Kevin McCullough
My little guy,

In just a day or so, but certainly before the end of this next week, you will be here, your mother will be exhausted from the process 40 weeks has taken on her, and I will be thrilled to give thanks for the blessing that a second healthy baby boy can mean to a father's heart. Because of that I feel it's important that I speak into your life, even from this vantage point of you not yet being here. I would not do so if I did not feel that the days you are being born into were not historic, and depending on the course our nation leads with--and the world follows--the prescience of Dickens might just hold true. These could be the best or worst of times.

Regardless of what they are, you dear one, will have your work cut out for you Therefore I feel it's my obligation, duty, opportunity, and desire to fill your mind with truth. I hope that in doing so your life is preserved, protected, prolonged, and prospered. When your older brother was born, I admonished him to be mindful of five things. I will instill in you these same foundations, but over the last two years the world has changed, and therefore I feel it's important to expand on the base of what I want you to learn, experience, and know.

1. Your identity can never be compromised...

Just weeks before you have come into this world, never have smart people been so confused, educated people so ignorant, and haughty people been in such need of humiliation. There has been an attempt by one major political force to remove from it's very consciousness the idea of God. How foolish they are! If God did not exist, neither would you. For it is in a miracle that only He can work that you were the joyous surprise you turned out to be. These same forces wish to cause you to question everything about yourself, your parents, your faith, even your DNA, and you anatomy. But the bottom line is this son, God created you while you were in your mother's womb, and as sure as you now have the ability to read these words, this same God intends for you to fulfill a purpose during your days. Your mother and I pledge our unending support in assisting you to find that purpose.

2. Understanding people will always prosper you...