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China: On 28 October, a car crashed and caught fire near Tiananmen Square in Beijing, killing five people and injuring 40 people. Chinese authorities have determined that at least two of the occupants were Uighurs. Witnesses reported the car did not try to avoid pedestrians as it drove along the sidewalk.

Officials increased security at pivotal intersections, subway stations and tourist sites across the capital on Tuesday. Police also notified hotels to report on eight persons from Xinjiang in western China in connection with the "incident."

Comment: Chinese media have avoided calling the crash a suicide attack by Uighur militants, but it looks like a suicide car bomb attack without the bomb. This is a serious security lapse because Beijing usually is free from terrorist incidents. Reprisals will be swift and severe against the Uighurs in Xinjiang and anyone who helped the perpetrators in Beijing and en route.

Syria-Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW): Update. International inspectors overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile missed the 27 October deadline for visiting all chemical weapons sites in Syria, but have provided more details of the findings.

According to press accounts of a report by the chief of OPCW, Syria has declared 41 facilities at 23 chemical sites where it stores approximately 1,300 tons of precursors and agents, and over 1,200 unfilled munitions to deliver them. The OPCW inspectors corroborated the information provided by Syria at 37 of the 41 facilities and were able to visit 21 of the 23 sites. The remaining two sites are in contested regions where security conditions prevented an inspection visit.

The OPCW report indicates the 41 facilities include 18 chemical weapons production facilities, 12 chemical weapons storage facilities, eight mobile units to fill chemical weapons, and three chemical weapons-related facilities.

Syria also submitted information on approximately 1,000 metric tons of Category 1 chemical weapons, most of which are precursors which are rarely used for peaceful purposes; approximately 290 metric tons of Category 2 substances which are toxic chemicals that pose significant risk; and approximately 1,230 unfilled chemical munitions, which were not described.

"In addition, the Syrian authorities reported finding two cylinders not belonging to them, which are believed to contain chemical weapons," the OPCW chief said.

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