Sat, Sep 29, 2012

Steve Deace | September 29, 2012

The first warning flags that Mitt Romney may not be the strong general election candidate the Republican Party establishment sold him as were spotted on March 6th, otherwise known as Super Tuesday.

Hugh Hewitt | September 29, 2012

After a few weeks spent tracking down and questioning pollsters and the reporters of polls, I can assure the reader that pollsters are the modern-day alchemists.

John C. Goodman | September 29, 2012

Have you ever wondered how much we as taxpayers actually owe because of commitments politicians have made on our behalf? Turns out, the answer is not as simple as you might think.

John Ransom | September 29, 2012

Imagine that: no limits on taxing the wealthy. Total taxation. It’s a progressive dream come true. Obama can almost feel the jingle of coin running up his leg.

Humberto Fontova | September 29, 2012

September 22 marked National Hunting and Fishing Day, which dates from 1972 when President Nixon signed it into law. "I urge all citizens to join with outdoor sportsmen in the wise use of our natural resources and in insuring their proper management for the benefit of future generations," wrote President Nixon at the time.

Kathryn Lopez | September 29, 2012

If things were different, Wendy Long would be a household name. She'd be a heroine, and she'd be driving the election season. But Long is the Republican running for Senate in New York, where calculations were made long ago to ensure that Republicans don't win Hillary Clinton's old spot, the old Daniel Patrick Moynihan seat. But such plans don't have to pan out.

Kyle Olson | September 29, 2012

Sound financial management clearly wasn’t a concern to any party involved in the recent contract negotiations in Chicago Public Schools.

Kyle Olson | September 29, 2012

Sound financial management clearly wasn’t a concern to any party involved in the recent contract negotiations in Chicago Public Schools.

Chris Poindexter | September 29, 2012

The disassociation from currency prices is one of the more obvious signs we’re in a volatile market environment with investors searching for direction

Marybeth Hicks | September 29, 2012

It’s been an eventful week at the intersection of parenting and politics, that busy corner where decision-making often is affected by the onslaught of traffic from social engineers, liberal educators, public health experts, and civil rights activists who know better than parents what’s best for their kids.

Crystal Wright | September 29, 2012

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hasn’t had time to pass a Senate Budget in nearly four years but he’s found a way to give states more debt and unemployment headaches. As states struggle to balance their budgets in the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, Senator Reid wants to federalize online poker, effectively robbing states of BILLIONS of dollars in lottery revenue.

Night Watch | September 29, 2012

According to the Post, Liberman, in a recent Israel Radio interview, predicted that public discontent would boil over in Iran within the year, in the run-up to the elections there, which are due in mid-2013.

Bob Beauprez | September 29, 2012

The week long contortions and denials by the Administration became even more befuddling when Eli Lake at the Daily Beast raised the stakes with this bombshell disclosure on September 26.

Fri, Sep 28, 2012

Tim Phillips | September 28, 2012

With millions of Americans out of work, unemployment is marching ever higher. Gasoline prices soar, painfully hitting family budgets with every fill-up. As fall approaches, an incumbent President holds a narrow lead, intent on gaining a second term. The key to victory is a relatively small group of undecided voters; a conflicted electorate who respect the President, but recognize his policies have failed to lift the economy out of a recession.

Rich Galen | September 28, 2012

Living and working in Your Nation's Capital I forget, sometimes, that grand issues are fun to debate on CNN or MSNBC, but real people deal with real issues.

Ken Blackwell | September 28, 2012

If voters knew how America's economy would look after two terms of President Barack Obama's administration, Mitt Romney would win in a landslide.

Jeff Jacoby | September 28, 2012

"I've never been intimidated by anyone," John Silber once told me. "I don't know the meaning of the word."

Thomas Sowell | September 28, 2012

During the same week when the American ambassador to Libya was murdered and his dead body dragged through the streets by celebrating mobs, the President of the United States found time to go on the David Letterman show to demonstrate his sense of humor and how cool he is.

Michelle Malkin | September 28, 2012

I am the mom of a 12-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy. They have been huge fans of Nickelodeon TV programming throughout their childhoods.

Brent Bozell | September 28, 2012

Two weeks ago, Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "2016: Obama's America" passed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" for second place on the all-time box-office money list for political documentaries.

Mike Adams | September 28, 2012

Dianne Harrison is the new president of California State University, Northridge (CSUN). It’s a small college in the Golden State but it sure is loaded with diversity. How do I know? Because Dianne has written a letter to the entire university, telling everyone how diverse they are and, more importantly, what a great person she is because she loves diversity. In her short email of around 800 words she refers to diversity no less than 17 times.

