Sat, Sep 22, 2012

John C. Goodman | September 22, 2012

Barack Obama doesn't think the rich are paying their fair share of income taxes. So what is their fair share?

Ken Blackwell | September 22, 2012

We are used to hearing that America defends Israel. President Obama assures Israel that he has their back. That may be convincing talk in the `hood, but it rings hollow from this invertebrate administration to talk about anyone's back. Actually, we may have all that backward. It may well be that Israel that is defending us. Israel may yet prove America's Shield.

Caroline Glick | September 22, 2012

On Tuesday, Egypt's chief prosecutor issued arrest warrants against eight US citizens. Their purported crimes relate either to their reported involvement in the production of the Internet movie critical of Islam that has received so much attention over the past 10 days, or to other alleged anti-Islamic activities. One of the US citizens indicted is a woman who converted from Islam to Christianity.

John Ransom | September 22, 2012

As cash-strapped municipalities deal with declining tax revenues and too-rosy assumptions made by administrators and union officials, teachers unions are stamping their feet, holding their breath and mouthing the political equivalent of “La, la, la, I can’t hear you.”

Kathryn Lopez | September 22, 2012

"I expect to be judged by results ... If stuff hasn't worked and people don't feel like I've led the country in the right direction, then you'll have a new president." Barack Obama may regret saying this comment in a stimulus pep rally in 2009.

Paul Greenberg | September 22, 2012

Dear Voice from 1952, It was wholly a pleasure and much more to get your letter recalling an incident in that other country known as the past.

Marvin Folkertsma | September 22, 2012

In September 1938 the British prime minister had a problem. The Third Reich’s psychopath-in-chief was scorching the airwaves in one of his trademark rants, this time about the supposed oppression of Germans living in Czechoslovakia. He threatened war unless Western nations caved to his demands, which was the last thing the British and the French wanted, with torrid memories of the last European conflagration still burning in their thoughts.

Kyle Olson | September 22, 2012

The successful business leaders that sit on the Chicago Board of Education must have checked their brains at the door when they went into the negotiating room with the teachers union. How else could they possibly negotiate a contract that the school district can’t possibly afford?

Alan Sears | September 22, 2012

America stands at a precipice. Never before have so many of our fundamental, God-given freedoms hung by so thin a thread here at home as they do now.

Jeff Carter | September 22, 2012

Congressman and Senators don’t have intimate understanding of these markets. They also have relationships with banks, trading firms, exchanges and individuals so don’t look for any altruistic market based rules or regulations to come out of their committee hearings. But it’s good that there is a public vetting.

Joseph E. La Rue | September 22, 2012

On October 26, 2011, the city of New Orleans criminalized religious expression on Bourbon Street.

Chris Poindexter | September 22, 2012

Starting last year I warned readers that the Federal Reserve would be forced into quantitative easing in order to protect American jobs.

Tad DeHaven | September 22, 2012

The DOE will still have $34 billion in remaining lending authority to issue new loan guarantees. And as Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) explains, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for taxpayers to get fleeced again

Crystal Wright | September 22, 2012

The Congressional Black Caucus was formed in 1971 to advocate on behalf of black Americans and hold lawmakers and the President of the United States accountable for policies adversely impacting blacks.

Night Watch | September 22, 2012

One protestor provided his explanation for the continuing protests, "Islam is often ridiculed by America and the West and blasphemy is committed against our Prophet (PBUH) in the name of freedom of expression."

Steve Deace | September 22, 2012

Given my five-year skepticism and/or hostility to the potential of a Mitt Romney presidency, the Romulans may feel as if I am one of the last patriots on earth they should take advice from.

Stewart Scott | September 22, 2012

Daoud had been the subject of a four-month FBI investigation and sting operation, during which undercover agents had been communicating with Daoud and recording his statements.

Paul Tracy | September 22, 2012

The point is, if you're smart and don't let the cyclical nature of the market fool you, you can snap up incredibly high yields from quality international stocks for an amazing price.

Fri, Sep 21, 2012

Humberto Fontova | September 21, 2012

Last week the Environmental Protection Agency kicked-off its celebration of “Hispanic Heritage Month” with an e-mail message featuring Che Guevara along with his famous slogan, “Hasta la Victoria Siempre.”

