Brian and Garrett Fahy

“Unbelievable. A new low. I’m so ashamed.” So remarked Boon to his girlfriend Katie in the movie “Animal House,” offering a fake apology for another raucous fraternity party just before Delta House’s downfall at the hands of Dean Wormer.

That same kind of cavalier nonchalance about failure has been on display in Washington. Indeed, the Obamacare rollout has set a new benchmark for failure and has redefined government incompetence. Who’s now complaining about the post office? At least that website works.

If hope was the mantra for Obama’s first term, the Obamacare rollout is yet the latest demonstration that failure is the dominant theme of Obama’s second: failure to enforce the Syrian red line, failure to address Iran’s nuclear buildup, failure to reform immigration, failure to reform long term entitlements, and failure to hold anyone accountable for the Benghazi scandal.

Importantly, finally, truth has broken through. Faced with mounting evidence of his administration’s dishonesty in the campaign to sell the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the president belatedly conceded that no matter how much you like your health care plan, or your doctor, you can’t keep them if they don’t meet Obamacare standards. In Boston on Wednesday, the president said, “For the vast majority of people who have health insurance that works, you can keep it.” And there’s the rub.

Who decides whether you have health insurance that works? Obama does. Who decides whether your doctor is good enough for you? Obama does. Who decides what your health care policy need include? Obama does.

In Boston, the president sought to describe the ACA as “competition” and “choice.” Yet his health care bill undermines both. It has caused insurers to cease selling policies in certain states. It has caused employers to drop coverage for many workers and reduce, as Forever 21 did, the number of full time workers to avoid the bill’s reach. It has caused increased premiums for middle class individuals and families, and has caused insurers nationwide to cancel millions of policies. And, if the website is never fixed, a possibility that’s looking likelier by the day, then consumers who purchase insurance on the open market will literally have no choices at all.

Brian and Garrett Fahy

Brian and Garrett Fahy are attorneys from Los Angeles who previously worked in the White House and Senate Republican Conference, respectively. They write on national legal and political affairs. They can be reached at