Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg
Little Doubt He Did It, But Should Trump Be Impeached?
By Jonah Goldberg
Here's a take no one will like: I'm confident he did it. I'm confident it's impeachable. I'm just not so ...
September 27, 2019
What Do Progressives Have Against Vaporous Substances?
By Jonah Goldberg
In the classic 1979 comedy "The Jerk," Steve Martin plays a very dumb guy who often misses the point. In ...
September 20, 2019
In War, Time Is Less Expensive Than Human Life
By Jonah Goldberg
The drama leading up to and surrounding the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks was an unfortunate distraction. President ...
September 13, 2019
A Theory on Why Trump's GOP Approval Rating (the Real One) Is So High
By Jonah Goldberg
Early Monday morning, Donald Trump tweeted: "94% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record. Thank you!"Where the president got ...
September 11, 2019
Climate Change A Convenient Excuse For Dems To Transform Economy
By Jonah Goldberg
"Climate change is an existential crisis," Sen. Elizabeth Warren declared Tuesday, unveiling her plan to fight climate change in advance ...
September 06, 2019
White Liberals Have Moved to the Left of Black Voters
By Jonah Goldberg
"No Democrat is going to win the nomination for president of the United States without African American support. Nor should ...
September 04, 2019
Biden's Best Bet is a Front Porch Campaign
By Jonah Goldberg
Here's an idea: Joe Biden should run a front porch campaign.Front porch campaigns were once a common feature of American ...
August 30, 2019
Maybe Liberty Isn't a Lost Cause in China
By Jonah Goldberg
Here's a crazy idea: Maybe the forces of liberty will win.Sadly, few people are rooting for liberty these days, and ...
August 16, 2019
Epstein's Death Reflects Our New Age of Conspiracy Theories
By Jonah Goldberg
Anyone who's watched a courtroom TV drama has heard the phrase "Hard cases make bad law." It's a legal maxim ...
August 14, 2019
Neither Left Nor Right Has Proper Remedy for America's Illness
By Jonah Goldberg
America is sick. Just about everybody recognizes it, and we didn't need two more mass shootings to convince anybody of ...
August 07, 2019
Debates show how much Obama's presidency has shrunk
By Jonah Goldberg
Whatever happened to Barack Obama?For a while there, no modern figure was supposed to be as consequential. It's difficult to ...
August 02, 2019
Congressional Impeachment Show Needs To Be Canceled
By Jonah Goldberg
The impeachment show needs to be suspended and sent back for major rewrites -- or, better yet, canceled entirely.I use ...
July 31, 2019
Unity Can Be Worse Than Partisanship
By Jonah Goldberg
I want to put in a good word for partisanship.This might sound strange to some readers. I've written a lot ...
July 26, 2019
Social-media Shock Stories Amount To Lazy Journalism
By Jonah Goldberg
Did you hear about the backlash against Disney for casting Halle Bailey, a young black woman, for the lead in ...
July 19, 2019
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