Rich Galen | September 21, 2012

As part of the continuing success story that is the foreign policy of Barack Obama, the U.S. Ambassador to China, Gary Locke, found his car surrounded by protesters, blocked, and pelted with plastic water bottles.

Armstrong Williams | September 21, 2012

Well the Congressional Black Caucus is having their annual legislative week in Washington DC this week opining about their favorite subject "racism". They can't seem to stop reminding their audience that President Obama and his Democratic machine continues to champion their causes and if Romney is elected, we will return to the days of the great plantations.

John Hawkins | September 21, 2012

This year, most people have been focused on the Romney vs. Obama race, but there is also a battle going on for control of the Senate.

Michelle Malkin | September 21, 2012

New York Times columnist David Brooks is the Eddie Haskell of the Fourth Estate. Like the two-faced sycophant in "Leave It to Beaver," Brooks indulges in excessive politeness while currying favor with political authority.

Brent Bozell | September 21, 2012

The "enlightened" who claim a firm grip on the steering wheel of Western civilization see the future through a lens in which man becomes ever more perfectible as outdated religious creeds fade away. And thus the irony.

Jonah Goldberg | September 21, 2012

Amidst all of the talk of religious tolerance and the hand-wringing over free speech in recent days, one salient fact is often lost or glossed over: What we face are not broad questions about the limits of free speech or the importance of religious tolerance, but rather a very specific question about the limits of Muslim tolerance and the unimportance of free speech to much of the Muslin world.

David Limbaugh | September 21, 2012

So what about the Democrats' would-be tempest about Mitt Romney's alleged 47 percent gaffe? Is there any "there" there?

Mona Charen | September 21, 2012

President Obama does worry about a mob mentality. It's just unfortunate that he so often thinks he sees it in his own countrymen.

Scott Rasmussen | September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney's comments about 47 percent of Americans being dependent on government and locked in to vote for President Obama highlight a fundamental reality in American politics today: The gap between the American people and the political class is bigger than the gap between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C.

Tim Phillips | September 21, 2012

There is pain associated with $4.00 a gallon gasoline. It’s not the kind you see on the news every night but it is just as tragic.

Oliver North | September 21, 2012

WASHINGTON -- Ever since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2012, the Obama White House has sought to lay blame for deadly and destructive anti-American attacks in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and more than two dozen other countries on someone else.

Pat Buchanan | September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney has conceded that his thoughts, expressed at that Boca Raton, Fla., fundraiser, were "not elegantly" stated. Those mocking him might concede he has tabled one of the mega-issues of our time.

Suzanne Fields | September 21, 2012

Certain feminists, like children discovering that certain words shock their mommies, like to talk dirty.

Diana West | September 21, 2012

What's wrong with the following Associated Press headline? "Charlie Hebdo cartoon spurs French gov't to order embassies, schools to close."

Linda Chavez | September 21, 2012

The narrative of the Romney campaign as portrayed by most major media last week has been one of a tone-deaf, elitist candidate.

John Ransom | September 21, 2012

Economists please meet Barack Hussein Obama, record-setter. More debt, more spending, more regulation than ever before- and fewer jobs.

Paul Greenberg | September 21, 2012

Americans keep saying we want our politicians to level with us, tell us what they truly think, not just go down the familiar list of talking points, giving us the usual collection of platitudes and hoping to be all things to all people. But when a presidential candidate does come right out with it, and tell it with the bark off, we are shocked, shocked.

Donald Lambro | September 21, 2012

President Obama's entire campaign strategy is based on an age-old political trick that he can overcome his weakness on the economy by changing the subject.

Kyle Olson | September 21, 2012

More and more school districts are holding union contract negotiations in full view of the public.

Bill Tatro | September 21, 2012

The typical mainstream media has little historical knowledge of the Presidency or those who have achieved that status.

Fritz Pfister | September 21, 2012

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain saying he believes in redistribution. That’s all taxes are anyway is the government redistributing wealth.

Marvin Olasky | September 21, 2012

Sip Mouden, CEO of Community Health Centers of Arkansas, says FQHCs are the best kept secret that shouldn't be a secret. When WORLD intern Kira Clark asked 37 charitably minded Americans what they thought about FQHCs, she found that not one had heard of them.

