John Ransom

The part of Obamacare that’s supposed to deliver services, as opposed to, say, the IRS portion, the punitive portion, which is supposed to enforce Obamacare, isn’t faring very well.

“After emergency repairs over the weekend,” reports the Associated Press, “consumers in different parts of the country Monday continued to report delays on, as well as problems setting up security questions for their accounts. The administration says the site’s crowded electronic ‘waiting room’’ is thinning out. Still, officials said it will be down again for a few hours starting at 1 a.m. Tuesday for more upgrades and fixes.”

Not so on the IRS side.

They are good to go. So, if you are supposed to receive the blessings of “free healthcare,” you better get blessed now, before the Obamacare police at the IRS come after you.They're prepared.

Really, no one should be surprised that one the one hand the punishment part of Obamacare is thumbs up while the delivery part is thumbs down.

Because this administration is masterful at making sure they have the punitive measures all set to go to cover for the fact that they can’t govern.

Only in Washington DC and only amongst Democrats would this be applauded as success.

Benghazi, the IRS, the Boston Bombing, Fast and Furious: Incompetence—or worse-- followed by punitive measures from an administration that will take any measure, no matter how extreme, to prevent people from talking about how miserable the folks in the White House govern.

And there is one large group of folk who, who more than any others, who has a right to complain.

That group is the very people Obamcare was supposed to help.

You know? The one’s signing up now? Because they've lost the insurance they were supposed to keep.

John Ransom

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