Jonah Goldberg | September 28, 2012

We like tribalism for the same reason we like to eat fatty foods: We evolved that way.

David Limbaugh | September 28, 2012

President Obama recently lamented: "You can't change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside." I think this statement reveals more about Obama and his plans for a second term than meets the eye.

Mona Charen | September 28, 2012

Let's play (SET ITAL) Imagine an Alternative Universe (END ITAL). Suppose that Rep. Paul Ryan had said that Joe Biden had "sullied the religion that he and I share." How many days of the news cycle do you suppose would be dominated by the story? How many Democrats and members of the press would declare that this kind of religious provocation/bigotry rendered Mr. Ryan unfit for high office? Please submit your estimates to my inbox.

Michael Medved | September 28, 2012

With the conventions concluded (inconclusively) and the presidential race still breathlessly close, the next big chance for a game-changing development comes with the debates, scheduled for Oct. 3, 16, and 22, with the single vice-presidential debate on Oct. 11.

Oliver North | September 28, 2012

Seeing as I will be in Afghanistan keeping company with our American heroes while you're debating their current commander in chief, this seems like a pretty good time to send you some of what I have heard them say.

Pat Buchanan | September 28, 2012

Two weeks after Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration has conceded it was an act of terrorism.

Suzanne Fields | September 28, 2012

This is the week of Yom Kippur, when Jews reflect on the year just past and look forward to the new one, in hopes of being entered in the Book of Life. The shofar, or ram's horn, is a plaintive cry from the heart, marking natural events of birth, death and renewal. The Jewish new year is a holiday celebrated with solemnity, of repentance for the past and a step into the future and its fresh possibilities.

John Ransom | September 28, 2012

The pollsters, wonks, the media, economists, experts and the professional policy types are too busy bowing to the god of government to worry about mundane stuff like jobs and the economy.

Diana West | September 28, 2012

Who said the following: "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." Iran's Ahmadinejad? Egypt's Morsi? Some little-known, fatwa-flinging cleric increasing the bounty on Salman Rushdie's head? None of the above.

Linda Chavez | September 28, 2012

Some prominent Republicans, including Mitt Romney, have recently signaled their willingness to consider legal immigration reform -- but it's not clear they understand the magnitude of the problem or the proper solution.

Paul Greenberg | September 28, 2012

I would be late, I would be late, for a very important date. Here it was already 2012 and the war, The War, had started in 1861.

Donald Lambro | September 28, 2012

It should be well known by now that President Obama holds the all-time, blockbuster records on federal spending, budget deficits and debt.

Alan Sears | September 28, 2012

An intrinsic tension exists between religious freedom and the machinations of government. This is largely because neither men nor the governments men form are wholly free from evil. Thus James Madison’s timeless statement in Federalist 51: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

Kyle Olson | September 28, 2012

In response to the growing outrage over the one-size-fits-all, top-down lunch menu regulations handed down by Michelle Obama and bureaucrats in Washington, DC, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack offered an incredible response: Let them eat snacks!

Stewart Scott | September 28, 2012

As one goes beyond those headlines, there are many misunderstandings that have persisted in both the media coverage and the public discussions of the incident. There simply are not many people who understand how diplomatic facilities work and how they are protected.

Jerry Bowyer | September 28, 2012

We are now ranked 18th from the top in Economic Freedom, just behind Bahrain and just ahead of Quatar.

Bill Tatro | September 28, 2012

Each and every day we watch on the internet as the youth of Spain exhibit their frustration. No jobs, no money, no future. Yet, just a few short years ago, it was totally different.

Larry Kudlow | September 28, 2012

According to a new survey released by the Business Roundtable, corporate America’s view of the economy is as bleak now as it was in 2009, when the economy was struggling to emerge from recession.

Night Watch | September 28, 2012

Tens of thousands of protesters demonstrated outside Greece's parliament on 26 September against austerity measures.

Fritz Pfister | September 28, 2012

In their efforts to influence opinion instead of reporting on opinion, at least the media provides some daily humor to those living in the real world.

Chris Poindexter | September 28, 2012

Commodities fought back against the selling, even as the dollar continued its run against foreign currencies. Platinum, palladium, copper and crude oil were all higher by margins that were surprising considering the exchange rates.