Mike Gallagher | September 21, 2012

When I first heard about published reports that Chick-Fil-A had supposedly reached some kind of an “agreement” with a bullying Chicago alderman to stop donating money to Christian groups like Focus on the Family in order to get permission to open a new store in Chicago, the anguished phone calls from Chick-Fil-A supporters came flooding into my radio show today.

Jeff Carter | September 21, 2012

Even in base case mundane tasks, humans will respond and try to do whatever they are doing in the most efficient way possible.

Nathan Slaughter | September 21, 2012

Here's what really excites me: The average cell phone contains just one-tenth of an ounce of lithium; the average laptop computer about one ounce. By contrast, a plug-in hybrid car, which runs on gasoline and electricity, will need 20 pounds of lithium materials.

Fred Lucas | September 21, 2012

Before what would turn out to be an historic election, a New York Times article said, “If Larry King’s CNN program functioned as a nominating process for Ross Perot; Rush Limbaugh may be a kind of national precinct captain for the Republican insurgency of 1994.”

Chris Poindexter | September 21, 2012

While the Chinese and Japanese duke it out for some uninhabited islands, unemployment remains stubbornly high in Europe and the housing market in the dumps in the U.S., despite the availability of record low mortgage interest rates.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | September 21, 2012

In the film “The Truman Show,” actor Jim Carrey played lovable simpleton Truman Burbank who, unbeknownst to him, lived his entire life trapped in a television show. His wife, co-workers and friends were all actors, his entire world a finely constructed stage.

Bob Beauprez | September 21, 2012

Yet again, the President's policies violate his repeated promise to not raise taxes of any kind on individuals earning less than $200,000 per year or couples below $250,000.

Thu, Sep 20, 2012

Katie Pavlich | September 20, 2012

The Department of Justice [DOJ] Inspector General [IG] Michael Horowitz testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee Thursday and answered questions about his recently released report [OIG] from his office about Operation Fast and Furious.

Marybeth Hicks | September 20, 2012

From the elite, Northeastern liberal arts college our eldest daughter attended, to the sprawling Southern state university where our son recently began his studies, academic “liberalism,” the quest for an expansive and enlightening education, has been soundly replaced with raw, unvarnished leftism.

Jack Kerwick | September 20, 2012

We now have exhibition 4,003 to prove that, at bottom, Barack Obama’s agenda is and has always been socialistic to the core.

Cliff May | September 20, 2012

Learning the wrong lessons can be costly.

Frank Gaffney | September 20, 2012

History is replete with examples of strategic miscalculations in which an over-reach - usually born of contemptuous disdain for a foe - led to disaster for the aggressor. Think Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. Or Hitler's of the Soviet Union 131 years later. We may look back at September 11, 2012 as the kick-off date for such a tipping point in our time.

Ken Blackwell | September 20, 2012

No one doubts President Obama's formidable intellect. He has never been subjected to the kind of scorn and ridicule that met Dan Quayle's every utterance. After all, as presidential historian Michael Beschloss assures us, Barack Obama is the smartest man ever to occupy the Oval Office. Thus, we all sift through the golden rhetoric of this amazing man.

Maggie Gallagher | September 20, 2012

Let me begin with a prediction: Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States.

Michael Brown | September 20, 2012

Have you heard about the ACLU’s latest antics? Their most recent victory is so outrageous, so outlandish, and so ridiculous that words actually fail in trying to describe it. Not surprisingly, this legal theater of the absurd is being played out in Rhode Island.

Hugh Hewitt | September 20, 2012

The Remake of Alfred Hitchcocks' 1963 classic The Birds is playing everywhere. The original film was itself in select theaters across the country last night, part of TMC's special release of old blockbusters, and sure enough it entertained big screen audiences even as it did 49 years ago with the sudden, furious and even deadly attacks of gulls and crows on all manner of people in Bodega Bay, California, from school children to seamen to small town teacher and high society playgirl.

Thomas Sowell | September 20, 2012

The recently discovered tape on which Barack Obama said back in 1998 that he believes in redistribution is not really news. He said the same thing to Joe the Plumber four years ago. But the surfacing of this tape may serve a useful purpose if it gets people to thinking about what the consequences of redistribution are.

