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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Mark this day on your calendar. It is the day that the Democratic Party sealed its fate for a generation becoming a minority party for years to come. After dancing in the dark near a cliff, they finally took one tantrum-two-step too far. It’s going to be a hard landing.

In 2016, a sleeping giant awoke but instead of respecting the giant, they’ve been chasing after the giant’s liberator. Now it is fully awake and starting to stand. You might just say it’s woke and it’s angry…very angry. This giant, the American people, have had enough. For some time now, they’ve been rubbing their eyes, slowly coming out of a deep slumber but now, they’re starting to see very clearly the menace that is before them. This menace has kept them tied down for too long now. It has been harassing the giant for years, but the giant was asleep and unaware of the noise that was around him. Now he realizes that the lullabies he thought he was hearing are the very thing that has been giving him nightmares and keeping him restrained.

The voices have kept the giant lulled to sleep for some time now, singing soft lullabies and soothing music. The giant keepers forgot one thing though. Giants are not peaceful creatures prone to slumber. Giants do what giants do. They are big things and they do big things. More importantly, the vehemently dislike being tied down and controlled.

In 2016 one brave soul started untying the giant, carefully, quietly, one rope at a time. At first, he whispered in the giant’s ear, “Wake up, they are keeping you tied down.” The giant grumbled. The giant rescuer kept untying ropes and repeating the message until the giant keepers recognized his efforts. They chased him and harassed him, but he was agile and clever eluding their capture. He avoided their attempts to silence him long enough to wake the giant enough that it became aware that it was tied down. They made every effort to subdue the giant’s rescuer but to no avail. He persisted. He became louder and louder encouraging the giant to recognize his captors for what they were.

Now the giant is completely awake, fully aware that it has been tied down by his former captors. He is tearing at his ropes and breaking his shackles one at a time. With each one, his anger grows because he realizes that he has been abused by his keepers. In their ignorance the giant captors continue to endlessly chase the giant’s liberator not realizing that the giant is rising to his feet right behind them. Their blindness to the presence of the standing giant will be their undoing.

America is the standing giant, Donald J. Trump its liberator.

The Democrats continue with their impeachment nonsense having no clue that the majority of Americans are now awake to their schemes. The soothing lullabies of their friends in the media have become screeching noise, honking horns, barking dogs, sirens, and rattling jackhammers to the slumber of the awaking giant. Americans aren’t having it anymore. Their eyes are clearing with every day’s passing.

For three years now, we’ve seen a party completely and manically obsessed with the destruction of one man. Democrats have made countless efforts to destroy a man who has proven in that same time that he delivers on his promises. Despite daily attacks from every direction, he has delivered countless promises to the American people. The deniers in the media may detract from these accomplishments or even deny them but the American people see them with clear eyes.

What the Democrats don’t realize is that Donald J. Trump is just a small shadow of the awaking giant he represents.  

Democrats, you got what you wanted with your impeachment schemes. You passed partisan articles of impeachment by the slimmest of margins which included zero actual crimes. Congratulations. Now you have to deal with the giant you have awoken from its slumber. Your freefall into obscurity will be abruptly realized on November 3, 2020 when the giant does what giants do.

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