Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen
Real Threats to Biodiversity and Humanity
By Paul Driessen
References to climate change almost guarantee funding, even for research topics of little interest beyond academia and eco-activists. Polls reveal ...
April 30, 2022
Cancel Mom’s Grocery Bag Misinformation
By Paul Driessen
I don’t deliberately avoid organic foods or markets, but I don’t seek them out either. Claims that organic food tastes ...
April 26, 2022
Don’t Look Up!
By Paul Driessen
A real rock from outer space (not manmade climate change) is causing perceived rising seas.In the Netflix movie, Washington politicians “Don’t ...
April 09, 2022
Candy Bomber Lessons For Ukraine – And Daily Life
By Paul Driessen
The Covid pandemic severely disrupted schools, commerce, and public and private services of every description. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ...
April 02, 2022
Saving America from Planet-Threatening Fossil Fuels
By Paul Driessen
Presidential candidate Joe Biden repeatedly promised to end fossil fuels in America. There’ll be “no more drilling, including offshore,” he ...
March 26, 2022
House Democrats Cancel Looming Embarrassment
By Paul Driessen
As Mike Tyson once observed, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.March 8 was to be ...
March 13, 2022
Assessing Virginia’s Hidden Wind And Solar Costs
By Paul Driessen
Among Governor Glenn Youngkin’s first actions was Executive Order #9 initiating Virginia’s withdrawal from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the Northeastern ...
January 29, 2022
Bringing Britain's Woes to America?
By Paul Driessen
Virginia enacted a Clean Economy Act; other states have implemented similar laws. AOC demands a national Green New Deal; President Biden ...
January 15, 2022
Channeling Dan and Jane
By Paul Driessen
As Covid lockdowns eased this past year, people all over the world went back to work and play. But while ...
December 31, 2021
The Real Climate and Health Crisis
By Paul Driessen
Climate policies promoted and imposed by Team Biden will be lethal for people and planet.They are based on junk science, ...
December 10, 2021
Lethal Carbon-Imperialism in Glasgow and DC
By Paul Driessen
Days before the twenty-sixth Conference of Parties in Glasgow, Scotland.Pope Francis and President Biden met in Rome to discuss “efforts grounded in ...
November 06, 2021
Europe's Energy Crisis Better Wake America Up
By Paul Driessen
COP-26, the twenty-sixth massive climate control “conference of parties,” goes live in Glasgow, Scotland on Halloween. That’s certainly appropriate since its ...
October 30, 2021
Democrats Still Embrace Their Slavemaster Roots
By Paul Driessen
History isn’t always quite what’s portrayed in popular culture or taught today in schools, especially regarding racial politics. Do your ...
October 20, 2021
Don’t Waste Time Or Money On ‘Silent Earth’
By Paul Driessen
Book reviews usually tell people, buy this new hardback. This article advises, don’t bother reading "Silent Earth," much less purchasing a ...
October 02, 2021
Fostering a More Back-To-Normal School Year
By Paul Driessen
Labor Day is over, and millions of American children are back in school for their first in-person classes since March ...
September 11, 2021
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