Victor Davis Hanson | September 20, 2012

Last week, Muslim mobs took to the streets to murder the American ambassador in Libya and three of his staffers. American embassies were attacked from Egypt to Yemen.

Michael Barone | September 20, 2012

People, not least himself, have often compared Barack Obama to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Larry Elder | September 20, 2012

When Bill Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention, he took credit for balancing the budget. That Clinton basked in his achievement, of course, surprises no one. Nor is it surprising the media failed to remind people of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., and his role in pulling this off.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | September 20, 2012

As readers of this column and viewers of Fox News Channel may know, I have not hesitated to criticize Gov. Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and the governor himself. I have argued that his message is muddled and his values are unknown beyond his ardent wish to improve economic conditions through the use of free market mechanisms rather than central economic planning, a position with which I agree entirely.

Michael Reagan | September 20, 2012

He and his administration spent last weekend blaming the explosion of violence against America in the Middle East on a moronic anti-Muhammad video that’s been on YouTube for months.

Cal Thomas | September 20, 2012

There's another video, this one of Mitt Romney speaking to donors at a fundraiser in Boca Raton.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | September 20, 2012

The challenge for modern-day campaigns is that the rapid speed of the news cycle ensures that new news is created on a daily basis, even when it is not really news. Blame the hunger for something novel and fresh that can eat up time on the 24-hour cable news channels.

Ben Shapiro | September 20, 2012

What happens when a free people decides it was never free to begin with? What happens when a nation decides that individual liberty is a myth, that the endless vicissitudes of life form an impenetrable wall to success, that we are all controlled by outside forces?

Debra J. Saunders | September 20, 2012

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what," Mitt Romney told donors in a $50,000-a-plate Florida fundraiser that was secretly recorded in May and released by Mother Jones this week.

John Ransom | September 20, 2012

Obama- yes, that amateur- the guy who thinks the constitution should force us to accept anything the federal government is willing to give a grateful citizenry? THAT Obama has ignored his one undisputed constitutional duty as commander in chief by skipping his daily intelligence briefings 62 percent of the time this year, according to Marc A. Thiessen, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

Matt Towery | September 20, 2012

Perhaps the most significant and disappointing theme that has run through not only my decades in politics, but my years afterward as a pollster and analyst, has been the GOP's increasing tendency to shy away from anyone or anything that is bold or unique. I've watched that play out once again this year, as the same old suspects have struggled with how to use, or not use, Donald Trump.

Paul Greenberg | September 20, 2012

They go together like hot dogs and baseball games, though the combination isn't nearly as appetizing: mud and American presidential campaigns.

Emmett Tyrrell | September 20, 2012

Allow me to offer a suggestion as to how our government might avoid the slaughter of our personnel in diplomatic installations around the Islamic world by mobs.

Kyle Olson | September 20, 2012

The educational establishment is ramping up its attack of “Won’t Back Down,” a fictional movie of a parent and teacher teaming up to take over a failing school through a “parent trigger” law.

Benjamin Bull | September 20, 2012

There is a movement underway in Europe to remove the tax exemptions churches have enjoyed for centuries. In Spain and Italy this attempt is being broadly pursued, while in Britain it is being done piecemeal.

Lincoln Brown | September 20, 2012

In “1984“ it was “War is Peace” “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength” In 2012 its is religious freedom through regulation and mandating gas purchases by “enabling” and “assisting”.

Bill Tatro | September 20, 2012

If Ben Bernanke was a financial advisor, I think his problems with FINRA and the SEC would be dramatic.

Shawn Mitchell | September 20, 2012

Who decides what news gets the gang-bang-everyone-come-join-the-dog-pile-of-ridicule treatment? Is there, like a conference call, or secret email list? Because, man, you’re missing some big opportunities.

Gina Loudon | September 20, 2012

Romney spoke a simple truth. This is practical, honest, and frankly refreshing to hear from an American politician.

Craig Steiner | September 20, 2012

Every time I see a report about "new home construction" showing signs of improvement, I'm not excited. I'm frightened. We have an oversupply of homes and we're building more. This can't end well.

