Rebecca Hagelin

Families, we need your help this week.

As I wrote about recently, California is dead set on stripping away the privacy of children - and we need to do what we can to stop the madness.

A few short months ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1266, a first-of-its kind law, now known as the “Co-Ed Bathroom Bill.” The bill, as I’ve noted previously, opens girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and school showers to any child who ‘self-identifies’ as a girl---including boys who decide they really ‘are’ transgender girls. The same holds true for boys—a girl who decides her ‘true gender self’ is a boy, must be allowed to use the boys’ restrooms, showers and locker rooms. In addition, so-called ‘transgendered’ children must be allowed to play on opposite-sex sports teams if they so choose. (Which really means that enterprising boys will dominate girls’ sports teams.)

The law hinges on the child’s right to decide his or her gender—a child might decide to “be” female one day and ‘male’ the next. It all depends on feelings and the child’s “self-identification.“ Translation: I am who I say I am, no matter what my body looks like.

It’s the very definition of unreality.

The consequences are significant, impacting far more than the ‘transgender’ child. Under this law, children lose their right to demand privacy while undressing, showering, or going to the bathroom. Instead, the left’s priority is for transgendered children to feel ‘included’ on an ‘equal’ basis, at all costs, even if that means other children lose their privacy.

The transgender lie is the root of the problem. For the left, it’s an axiom of faith that children must be allowed to choose a gender identity based on how they perceive themselves, regardless of whether they are born boys or girls. Many liberals go even further, holding the nonsensical position that human beings are meant to be gender-fluid, not boxed into the “binaries” of male and female. Gender, they say, might even change from one day to the next.

It’s hogwash.

Even so, normal kids—boys who are boys and girls who are girls—are expected to get with the program in California. If the law stands, you can expect that children who balk at welcoming an opposite-sex child into the locker room or bathroom will be reprimanded and singled out for being hurtful and transgender-phobic. The normal kids will be ‘the problem.’

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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