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Wednesday is International Women’s Day, which is pretty ironic if you’re aware of the designation American Democrat activists are pushing: today is a Day Without Women!!  According to the professional activists and well to do upper class feminist type chicks that have organized this hash-tag of ignorance, today we must: “Strike to protest the presidency of Donald Trump.“ The organizers also wish to “encourage others to remain engaged in the political process.”  Great, okay.


The most privileged group of women to ever exist on planet Earth are gathering together to “show” the horrible Men of the Patriarchy (and the children they chose to create with them) how meaningless and awful their lives would be without the presence of a bunch of dissatisfied screaming harpies.

Millions of American men must certainly be silently looking forward toWednesday for sure!  If the women who attended the Women’s March on Washington DC the day after the inauguration are any indicator, if these chicks stay home, things will be quieter, cleaner and profanity free.   Not to mention America’s children being spared for one entire day the demented display of angry women in fuchsia and red colored vagina suits.

What, if anything should American women protest?  Are there issues facing women around the world or here at home, that America’s wealthy, powerful ladies could bring awareness to and achieve an impact?  Of course there are - namely that slavery and sex trafficking are rampant globally and on the rise here in the United States.

January was National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, funny how the Women’s March attendees never bothered to mention that in their speeches on the Mall in Washington that day. Our State Department offers Tip 101 Training and other resources to help Americans help them report human trafficking in their efforts to end the practice.  How much more uplifting would it have been to hear about what American women can do to stop this scourge instead of the incoherent rants of elitist Hollywood props spewing vile profanity and hate filled screeds?


According to DoSomething.org the average cost of a slave globally is $90.  Nearly 80 percent of the approximately 20 – 30 million slaves held are exploited sexually the remainder are used for hard labor.  The United States State Department reports that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year.

In majority Muslim nations women aren’t nearly as free as American women, and I’m not just referring to forced covering under Sharia Islam.  In Islamic nations, women do not have the right to an education, or have their testimony count equally to that of a man, nor do they have the right to divorce their husbands or even choose whom they will marry in the first place.  In noting these things liberal democrats will respond that those things are tough to hear, but American women have had hard won rights for decades and deserve even more.

We haven’t even discussed forced genital mutilation, reports of which are on the rise in our republic because we are importing people from lands that don’t ascribe to the Western notions of liberty for all regardless of gender.  How many women and girls living in fear, some of them right here in America, caught wind of the Women’s March and watched in horror as Madonna and Ashley Judd debased themselves on national TV?  Who was helped that day?  Twitter’s hash tag warriors were pleased but no one was liberated.  


There is a competing hash tag for ladies like myself: #WomenWork.  I like that, because it accurately reflects what I know of most women regardless of political affiliation: we are constantly working.

So today, as is my right, I will join millions of American women, working and shopping while wearing pinkbecause I like that color and outward expressions of femininity seem to enrage our female leftist overlords. 

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