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When asked about climate change during the second Democratic debate, Beto O’Rourke responded, “I’ve listened to the scientists on this and they’re very clear. We don’t have more than ten years to get this right…”


World renowned climate change expert Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has previously stated, “The world is going to end in twelve years if we don’t address climate change and combat CO2.”

First, I wish these two would get their story straight. If the world is going to end in either ten or twelve years, it sure would be nice to know which one. It’s going to be very upsetting to bet everything on ten years and then have to suffer through another two years, which will be especially miserable since all the ice cream will be gone. Plus, it will be really hot then. On that note, it’s a mystery why climate change fanatics haven’t already looted every Baskin Robbins on the planet or at least stocked up.

Can we get a few more details? For instance, is it going to get steadily hotter, or will the heat just spike in the last year or two? Or, since they can’t seem to decide on hot or cool, is it going to go from one extreme to the other? If that’s the case, we already have that in the Midwest. Wait. Maybe they’re talking about global cooling or was that what was supposed to kill us in the ‘70’s? I can’t keep track. As a kid, my Weekly Reader had me terrified of acid rain, but that didn’t pan out either. 

For the sake of this discussion, let’s stick with global warming which seems to be the consensus. I’m thinking that, to end life as we know it, temperatures would have to exceed 150 degrees for a long enough period to kill everything on the planet. Let’s face it, the retired folks in Phoenix won’t even notice until temperatures hit 140. Shouldn’t we be getting close to that already if everything is going to end in the next ten to twelve years? 


Since these are “all or nothing” statements, I am willing to propose an “all or nothing” wager. I’ll bet my entire net worth that the planet will still be here 12 years from now. Would AOC or Beto be willing to wager against me? Heck, I’d be willing to give them 20 years. If the Trump economy continues at this pace, I’ll be worth a lot more then anyway. 

Unlike Al Gore, I think O’Rourke and AOC sincerely believe that planet Earth is on a collision course with obliteration if its inhabitants don’t drastically adopt changes to include but not limited to eliminating all use of fossil fuels and ceasing the consumption of red meat. For the record, I think Al Gore was just in it for the money. I think the other two are sincere. They are still wrong, but they at least get points for being sincere.

This is a serious question; if you think the Earth will end in a fixed number of years and that humans are the root cause of such destruction, wouldn’t you already be taking much more drastic measures? If I really believed this, I’d either be building a rocket in my barn, moving to the North or South Pole, or plotting the destruction of half the human beings on the planet. Like Thanos, I’d be quite serious about the gathering of Infinity Stones. On a related note, should anyone who holds this worldview be anywhere close to a nuclear button? Or, Infinity Stones? 


The whole thing sounds like a plot out of a James Bond movie where Dr. Beto and his evil assistant AOC plot to kill half of mankind unless they yield to their demands. It’s easy to picture either of them in a one-piece shiny jumpsuit commanding their crew from an island cave while riding back and forth from their office to their living pod on a tram fueled by steam created with heat from the nearby volcano. 

It goes without saying that if either of these people got their way, there would be worldwide destruction, but not in a way that they, living in their utopian fantasy world, predict it will happen. The destruction would come in the form of worldwide famine, poverty and disease as the result of a complete government takeover of every sector of the economy. (See Venezuela.) 

The first victim would be the energy sector where we would go from using cheap reliable fossil fuels to a complete reliance on “renewable” sources (other than nuclear which is taboo). Since tractors, combines, trains, trucks and ships don’t run very well on wind and solar energy, farmers’ production would decrease drastically, and transportation of bulk goods would become very expensive. A worldwide famine would ensue. It’s a little more complicated than that, but there’s not enough room here to provide all the gory details. The result is the same.


In the end, only one of us can be right. I believe so fervently that I’m right, that I am willing to wager my entire life’s fortune on the fact that I am. Would Beto or AOC be willing to do the same?  

Betting against them taking the first wager would be the second safest bet on the planet.

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