Night Watch | September 20, 2012

The Chinese national defense minister's statement during a public appearance with the US Secretary of Defense is a serious breach of protocol. It was a deliberate insult to the US and Japan and signifies contempt.

Paul Tracy | September 20, 2012

While ultra-low rates may have made it cheap for qualified borrowers to borrow money, they're also punishing savers. Yields on most savings accounts and certificates of deposit are well below 1%, and the picture isn't much better overseas.

Chris Poindexter | September 20, 2012

What’s interesting, and frequently goes unnoticed in discussions of gold investing, is why gold tends to track with commodities at all.

Wed, Sep 19, 2012

Ann Coulter | September 19, 2012

Only our totally unbiased watchdog media could turn the burning of U.S. embassies in countries where Barack Obama had recently supported mob revolts into Mitt Romney's blunder. Journalists couldn't risk having Obama's campaign slogan "Osama is dead" being amended with "and so is our ambassador."

Rachel Alexander | September 19, 2012

As rudeness is becoming increasingly common in our culture, Americans are finding it more difficult to work with each other. Far too many people now lack morals and manners. The U.S. has become a materialistic culture full of self-interest and lacking in respect for humanity. The outward manifestation of this is an inability to get along with others.

Bob Barr | September 19, 2012

Despite repeated, self-serving claims by Obama officials that the Administration did everything it could to head off and then respond appropriately to the violence against American facilities in Libya and Egypt last week, their blunders in policy, intelligence and security illustrates an incompetence every bit as profound as exhibited by the administration of Jimmy Carter in Iran 33 years ago. It appears nothing has been learned in more than three decades; despite significant gains in technology available to the U.S. government during those intervening years.

Rich Galen | September 19, 2012

Yesterday marked the seven weeks to go mark before the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN MY LIFETIME.

Night Watch | September 19, 2012

the success of this attack almost certainly indicates the attackers had extensive intelligence provided by insiders and inside assistance in penetrating the bases at the time of attack.

Thomas Sowell | September 19, 2012

There was a time when Democrats and Republicans alike could talk sense about tax rates, in terms of what is best for the economy, without demagoguery about "tax cuts for the rich."

Michelle Malkin | September 19, 2012

Democrats need to change their party mascot from the donkey to the squirrel. They divert the media's and the electorate's short attention spans with fleeting, fuzzy objects -- like the main canine character in the animated Pixar movie "Up," who was easily distracted from his main thoughts and serious duties by every last little moving trifle.

John Stossel | September 19, 2012

All political candidates call themselves freedom-lovers, but they are not. Neither major party really opposes government control of the economy or of our personal lives. I'm a libertarian because I see the false choice offered by political left and right: Democrats talk about personal liberty; Republicans talk about economic freedom. But what they do once in power belies their words.

Walter E. Williams | September 19, 2012

Many of the nation's colleges and universities have become cesspools of indoctrination, intolerance, academic dishonesty and an "enlightened" form of racism. This is a decades-old trend. In a 1991 speech, Yale President Benno Schmidt warned: "The most serious problems of freedom of expression in our society today exist on our campuses. The assumption seems to be that the purpose of education is to induce correct opinion rather than to search for wisdom and to liberate the mind."

Brent Bozell | September 19, 2012

On September 14 at Andrews Air Force Base just outside the Washington Beltway, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton welcomed home the remains of four Americans killed at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. It was a moment of national mourning. The president was presidential, Mrs. Clinton, dignified. But for some journalists, it was, quite strangely and inappropriately something to view only through the tacky lens of politics.

Jonah Goldberg | September 19, 2012

The Obama administration's omnibus answer to why the Middle East (and now much of the Muslim world) is in near open rebellion against the United States: The video did it. The follow-up question no one seems to be asking is: "What if the administration's explanation is true?"

Mike Adams | September 19, 2012

The worst part about censorship is that there are college professors who are too stupid to know what it actually means, or worse, that sometimes pretend to be too stupid to know what it actually means. Censorship occurs when the government stops objectionable speech from being disseminated. It does not occur when the government refuses to actually subsidize speech that may be deemed objectionable. But sometimes professors and low-level college administrators pretend that refusal to fund government speech is censorship.

