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While the headlines have been filled with mayhem, chaos, and political division something has been happening the past couple of weeks that should give normal Americans hope for a very bright future. The stock market is back. Despite being off 38% from its 2020 high mark of 29,569 on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, most of that loss has been recovered. On Monday, the Dow closed at 27,572 rebounding from its low in late March of 18,214. In less than three months, the Dow has recovered all but a small percentage with companies like Boeing and Disney dragging down the average due to being hit extra hard by the economic shutdown. The NASDAQ hit a new all-time high on Monday, June 8, after being down in similar fashion.


One would think that such good news would be the headline everywhere. Every opening newscast would be accompanied by audio of the NYSE bell ringing with video images of ecstatic traders high-fiving one another on the exchange floor. One would think. But then again, that is the last thing our media deceivers wants to report. They would rather report the doom and gloom of a pandemic that fizzled or the mayhem happening in most major American cities whose leadership at every level is predominantly Democrat. In days gone by that might have been the case. During the Obama years, it would have been reported 24/7. During the Trump era, it receives barely a mention.

June 9th headlines following a huge day in the market the previous day are a case in point. “Stock market live updates: Comeback rally pauses, Dow futures down 250, reopening plays drop” says the CNBC headline. Yahoo reports that “Stock futures dip, Dow futures shed 250+ points”. While these headlines are true, they do not reflect the bigger picture of what happened the day before. I’ll take a 250 point drop after a 461 point gain every other day of the week for the next year. To put that growth into perspective, that represents a gain on the Dow of 25,320 additional points between now and this time next year which would be nearly double what it is today.


What these media moguls don’t realize is that Americans are onto them. We recognize their duplicity. We can read our stellar 401k statements online and recognize for ourselves that the American economy is free to move about the country once again. Well, almost.

Sure, there will be more ups and downs. That is a given in the equity markets. No one can predict what the markets will do. If I could, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d be on my own private island somewhere.

The fact remains that under President Donald J. Trump, the American economy is up and running on all cylinders once again despite everything that has been thrown at it including literal bricks and Molotov cocktails. We were told by these “experts” after his election that Trump was going to cause an economic meltdown. We were told that he would crash our economy. The “experts” were wrong. Despite three years of endless investigations, a worldwide pandemic, constant negativity from the “press”, racial meltdown in most major American city, and unemployment numbers temporarily through the roof, the market is still on the move. The American economy is rebounding. This is the worst news ever for the Democrats and their partners in the American media. To be fair, they can’t report this news because they would be writing their own obituary.


Thanks to the Leadership of Donald J. Trump, these attacks on our economy are bouncing off like bullets in a Wonder Woman movie. Everyone knows that this is the strength of President Trump. That is why they have thrown everything at it. This is why they refuse to report good numbers or when they do, it’s always followed by a “but” statement. “The market was up record amounts yesterday, but it is down today.”

Americans aren’t dumb. We see the world through our own eyes and despite the incessant media attempts to skew and manipulate that view, we are still able to focus on the truth. The stock market isn’t always rational and often overreacts, but it does reflect the belief in our economy one investor at a time, one dollar at a time, one share at a time. These millions of individual investment decisions are reflected daily in index values giving us a reliable measure over time. This is the only poll Americans participate in by using their own money instead of answering a pollster’s question. There are literally millions of Americans betting billions of dollars every day on the positive future of the American economy. The numbers show it. Americans are putting their money where their mouths are on an American future led by President Trump. This is good for America.


This is not good for Democrats.

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