEA? — will bring together some of the world’s leading scholars and policymakers to consider the record of the Federal Reserve since its establishment in December 1913.

Sun, Oct 27, 2013

Doug Giles | October 27, 2013

Hey, reader: have you ever noticed the lack of men in our culture nowadays?

Derek Hunter | October 27, 2013

When I wrote last week that Democrats eventually would come to Congress seeking to “fix” the mess that is Obamacare I never thought “eventually” would be a week later, but that’s where we find ourselves.

Debra J. Saunders | October 27, 2013

During the Obama years, a potent mythology has taken root in Democratic circles. In this narrative, Democrats are victims, martyrs even, whereas Republicans are wily tricksters.

Bruce Bialosky | October 27, 2013

The government was shut down and we had spent up to the limit of what we could legally borrow. But the country was not focused on the fact that our new health care law was beginning as a dismal failure. Or that our tax collectors are running rampant with no promised Presidential butt-kicking.Record numbers of people are on food stamps, even as our economy has supposedly grown for four years and the employment rate has supposedly shrunk.None of these constitute the second most important issue in America.That would be the name of Washington D.C.’s professional football team.

John Ransom | October 27, 2013

The good news is that these conditions are covered under Obamacare. The bad new is that you probably need an exorcism too. And what d'ya know? That's not covered under Obamacare, yet!

Kevin McCullough | October 27, 2013

This past week the most prominent teachers' unions made it painfully obvious, they are on the side of the sex offender, rapist, and murderer who has been convicted.

Steve Chapman | October 27, 2013

>In the course of their duties, Chicago police come into possession of all sorts of contraband: jewelry, video games, bicycles, cars. They sell the stuff through online auctions that are open to the public.

Night Watch | October 27, 2013

A surge in violent clashes between Islamists and secular opposition groups and the police provided the impetus for Larayedh and his pro-Islamist Ennahda Party cohorts to begin the talks.

Marita Noon | October 27, 2013

Recently Dooley found her way on to Fox News, where she touted the Green Tea Coalition and claimed to be battling “big energy.”

Morgan Brittany | October 27, 2013

Next will be the realization that time is running out to sign up and they will have to pay a penalty. They will be penalized for not signing up on a website or telephone number that doesn’t allow them to sign up.

Bill Tatro | October 27, 2013

Since taking office, Obama has been highly successful in turning our country into a food stamp-reliant, disability-dependent, and part-time jobs mecca.

Michael Youssef | October 27, 2013

Previously, I talked about the Sojourners-sponsored ad headlined "What Would Jesus Cut?" The ad, signed by Jim Wallis and more than two dozen leaders of the Religious Left, urged our leaders to ask themselves what Jesus would cut from the federal budget.

Ransom Notes Radio | October 27, 2013

Ransom says he looks better in the black dress than Janet Yellen does

Ira Mehlman | October 27, 2013

Barack Obama put on his statesman’s hat as he strode into the East Room of the White House last week to implore House Republicans to enact amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and massively increase the flow of new immigrants and guest workers into the United States.

Mark Baisley | October 27, 2013

Shareholders receiving mail, phone calls, and front-porch visits from the Caterpillar employees’ union would be unwelcome and downright creepy. But that is the methodology of teachers unions in the K-12 world.