Paul Kengor | September 28, 2012

“What do you think of this?” So began a phone call from Todd Starnes of FoxNews radio. Starnes asked me for a comment on a shocking story: A band at a high school near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania performed a halftime show titled, “St. Petersburg 1917,” a musical commemoration of the Bolshevik Revolution, replete with hammers and sickles, military uniforms, and red flags.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | September 28, 2012

President Obama’s whereabouts reveal what he values, and doesn’t.

Thu, Sep 27, 2012

Katie Pavlich | September 27, 2012

"Militant Jihadists behave very differently that secular Marxists,” he said. “There were no soviet suicide bombers.”

Cliff May | September 27, 2012

In 1978, I was a young foreign correspondent assigned to cover “the Troubles,” the conflict in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics, between those loyal to the British Crown and those determined to make Ireland a united and independent nation. Terrorism — bombings, assassinations, and other forms of violence targeting civilians for political ends — was among the principal weapons employed.

Laura Hollis | September 27, 2012

In all of the attention to what Mitt Romney has said in the past few weeks (and earlier), one of his most significant statements has received far less attention than it deserves. Campaigning two weeks ago in Atlanta, Romney compared himself to Obama.

Michael Reagan | September 27, 2012

Why aren't you mad as hell yet, America? What will it take? At home, unemployment is stuck above 8 percent. Twenty-three million are out of work. Millions of others have given up looking for jobs.

Maggie Gallagher | September 27, 2012

Patrick McMahon is an Air Force combat veteran and nurse practitioner who worked as a transplant coordinator. In a new bombshell lawsuit, McMahon claims he was fired for raising one too many red flags about whether his patients were really dead before doctors harvested their organs.

Thomas Sowell | September 27, 2012

Much puzzling behavior by Barack Obama falls into place when we go behind the image that he projects ("Obama 1") to the factual reality of the man's whole life and thrust ("Obama 2").

Victor Davis Hanson | September 27, 2012

There was only one presidential debate in 1980 between challenger Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter. Just two days before the Oct. 28 debate, Carter was eight points ahead in the Gallup poll. A week after the debate, he lost to Reagan by nearly ten percentage points.

Michael Barone | September 27, 2012

In 2008, voters under 30 preferred Barack Obama over John McCain by a 66 to 32 percent margin. Among older voters, Obama led McCain by 50 to 49 percent.

Larry Elder | September 27, 2012

If "journalism malpractice" were a crime, Nancy Grace would not be able to keep track of all the trials.

Robert Lee | September 27, 2012

These are the dog days of political campaigns. With less than 50 days before the election, a large part of the electorate has already decided who they will likely vote for in the presidential contests.

Cal Thomas | September 27, 2012

Prior to leaving Egypt for the United Nations General Assembly, Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsi told The New York Times the United States needs to "fundamentally change" its approach to the Arab world. That includes, he said, showing greater respect for Arab values, as well as helping to build a Palestinian state.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | September 27, 2012

The Obama administration's policies are bad. Bad in the sense that the policies are morally corrupting. They take money and control away from people and give them to government bureaucrats, who then decide what should be done. The policies encourage people to be less responsible personally and to rely more on the government.

Jeff Jacoby | September 27, 2012

It was the commitment at the core of Barack Obama's candidacy, the most important promise he made to the American people: He would unify a divided nation.

Debra J. Saunders | September 27, 2012

Certain quotes take on a mythical quality. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell entered that pantheon when he said, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

Matt Towery | September 27, 2012

As a pollster, I understand how polling numbers can lead to the misimpression that televised debates never decide presidential elections. But I first got involved in competitive debate at age 14, and I was coaching state and national politicians in debate starting at age 20. My experience taught me that debates can be the difference.

John Ransom | September 27, 2012

The devaluation of the dollar from QE3 has led to price inflation in oil- again. QE3 is necessary because our president is an economic failure- again

Paul Greenberg | September 27, 2012

Word from the mother country is that still another British institution has given way to the zeal for political correctness. This time it's the BBC, once the most respected -- and trusted -- source of news in the English-speaking world. And far beyond.

Benjamin Bull | September 27, 2012

There has been a demonstrable move away from Judeo-Christian faith and practice in Europe for a number of years. Just ask British hoteliers Peter and Hazelmary Bull.

Peter Ferrara | September 27, 2012

On May 24, 2012, Rick Ungar told the readers at that President Barack Obama "is the smallest government spender since Eisenhower." "[O]ur president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower," Ungar insisted.

