Veronique de Rugy

Veronique  de Rugy
Why Spending Matters in Times of Inflation and High Debt
By Veronique de Rugy
A lot of people don't care about the nation's growing debt. Some believe that low interest rates for the foreseeable ...
July 22, 2021
The Return of the Tax Gap Hype
By Veronique de Rugy
Every policy wonk will tell you that after you live in Washington long enough, you start seeing the same issues ...
July 15, 2021
Rediscovering the Promise of the American Founding
By Veronique de Rugy
Declaring their independence from British rule 245 years ago, the American colonists held "these truths to be self-evident, that all ...
July 08, 2021
Let's Make a Deal – to Abdicate Responsibility
By Veronique de Rugy
If you follow the news, you may be under the impression that nothing ever gets done in Congress and that ...
July 01, 2021
Infrastructure Insanity
By Veronique de Rugy
In the event that a group of U.S. senators cannot agree on committing enough money to a bipartisan infrastructure plan, ...
June 24, 2021
If You Can't Beat Them, Bully Them into Joining You
By Veronique de Rugy
For several decades now, politicians around the world have tried to curtail tax competition to make it easier for them ...
June 17, 2021
Demystifying the Magical Multiplier Myth
By Veronique de Rugy
The scale and scope of government spending expansion in the last year are unprecedented. Because Uncle Sam doesn't have the ...
June 10, 2021
Biden Shoots for the Stars with Astronomical Spending Proposals
By Veronique de Rugy
Some emergencies require an increase in government spending, but that comes with an understanding that the higher levels of spending ...
June 03, 2021
Expanding the Child Tax Credit Ignores Historical Precedent
By Veronique de Rugy
Marketing is everything in politics. It explains why a tax credit that benefits 90% of American families with kids -- ...
May 27, 2021
Biden's Family Leave Plan Is a Permanent Burden for a Temporary Problem
By Veronique de Rugy
If you're a politician peddling big new government programs for which there is little need but hefty price tags, you ...
May 20, 2021
Uncle Sam's Lack of Leadership on Debt Cannot Be Ignored
By Veronique de Rugy
I'm always amazed to hear people say that the national debt doesn't matter because interest rates are low. Yet, it's ...
May 13, 2021
Biden's Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure Plan Won't Help Infrastructure or the Environment
By Veronique de Rugy
The Biden administration has made the fight against climate change a central part of its $2 trillion infrastructure plan. This ...
May 06, 2021
The FDA's Slippery Slope Toward Mandating Raw Broccoli for Breakfast
By Veronique de Rugy
If it doesn't look like avocado toast, you can't have it. That's the message I get loud and clear from ...
April 29, 2021
If All the World's a Stage, COVID-19 Is Writing the Script
By Veronique de Rugy
The 9/11 attacks gave us the heightened security theater now on display in all U.S. airports. Day after day for ...
April 22, 2021
Just Because It's Said by Joe Doesn't Make It So
By Veronique de Rugy
While President Joe Biden's administration doesn't seem to need an excuse to spend money, two recurring arguments for his gigantic ...
April 15, 2021
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