Stacy Washington

Stacy Washington
The High Costs of Flirting with Socialized Medicine
By Stacy Washington
The Democrats' latest attempt to ingratiate themselves with progressive voters ahead of election season is a doozy.On Monday, the House ...
June 25, 2020
Coronavirus Reveals the Recklessness of Drug Pricing Reform
By Stacy Washington
A Seattle patient just became the first American to receive a potential breakthrough vaccine for COVID-19. That vaccine -- developed ...
March 31, 2020
Granting More Guest-worker Visas Would Hurt Blue-collar Americans
By Stacy Washington
Almost 190 members of Congress just betrayed their blue-collar constituents.  In a letter addressed to acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, ...
February 26, 2020
End Foreign Freeloading - Don't Import It
By Stacy Washington
Since day one in office, President Trump has eagerly put America first -- even when it means upending norms, upsetting ...
January 30, 2020
Mr. President, Don't Cave to Pelosi on USMCA Drug Provision
By Stacy Washington
This week, a distressing rumor started floating around our nation's capital. The Trump administration may reportedly scrap one of the ...
December 05, 2019
Trump's New Flores Rule Would Save Migrant Kids From Child Traffickers
By Stacy Washington
A U.S. District Judge just temporarily blocked a new Trump administration rule that would ease the border crisis and save ...
October 10, 2019
Socialism Isn't the Solution to Unfair Drug Prices
By Stacy Washington
President Trump recently promised that "America will never be a socialist country" -- at least not while he's in office. ...
August 19, 2019
So-called Strike Day Without Women is a Farce and an Insult to Women in Need
By Stacy Washington
Wednesday is International Women’s Day, which is pretty ironic if you’re aware of the designation American Democrat activists are pushing: today ...
March 08, 2017
Black Lives Matter: New Name… Same Ineffective Game
By Stacy Washington
Apparently the widely misunderstood nature of the movement named "Black Lives Matter" has necessitated a name change.  A policy website entitled "The ...
August 10, 2016
CNBC Debate Moderators’ Low Performance Should Be a Lesson to the RNC
By Stacy Washington
The CNBC debate is memorable for many reasons, with the complete lack of preparedness of the moderators standing out as ...
October 30, 2015
Hillary Clinton, the Candidate, Has an Access Problem
By Stacy Washington
Judging by the recent actions of the Clinton campaign: Americans don’t need access to Hillary Clinton. That’s the underlying message ...
August 01, 2015
The Ferguson Race Shell Game Continues
By Stacy Washington
In the once sleepy bedroom community of Ferguson, Missouri, the protests rage on daily. Not one day of rest or ...
March 17, 2015
You’re Not Suppressing Anything Honey
By Stacy Washington
The writers at are a very unhappy bunch. There are so many pieces about how bad it is ...
January 26, 2015
Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict: Preparing for the Worst
By Stacy Washington
The tragedy of low expectations strikes again. I’m referring to the lack of honest discussion surrounding the ills plaguing ...
November 15, 2014
Let Your Little Boy Pretend Play with Guns, It Won’t Make Him a Criminal
By Stacy Washington
I’m a bit miffed, I’m not gonna lie. Not for myself mind you, but for a little four-year-old ...
July 30, 2014
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