Emmett Tyrrell | September 27, 2012

Now that Governor Mitt Romney has revealed the details of his tax returns, it is high time that Senate Leader Harry Reid reveal the details of his relationship with that cow that was linked to him in a world exclusive right here in this very column last month. Doubtless, I shall be nominated for yet another Pulitzer, but as always I shall chastely demur, insisting, as in the past, that I consider this column a public trust. No award or commendation is required. Fulfilling my public duty as a citizen is in itself reward enough.

George Friedman | September 27, 2012

These islands, which are little more than uninhabited rocks, are not particularly valuable on their own. However, nationalist factions in both countries have used them to enflame old animosities

Robert Knight | September 27, 2012

I was driving into D.C. the other day when a radio clip of Hillary Clinton got my attention. The Secretary of State was emoting hotly, using terms such as “disgusting” and “reprehensible.”

Night Watch | September 27, 2012

One hundred attacks per day is a high number of attacks for a tribal- and clan-based society to sustain. Three hundred per day was normal at the height of the Iraq insurgency in 2005 and 2006.

Craig Steiner | September 27, 2012

Of course the reality is simply that the media is once again hyping a non-existent recovery. The news isn't that the housing market is doing well or recovering but rather that the media is trying to spin generally bad data into good news just weeks ahead of a presidential election.

Bob Beauprez | September 27, 2012

A new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds health premiums have actually increased an average of $3,065 rather than decline. That's a $5,565 punch in the gut for American families.

Dave Moenning | September 27, 2012

I prefer to rely on the objective readings of my models when making investment decisions. This approach may not be right for everyone, but I must admit that the models do tend to get most of the big moves right and as a result; I tend to sleep pretty well at night.

Wed, Sep 26, 2012

Ann Coulter | September 26, 2012

Democrats spent the first century of this country's existence refusing to treat black people like human beings, and the second refusing to treat them like adults.

Marybeth Hicks | September 26, 2012

It’s been an eventful week at the intersection of parenting and politics, that busy corner where decision-making often is affected by the onslaught of traffic from social engineers, liberal educators, public health experts, and civil rights activists who know better than parents what’s best for their kids.

Rich Galen | September 26, 2012

During President Barack Obama's whirlwind visit to New York City delivered a speech to the United Nations.

Thomas Sowell | September 26, 2012

Nowhere is the contrast between Barack Obama, as defined by his rhetoric ("Obama 1") and Barack Obama as defined by his actions ("Obama 2") greater than in his foreign policy -- and especially his policy toward Israel.

Michelle Malkin | September 26, 2012

On Friday, March 30, 2012, Hisham Y. Altalib visited the White House. According to visitor logs, Altalib was received by Joshua DuBois, the director of President Obama's Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Four days later, White House officials welcomed a foreign delegation of the radical Sharia-enforcing Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt.

John Stossel | September 26, 2012

The Chicago teachers strike is over, but the public didn't win.

Walter E. Williams | September 26, 2012

Here's a question: If there's a disaster, a war, a severe drought or some other calamity that restricts future supplies of a commodity -- such as oil, coffee or corn -- what is the intelligent thing for people to do right away? If you said "use less now and try to produce more," you'd be absolutely correct. That's not rocket science, but understanding the machinery involved in getting people to do so is a bit more challenging.

Brent Bozell | September 26, 2012

After watching the national media's performance since the party conventions, one can only hope that college students are out on a summer safari or some Third World Peace Corps mission. Anything to avoid this mess. Sean Hannity is right. The establishment news media is dead. Whatever remains has only one standard. If it helps Obama, it's "news." If it doesn't, reporters should move on. There's nothing to observe here

Jonah Goldberg | September 26, 2012

The Oval Office isn't the place to learn on the job. That was the line from both Hillary Clinton and John McCain in 2008. In fairness, that's always the argument the more experienced candidate uses against the less experienced candidate (just ask Mitt Romney).

Mike Adams | September 26, 2012

One of my readers reached out to me a couple of years ago with the hope that I could help him communicate with his prodigal nephew. The kid had grown up in a Christian home and seemed to be doing well until he enrolled at a local community college. It was there that he decided to abandon his conservative and Christian beliefs. Even worse than that, he decided to replace them by joining a neo-pagan cult. I will not mention the group by name as I do not want to give them more attention than they deserve.

Bob Barr | September 26, 2012

The federal law enforcement operation known as “Fast and Furious” was a debacle that almost assuredly cost the life of at least one American Border Patrol agent. Yet, unlike the standoff and assault nearly two decades ago on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas – a tragedy of epic proportions that claimed the lives of some six dozen civilians along with those of four federal agents – the officials responsible for conducting Fast and Furious actually are being held accountable.

