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Impeach Away Democrats!

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Time is running out in the third quarter. Our quarterback steps back under a heavy blitz unaided by his weak offensive line. He passes. It’s complete for another first down! But wait, he’s down. Some in the crowd are booing. It looks like there has been another targeted hit, but the referees did not throw a flag. The crowd boos more loudly. Soon a silence comes over the field as the quarterback slowly rises to his feet. 

So let me get this straight. A guy who wasn’t in the room who, reports suggest, was a Democrat asset, heard from another person that the president of the United States somehow was engaged in a horrible high crime worthy of removing him from office. This guy then, after secretly consulting with Adam Schiff for a month, comes forward under “whistleblower” status and rats on the president about the conversation that he wasn’t even in the room to actually hear. He was allowed to do this because someone conveniently changed the rules of “whistleblowing” to include information received second-hand. This “whistleblower” information is so damaging to the president that the Democrats believe he needs to be immediately impeached and removed from office. Did I miss something?

“What was this high crime?” you ask. Did the president arrange the funneling of $1.5 billion dollars from a foreign entity to a company run by his son? Did he destroy evidence during a criminal investigation about the illegal handling of classified information? Did he threaten to withhold foreign aid to a country investigating a company run by his son? No, no, and no.

He simply asked a foreign country to further investigate alleged corruption involving the former Vice President of the United States who actually admitted on video that he told said country that foreign aid would be withheld if the investigator wasn’t fired who was looking into his son’s company. This is the same son who was put on the corporate board of the company being investigated who had literally zero experience in the field and didn’t even speak the language. Everyone knows this happens all the time. I just got asked to serve on a board in Uzbekistan. It has been reported widely that he was paid $50,000 a month for being a board member. Does this sound like corruption to you? It does to me and it does to every single American who isn’t hyper obsessed with losing an election three years ago to the point of the obsession becoming a mental health issue. 

Out here in real America we see this for what it is and we’re seething. How do you know we’re angry? Do we spit in the faces of those who think differently than us? Do we dress up in masks and physically attack those who share a different ideology? Do we use criminal tactics to obstruct society? Do we use violence to make our voices heard? No.

Instead, we stand in line for an entire day to show our support for the man being targeted. We make complete fools of ourselves by attending a rally and singing the National Anthem loudly. We send his campaign our hard-earned dollars five and ten at a time. Despite the censoring from the enemy in Surveillance Valley, we still tweet, post, and email our friends about what rotten treatment this president has received. We watch Tucker and Hannity and listen to Rush by the millions. We eagerly await the newest evidence of corruption from Tom Fitton and his Judicial Watch colleagues through their investigations and lawsuits. We patiently wait for John Durham to complete his task. While we do this, we still get up and go to work every day and try to improve our lives, our communities, and our nation. 

We don’t live in echo chambers like those in the D.C. bubble do. We look at real evidence, the actions of accusers, their political backgrounds, and come to our own conclusions. We know when due process is being turned on its head. We know when propaganda and opinions are substituted for actual facts. And, we’re sick and tired of it. 

Out here in forgotten America, we recognize one thing: We love America and so does our president. With every attack, every false accusation, and every smear, we love him even more. This is what the other side doesn’t get. Every attempt at cutting him down only makes our resolve stronger. He’s our Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Force has awakened.

When he was elected, many of us were lukewarm to him. Some of us were even repulsed by his demeanor and awkwardness with certain presidential tasks. However, with every attack we care less and less that he calls a spade a spade in a language we all understand. I personally howled at my TV with delight when he called the latest smear campaign “B.S.” at a rally on national television. I cheered not because I like my president to swear on national television, but because he described the situation exactly how I and millions of other Americans saw it, “bull*hit.”

He has earned our respect by his actions. From jobs, to the stock market, to his love for our military and police, to his stance on the border, to his foreign policy, to his treatment of our enemies, to his judicial appointments, to his enthusiasm for our great country, his actions speak louder than the smears from the other side. The stock market is roaring, manufacturing jobs have come back, unemployment is at all-time lows, our enemies fear us, we’re stronger as a nation than we’ve been in two generations yet the Left can do nothing but attack. This will be their complete and total undoing.

The impeachment/not impeachment vote will be a watershed moment for the Democrat party. They have sealed their fate. Their playbook is worn thin. They’ve run “smear up the middle” and “fake accusation option” far too many times. They have targeted our quarterback with cheap shots way too often while the referees looked the other way. Well, the fans of America are packed in the stands cheering for the home team, and they’re not having any more of it.

Go ahead Democrats, impeach away. Take one more cheap shot. Our quarterback can take it. You’re in the final quarter, two scores down, and he has many touchdowns yet to make. If we could only get the line to block for him on occasion. It will be a gamechanger when the video review reverses the last play and disqualifies some of your team for your dirty tricks. A few of us saw it when it happened, but more and more of us are seeing it every time it is replayed. 

Maybe when the fans come out of the stadium to carry off our victorious quarterback in a celebration of a tremendous victory, you will finally understand how much we love our team. 

Your bus ride home will be a long and quiet one. Go ahead, take one more cheap shot. Impeach away.

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