Michael Medved | September 19, 2012

The explosion of anti-American unrest in the Islamic world will damage the Obama campaign in its drive for reelection for two reasons.

Terry Jeffrey | September 19, 2012

In November 2008, the Americans who turned out to vote in the presidential election outnumbered the Americans who turned out to work full-time by more than 14 million.

Austin Bay | September 19, 2012

2012 is an election year. Meanwhile, 9/11 is an iconic date, for most Americans a symbol of terrorist savagery, for al-Qaida-inspired militant Islamists a demonstration of their determination to contest American influence.

John Ransom | September 19, 2012

CNBC trumpets this view in its not-too-subtle homer headline How the White House Is Keeping a Lid on Oil Prices. Yes, how indeed has this White House accomplished the marvelous feat of keeping oil prices low despite a worldwide once-in-100-year recession? Well with due respect to CNBC’s all-knowing wisdom, the truth is that oil prices have not only NOT come down, but on a relative basis, they are still very high.

Donald Lambro | September 19, 2012

Somewhere in the last month or so, Mitt Romney's presidential campaign lost its laser-like focus on the bleak, job- starved Obama economy. It allowed Obama's campaign to define him with a blitz of television ads in the summer, as Romney husbanded his resources and declined to aggressively punch back in the key battleground states that will decide the outcome of this election.

Ed Feulner | September 19, 2012

This Sept. 17 marked the 225th anniversary of the signing of the nation’s second great founding document: the Constitution that provides Americans with limited government. Constitution Day never became a day off from work, and it’s hardly marked with pomp and circumstance.

Susan Stamper Brown | September 19, 2012

As truth's brilliant light breaks through the fogginess of mistruth as to the reason behind the violent anti-American sentiment currently burning its way across the globe, one thing is for sure: An internet YouTube video is not the culprit, and those who say it is are either seriously misinformed, trying to deflect blame, delusional, lying - or a little of each.

Jacob Sullum | September 19, 2012

The New York Times obituary for Thomas Szasz, who died this month at the age of 92, says his critique of psychiatry "had some merit in the 1950s ... but not later on, when the field began developing more scientific approaches."

Rebecca Hagelin | September 19, 2012

As anti-American riots and murderous attacks continue to erupt across the Middle East, America’s response will be dictated by a man that few Americans really know—Barack Obama.

Brian Birdnow | September 19, 2012

Back in 1987 Professor Paul Kennedy penned an influential tract on the decline and failure of the great powers of the past. Dr. Kennedy’s book stirred up a great deal of interest in the literate classes and, while it did not merit comparison with Edward Gibbon when it came to discussing the decline and fall thesis, it certainly provided food for intellectual musing on the nature of national power and greatness. Kennedy argued that the USA was following the British example and could fall into what he called “imperial overstretch” if we weren’t careful.

Ken Connor | September 19, 2012

As rioting and violence once again erupt across the Muslim world in response to a perceived insult against their Prophet, the usual apologists are taking to the airwaves assuring the public that despite appearances to the contrary, Islam is a religion of peace.

Bill Tatro | September 19, 2012

Dr. Ben Bernanke and Dr. Mario Draghi have continued to juice the patient (economy) with more and more drugs (monetization).

Jeff Carter | September 19, 2012

It is impossible for me to listen to the bomber’s attorney make excuses for him. From what I can gather, the FBI didn’t entrap him. He was ready to blow up a bunch of people in the name of Islam.

Chris Poindexter | September 19, 2012

Commodities were down pretty much across the board with platinum, palladium, crude oil and copper all moving lower. The slide in commodities was matched by a slide in overseas equities as markets were down hard in Europe and Asia.

George Friedman | September 19, 2012

That Gadhafi was capable of mass murder was certainly correct. The idea that Gadhafi would quickly fall proved incorrect. That a democracy would emerge as a result of the intervention proved the most dubious assumption of them all.

Fred Lucas | September 19, 2012

“One party will tax and spend; one party won’t tax but will spend: It’s both of them,” Glenn Beck said at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference. “All they’re talking about is we need a big tent. We need a big tent. Can we get a bigger tent? How can we get a big tent? What is this, a circus?”

