Steve Sheldon

Steve Sheldon
Joe Biden Requires Being Led by the Hand—Literally
By Steve Sheldon
Let’s not beat around the bush here. Joe Biden is a feeble old man who is probably a year or ...
August 20, 2020
The Only Poll That Matters
By Steve Sheldon
For us political junkies, it’s playoff time. We closely watch every poll trying to discern the direction of the nation’s ...
July 21, 2020
Psssssst! It’s Not About the Statues
By Steve Sheldon
If I had a penny for every social media post pointing out that Abe Lincoln or Gen. Ulysses Grant fought ...
July 01, 2020
The Stock Market Knows
By Steve Sheldon
While the headlines have been filled with mayhem, chaos, and political division something has been happening the past couple of ...
June 09, 2020
50 Questions About Racism In America
By Steve Sheldon
Yesterday, while running some errands, I witnessed a group of young, mostly white “protesters” peacefully demonstrating at a major intersection ...
June 06, 2020
One Too Many Passes for Leftist Professors
By Steve Sheldon
Did you hear that President Trump recently tweeted that Mexicans were “Plague Spreaders”? Isn’t it shocking that Mike Pence, in ...
April 22, 2020
Your Kid Is Missing Something. Get Over It.
By Steve Sheldon
Thanks to being quarantined at home, we’re all spending more time on social media harping about how horrible we have ...
March 21, 2020
Joe Biden Is Finished. He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet.
By Steve Sheldon
Joe Biden is done. A year from now, you can see him at Costco selling his newest book, “I Would ...
January 31, 2020
The Democrats Just Impeached Themselves, the Giant has Awoken
By Steve Sheldon
Mark this day on your calendar. It is the day that the Democratic Party sealed its fate for a generation ...
December 18, 2019
Impeach Away Democrats!
By Steve Sheldon
Time is running out in the third quarter. Our quarterback steps back under a heavy blitz unaided by his weak ...
November 04, 2019
Dear Walmart, It’s Time We Start Seeing Other People
By Steve Sheldon
Dear Walmart,                 We’ve had a good run for many years now and have ...
September 05, 2019
Please Stop with the Conspiracy Theories About Recent Mass Shootings
By Steve Sheldon
Stop. Just stop. Both sides, Left and Right, stop.George Soros did not engage in mass murder and neither did Donald ...
August 05, 2019
The Safest Bet on the Planet
By Steve Sheldon
When asked about climate change during the second Democratic debate, Beto O’Rourke responded, “I’ve listened to the scientists on this ...
August 02, 2019
D-Day, a Lesson in American Exceptionalism
By Steve Sheldon
The next time some wild-eyed leftist spouts off about America not being an exceptional country, remind them of what happened ...
June 06, 2019
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