Joe Biden Requires Being Led by the Hand—Literally

Posted: Aug 20, 2020 12:00 PM
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Joe Biden Requires Being Led by the Hand—Literally

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Joe Biden is a feeble old man who is probably a year or two from needing to be admitted to a skilled nursing home facility or requiring constant medical supervision. He also has the potential to be elected to lead the most powerful country on the planet. Those two contrasting facts should scare Americans of every persuasion. But they don’t. The Left is so infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome and their lust to reclaim one branch of government that they are willing to elect a man who literally must be led by the hand when in public.

I can already hear the Biden apologists howling at such a statement. Behavioral observations aside, any insurance company actuary with knowledge of long-term care claims will tell you that the odds of needing nursing home care at age 65 are relatively high and grow exponentially as one ages. Those odds are far greater with pre-existing conditions. Joe Biden will be 78 at inauguration time if he were elected to the presidency. According to the Social Security Administration, he has a life expectancy of just beyond nine years from there. He would be older at the start of his term than Reagan was at the end of his. Biden’s age alone puts him at high risk of needing advanced care not to mention the obvious signs of decline he is demonstrating. On a side note, one need look no further to prove the bias of the press regarding their claims of Reagan’s senility versus Biden’s. Just ask anyone over 50.

A recent video shows Biden quickly led away by the hand of a staffer. When I first saw the video, I was concentrating on what he was saying and disturbed that he was being shielded from unscripted questions in a public setting. Days later, it hit me like an Antifa-thrown frozen water bottle that the key to the video was not what he was saying or that his staff was actively working at removing him from a potentially embarrassing situation. The real takeaway was that he was literally being led by the hand. The staffer doesn’t grab him during the questioning and pull him away. She is leading him by the hand/arm from the moment he exits the building much like one would do for an elderly grandparent.

I often play a game of “What if Donald Trump”. Can anyone for a second picture Donald Trump being led by the hand? I can hear the snarky NPR reporter or CNN anchor describing the scene time and again of President Trump being led by the hand followed by a barrage of rhetorical questions meant to impugn his character further. The news feed would run 24/7, “Weakened Trump Led by Hand.” Major networks would open the evening news with experts on the elderly describing the symptoms of decline. Their commentary would run nonstop on left-wing outlets with scrolling captions like “How Many Good Days Does Trump Have Left?” “Is America Ready for the Death of a President?”

I don’t care if you like President Trump or not, but it is irrefutable that he does not require being physically led by the hand, far from it. Anyone I know who worked around him will tell you that it is nearly impossible to keep pace with President Trump. In comparison, I don’t think Joe Biden could get through an eight-hour workday being a door guard at a funeral home let alone dealing with the stresses of being the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

Here’s a short list of people who must be led by the hand in public: Small children, criminals when handcuffed, the severely mentally handicapped, blind people on occasion, those with weakened ambulatory systems who are at risk of falling, grandmas at weddings, and men while at shopping malls. This is simply a statement of fact and is in no way intended to be a slight to any group listed. With the exception of men in shopping malls, I have held the hand or arm of every one of these people at some point in my life, and someday, I too will likely need someone to help support me. No one requiring hand-holding due to age-related decline should be running for president of the United States.  

There is nothing more sobering and humbling than watching someone who once was vibrant and energetic lose those characteristics to the sands of time. Anyone who has held the hand of their elderly grandparent or parent knows the feeling full-well. Those of us who have cared for a loved one incapable of the activities of daily living know what it means to hold their hand in situations where they may embarrass or worse yet, injure themselves. Joe Biden has arrived at that point.

While I have never liked the man and believe him to be a swindler and grifter among other things, I respect his humanity. I loathe his politics and his character but more than that, I despise the fact that he is being put in a position by his handlers, his family, and his party that will only end in embarrassment. Hopefully it will be an embarrassment at the polls and not while in office. That decision will be up to the American people.