John Giokaris | September 26, 2012

From its double standard on how the mainstream media has covered both campaigns, to the 2008-Democrat heavy polling models they use, to the lack of investigative reporting on the scandals associated with this administration, it has become blatantly evident that the mainstream media harbors a liberal bias, commits endless hypocrisies and will not hold this president up to the same standards it has for previous presidents.

Fred Wszolek | September 26, 2012

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is accustomed to a “by any means necessary” approach. That’s how they’ve tackled issues like “ambush” or “quickie” elections, which was since overturned by a federal judge and the formation of micro-unions, which is operable today. So, is it really surprising that the NLRB’s lead attorney is in hot water over ethics violations?

Terry Jeffrey | September 26, 2012

Upon hearing that there had been an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans had been killed there and that this murderous assault had been carried out on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a rational mind might find it difficult to avoid formulating the working hypothesis that this had been a premeditated act of terror.

Ben Shapiro | September 26, 2012

Here are two quotes from two world leaders. See if you can guess the speakers.

Austin Bay | September 26, 2012

The headlines, in Drudge jolt order: (1) Panetta: New Asia Focus Not Aimed to Contain China ... (2) Chinese General: Prepare for Combat With Japan ... (3) Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan ...The common theme is obvious: a looming, perhaps immediate, conflict in Asia pitting Japan against China, with the U.S. backing Japan.

John Ransom | September 26, 2012

I know it hurts liberals to learn things, but wouldn’t you rather learn the truth than cling to the remnants of a dead 20th century economic theory? Oh…that’s right: You wouldn’t rather.

Paul Greenberg | September 26, 2012

When a senator named John McCain referred to what happened at Benghazi as "an act of terror" a few weeks ago, a spokesman for the Obama campaign said the senator was just being political.

Donald Lambro | September 26, 2012

How is it possible that Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney on who can better handle the economy when it's been in decline all year?

Jacob Sullum | September 26, 2012

By the time the 21st Amendment ended national alcohol prohibition in December 1933, more than a dozen states had already opted out. Maryland never passed its own version of the Volstead Act, while New York repealed its alcohol prohibition law in 1923. Eleven other states eliminated their statutes by referendum in November 1932.

Rebecca Hagelin | September 26, 2012

Beware: During this heated election season, liberal self-styled ‘public interest’ organizations might be trying to fool you. Even though they advance larger government, more taxes, pro-abortion policies and the liberal candidates that support them, you can't always tell by their ads. Many of these groups even have neutral our civic oriented sounding names. And because they sound neutral, their messages are often effective at reaching new voters who don't recognize the hidden agendas.

Night Watch | September 26, 2012

The country's highest administrative court upheld and applied a ruling by the country's highest constitutional court that the elected parliament is unconstitutional.

Ken Connor | September 26, 2012

The violent response to an anti-Muslim movie has cast the subject of religious tolerance into the limelight. Is Islam a religion that can tolerate criticism? Can Muslims bear up gracefully when their religion is insulted? As I wrote last week, when it comes to Islam as practiced and understood in much of the Middle East, the short answer to these questions appears to be "no."

Chris Poindexter | September 26, 2012

This strength in gold prices into the headwinds of a stronger dollar and central bank accumulation are signs that this gold run is set to continue. We may well be looking at long-term pricing above $1,700.

Bill Tatro | September 26, 2012

Those recently surveyed for the September consumer confidence report totally disregarded the realities of the moment and responded not so much to the “now,” but on what is hoped for in the future.

Ralph Benko | September 26, 2012

On September 18th, the London office of Deutsche Bank — one of the most respected banks in the world, and a bellwether of elite opinion — published a Global Markets Research paper entitled Gold: Adjusting for Zero. It was written by two esteemed, mainstream analysts Daniel Brebner and Xiao Fu.

Tue, Sep 25, 2012

Larry Kudlow | September 25, 2012

In a 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday, Romney did mention tax cuts, and take-home pay, too. Whoa.

Frank Gaffney | September 25, 2012

Far more than the usual political slight-of-hand that can be expected in the run-up to an election, the mendacity of Team Obama is truly audacious, and the consequences of the public accepting it at face value are very grave.

Rachel Marsden | September 25, 2012

While news in America continues to be dominated by the usual election-cycle fare of gimmicky talking points, gratuitous finger-pointing and constant bickering over which presidential candidate is best qualified to steer the country into the iceberg, some other countries around the world, such as Great Britain, are thinking ahead to identify possible lifeboats and passing freighters.

Armstrong Williams | September 25, 2012

Friday night, I threw a party at one of my favorite places in Washington, the Monocle, celebrating the career of my friend, Congressman Edolphus Towns of New York and his wife of 50 years Gwen. The evening went perfectly, with hundreds of guests coming to honor this Member of Congress, many of them from New York and across the nation.

John Hawkins | September 25, 2012

The vast majority of people who read this column probably don't personally know a single person who has proven to be more generous and compassionate than Mitt Romney.

Thomas Sowell | September 25, 2012

Many voters will be comparing Mitt Romney with Barack Obama between now and election day. But what might be even more revealing would be comparing Obama with Obama.

Allen West | September 25, 2012

Candidates running for election who love to use fear mongering and scare tactics to persuade voters are usually hiding their incompetency. This election cycle is no exception, and it has never been more apparent than when it comes to debating the issue of Medicare.

Chuck Norris | September 25, 2012

Sometimes, as the saying goes, the truth really is stranger than fiction. There may have been some wild plotlines on "Walker, Texas Ranger," but there was nothing that compares to the scandal surrounding "Fast and Furious" -- the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation that resulted in the loss of a distinguished Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry.

David Limbaugh | September 25, 2012

Call me Pollyannaish, but I believe Mitt Romney will defeat Barack Obama in November. Let me give you some of my reasons.

Mona Charen | September 25, 2012

"Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring." -- Ann Romney. Mrs. Romney's exasperation with conservative critics is understandable. The mainstream press has been like a school of piranhas swarming around her husband. To receive fire from her own side as well -- even constructive advice -- may seem too much to bear.

Jesse Merkel | September 25, 2012

Two things typically happen after the major parties conventions come to an end. People that normally do not pay attention for most of the year start to pay attention to the news and polls more, and voter enthusiasm jumps up as a result. The major polls that are appearing on the daily newscasts, in the newspapers and on the internet have become incredibly important. While meant to accurately reflect the views of the nation, these polls today have unfortunately turned into a weapon.

Cal Thomas | September 25, 2012

Did anyone think the release of Mitt Romney's tax returns would satisfy Democrats and make them focus on the real issues in this campaign, including President Obama's failed domestic and foreign policy record and approaching massive tax increases? If so, please call me for a great deal on Arizona swampland.

Dennis Prager | September 25, 2012

A Republican candidate should not merely win in the November elections, he should win in a landslide.

Pat Buchanan | September 25, 2012

For Americans of the Greatest Generation that fought World War II and of the Silent Generation that came of age in the 1950s, the great moral and ideological cause was the Cold War.

Terry Paulson | September 25, 2012

The Middle East is in turmoil. The Deficit is past 16 trillion. Our economy and job growth are limping along. Looming tax increases are on the horizon. The stark political choice Americans face is clear.

Debra J. Saunders | September 25, 2012

The fact is that George W. Bush worked harder to pass a comprehensive immigration package than Obama ever has.

John Ransom | September 25, 2012

Dr. Strange-Chu told us about this one. “Somehow,” Strange-Chu said, “we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Hey? How about a regional civil war?

Phyllis Schlafly | September 25, 2012

Although the polls show the presidential campaigns neck and neck, the facts continue to look negative for Barack Obama. Two-thirds of the American people say they believe the United States is going in the wrong direction, and changing the occupant of the White House is the only way to reverse course.

Bill Murchison | September 25, 2012

Thus far, we know what the Obama administration won't do in response to the obvious decay of U.S. standing in the Middle East. It won't stop deploring the video for which it originally blamed attacks on our diplomatic facilities in the region, worsened by the murders of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. It won't schedule a meeting this week between Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and the president, who seems to need more time on the campaign trail. And so on.

Tom Tancredo | September 25, 2012

Currently America accepts over one million permanent legal immigrants and nearly as many temporary workers each year. Most of these immigrants are not selected based upon their skills or what they will contribute to this country, but through the process of family reunification.

Julie Gunlock | September 25, 2012

As sure as the sun rises in the morning, Americans can count on their televisions and newspapers to brim with daily reports of all the dangerous products lurking in their homes. Women in particular are told commonplace items like shampoo, deodorant, plastic food containers, household disinfectants, children’s toys, baby bottles, and garden hoses threaten them and their families. Even living room furniture is now cast as a household killer.

Chris Poindexter | September 25, 2012

There’s a reason they don’t like gold and silver investors and that’s because it cuts their commissions when people like you and I make defensive investments in hard assets.

David Sterman | September 25, 2012

With interest rates sitting at multi-decade lows, these executives can't afford to let the money just sit there. That's why more of them are looking at share buybacks, dividends, acquisitions or higher levels of capital spending to take some of that cash off of the sidelines and put it into action.

Jeff Carter | September 25, 2012

Capital gains taxes affect each and every person in the United States. Raising them especially affects people that are hourly workers hardest.

Bill Tatro | September 25, 2012

It’s the same thrill that people experienced while waiting in line to see the bearded lady, or the two-headed boy, or the even the boxing kangaroo that was often exhibited by P.T. Barnum.

Mon, Sep 24, 2012

Byron York | September 24, 2012

A look at the Republican presidential candidate's schedule of public events shows a remarkably relaxed pace for a man who says this election is critical to America's future. Here's what Mitt Romney did on the trail in mid-September.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | September 24, 2012

Kids need both a mom and a dad!

Rich Galen | September 24, 2012

I wanted to get the specific language of what we generally refer to as the "Freedom of Religion" on the table, because it appears that we may be on the brink of the worst sectarian violence since the end of the Third Crusade, over 800 years ago.

Michael Barone | September 24, 2012

"The most important lesson I've learned is that you can't change Washington from the inside," Barack Obama said in an interview Thursday on the Spanish-language Univision network. "You can only change it from the outside."

Star Parker | September 24, 2012

Perhaps now, in the wake of the heat that Mitt Romney is taking over the leaked four month old “47 percent” video, he can better appreciate the position of Todd Akin.

Mike Adams | September 24, 2012

Dear Professor Hoplophobe (pseudonym): First I would like to thank you for your willingness to discuss Second Amendment issues despite our deep disagreement about the scope and applicability of this important constitutional right.

Neal Boortz | September 24, 2012

Excuse me for a minute here, but someone straighten me out on something. Are we trying to put together a golf foursome here, or are we trying to hire a new president that can get our economy smokin’ and our country on a path to prosperity and greatness again. I mean, seriously? What’s with all this “likeability” nonsense?

Katie Kieffer | September 24, 2012

How would a free market entrepreneur approach Afghan foreign policy?

Bruce Bialosky | September 24, 2012

Even though I’ve been fortunate to attend a few national conventions, I still get a thrill when I meet (for the first time) a favorite politician to whom I’ve donated money, or one of pundits that I read on a daily basis. (My wife would stop at nothing to get a picture with Bret Baier of Fox News.) Or it may be a particular speech. But at this year’s convention, my most special memory was a movie. Who would have ever thought that, for a guy from Hollywood, schlepping to steamy Tampa would elicit a big screen moment?

John Ransom | September 24, 2012

Yeah, you heard that right: Make pot legal and build schools with the first $40 million in proceeds.Yeah, you heard that right: Make pot legal and build schools with the first $40 million in proceeds. Because when you are really trying to improve student outcomes, the first place you want to stop is the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies.

Matt Barber | September 24, 2012

The upcoming elections aren’t about Republican vs. Democrat; conservative vs. liberal; Romney vs. Obama. Not entirely, at least. They’re much bigger than all that.

Dan Holler | September 24, 2012

All the pundits and self-described strategists weighing in on Mitt Romney’s 47-percent comments are missing the point. Indeed, most are so immersed in Washington’s corrupting culture that they cannot imagine a political system that creates anything other than ever-increasing government dependence. No one likes to admit it, but most career politicians want you to be dependent upon government.

Morgan Brittany | September 24, 2012

They don’t want to see their captor for what he really is. They don’t want to see the redistributionist and the apologist. They tune that out, they turn a blind eye to the fact that after our embassy was attacked on 9/11 he took off and went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

Chris Poindexter | September 24, 2012

There are now three central banks that have announced willingness to create virtually unlimited amounts of cash to meet the current fiscal crisis: Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Jeff Carter | September 24, 2012

But it’s not enough to say Obama didn’t live up to any of his promises. That’s too transparent. Politicians are made to break promises.

Shawn Mitchell | September 24, 2012

Will any of you ask the president how he can serve all Americans, as he pointedly told David Letterman is his job, if he doesn’t even know what the national debt is or what he has added to it?

Sun, Sep 23, 2012

Paul Jacob | September 23, 2012

Politicians trade votes all the time. Maybe we should do it for our advantage, for a change. For real change.

John Hanlon | September 23, 2012

At the National Book Festival earlier today, I spoke to Woodward about what made Obama -- who spoke out against our nation’s ruinous spending policies both before and after becoming president -- carelessly accept trillions of dollars of more debt under his watch. “The answer is politics,” Woodward said. “That’s why the book is called the price of politics.”

Jeff Jacoby | September 23, 2012

One of the more piquant details in the tale of Mitt Romney's damning "47 percent" video is that it was unearthed online by James Earl Carter IV, a grandson and namesake of the 39th president. The self-described "oppo researcher [and] political junkie" told NBC News that he tracked down the person who recorded Romney's remarks at a May fundraiser, then put him in touch with Mother Jones, the left-wing magazine that publicized the video last Monday. Carter's "research assistance" was credited in a terse endnote, but the reaction from his grandfather was more effusive: "James," the former president emailed, "This is extraordinary. Congratulations! Papa."

Austin Hill | September 23, 2012

Breaking news: officials in our U.S. Federal Government do not know how to solve all our woes.

Doug Giles | September 23, 2012

Man, don’t cha love how the Insane Stream Media and their soft-brain disciples make Christians out to be fish-stickered, bug-eyed equals to incensed Islam? If you were to accept what the White House, some atheists and prattling gay activists say about Christians as true, you’d think the Church is chomping at the bit to chop off some heads of unbelievers, glory to Gawd!

Derek Hunter | September 23, 2012

Today, we explore the question: What will they think about us 50 years from now? What will they think of how we’ve tried to govern the country? What will they think of the arguments we’re having now?

Salena Zito | September 23, 2012

Since 2011, Wisconsin has endured an unprecedented rash of statewide elections, including recalls of GOP state senators, a February primary for local offices, an April presidential primary, a May gubernatorial-recall candidate primary among Democrats, and then June’s gubernatorial recall election.

Debra J. Saunders | September 23, 2012

Recently, editorial page editor John Diaz asked Mark Klaas whether he expects to feel closure if California executes Richard Allen Davis, the man who kidnapped, toyed with and then killed Klaas' 12-year-old daughter, Polly, in 1993. A jury found Davis guilty and sentenced him to death in 1996.

John Ransom | September 23, 2012

Chicago is the inevitable outcome of the system that Obama is designing at the federal level. I grew up in Chicago. Lived there off and on into my 30s. You do not want the United States of America to look like the Windy City. But it may be too late.

Rich Tucker | September 23, 2012

“People can come up with statistics to prove anything,” Homer Simpson once said. “Forty percent of all people know that.” Cue the ombudsman at The Washington Post.

Kyle Olson | September 23, 2012

In Wisconsin, high school athletes are complaining about not getting enough to eat each day, due to the skimpy new school lunch menu mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mark Baisley | September 23, 2012

I hope that once the worthy debates of selecting our elected leaders are behind us, America returns to a culture of craftsmanship in the products and services that we produce.

Gina Loudon | September 23, 2012

It is truly stunning to see this administration embarrass themselves with their mind-boggling displays of tone deafness, utter incompetence and subsequent deadpan delivery of corrections devoid of any apologies.

Bob Beauprez | September 23, 2012

Obama made his no-new-taxes pledge over and over again four years ago as he campaigned. Not only has he repeatedly and blatantly violated it, but his policies have relentlessly assaulted poor and middle-income family budgets.

Jeff Carter | September 23, 2012

Tonight, if you went to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, you didn’t see a show. The musicians are on strike. They are striking because their health care costs went up. The union doesn’t want to shoulder more of the costs for their health care.

Michael Youssef | September 23, 2012

During the middle of the nineteenth century, spiritual conditions in the United States deteriorated considerably. Conditions were quite different then because the nation had moved away from its early days of godliness.

David Sterman | September 23, 2012

This stock has more than tripled from its 52-week low, and for some early investors who have already seen a huge move, the thought of booking profits must be quite tempting.

Fred Lucas | September 23, 2012

The Democratic National Committee, with the approval of President Lyndon B. Johnson engaged in an effort that eventually led to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Fairness Doctrine. What would have been a major scandal had it been discovered, was revealed years later in former CBS News president Fred Friendly’s book “The Good Guys, the Bad Guys and the First Amendment.”

Marita Noon | September 23, 2012

One week ago, when oil prices reached their current peak, Iran’s oil minister, Rostam Qasemi, said that crude oil ought to be at least $150 a barrel. The reason? “Current oil prices were not high enough to threaten the world economy.”