Randall DeSoto | September 19, 2012

I was a college student in the fall of 1988; it was Presidential election year, and I could finally vote. The choice before me, and the country, then was do we go forward with the policies begun under Ronald Reagan or was it time for a change? Reagan was finishing an incredible run that saw nation’s economy experience an unprecedented rebound and America reestablished as the unquestioned leader of the free world. His Vice President, George H.W. Bush, made clear upon accepting the Republican nomination that “the most important work of my life is to complete the mission we started in 1980.”

Ralph Benko | September 19, 2012

One of the brightest stars in the free market galaxy is the work of the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research, HACER. HACER provides, among many other key services, a multilingual “Drudge Report” for free market news and opinion, crucial to nurturing the growing embrace of free markets.

Tue, Sep 18, 2012

Guy Benson | September 18, 2012

More than 400 Romney staffers are manning Boston battle stations during this electoral home stretch, more than double the manpower the campaign boasted as the primary season petered out in the spring.

Rachel Marsden | September 18, 2012

The CIA claims that it never saw the storm coming, but Canadian intelligence sure did. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird landed in Vladivostok, Russia, earlier this month for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit and had barely stepped off the plane when he announced that Canada would be pulling its diplomats out of Iran and closing its embassy while kicking all Iranian diplomats out of Canada.

Michael Youssef | September 18, 2012

Ever since President Obama took office, he has given unmistakable signals that he is in love with the Muslim Brotherhood.

John Hawkins | September 18, 2012

Barack Obama bothers a lot of people. So here, for your perusement, are his 25 most obnoxious quotes.

Thomas Sowell | September 18, 2012

The first time I saw Chris Christie on television, shortly after he became governor of New Jersey, my immediate reaction was, "My Gosh! A Talking Republican!" It was almost like seeing a talking giraffe or a talking salamander.

Chuck Norris | September 18, 2012

Last time I checked, Americans were responsible for making our own laws. We do not invite foreign nations to have a say in how we govern ourselves within our own borders. Yet if you follow what's been going on with the United Nations this year, you know that the USA came perilously close to having other countries dictate our gun laws. And the fight isn't over yet.

David Limbaugh | September 18, 2012

How can an administration that believes that Islamists need a reason to attack us apart from their default hatred of infidels conduct a coherent foreign policy?

Mona Charen | September 18, 2012

One of Romney's great skills is the ability to turn around failing enterprises. He did it with private firms while he ran Bain Capital; he did it for an indebted Massachusetts and he did it for the Olympics. He needs to do it for his campaign now.

Cal Thomas | September 18, 2012

"How could this happen?" asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in response to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others.

Dennis Prager | September 18, 2012

Have you noticed that the left regularly condemns alleged conservative "hate speech" but is almost completely silent on the most pervasive hate speech in the world?

Pat Buchanan | September 18, 2012

Perhaps we should inspect more closely our irreconcilable conflict -- what Harvard's Michael Ignatieff calls "the fatal dialectic between Islamic rage and Western free speech." Consider first American values, as seen from an ACLU point of view.

Julie Borowski | September 18, 2012

The U.S. National Debt has surpassed $16 trillion. Out of control spending habits of both Republicans and Democrats got us into this fiscal mess. The only way out is through dramatically slashing spending across the board—no exceptions.

Debra J. Saunders | September 18, 2012

"We believe that folks in Benghazi, a small number of people came to the consulate to replicate the sort of challenge that was posed in Cairo," U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice told ABC's "This Week" Sunday.

John Ransom | September 18, 2012

The OWS protests petered out last year amidst disease, disagreements, crime, fist fights and the sudden realization that worldwide global warming was gonna result in a very long and very cold winter on the protest line.

Phyllis Schlafly | September 18, 2012

House Speaker John Boehner was quoted during the Republican National Convention as saying, "Have you ever met anybody who read the party platform? I never met anybody." Scoffing at the party's platform is the typical attitude of establishment-backed politicians who don't want to be bothered with addressing the hopes and goals of grassroots voters. Downgrading the platform is the mark of losing candidates, such as Bob Dole and John McCain.

Bill Murchison | September 18, 2012

In commerce, it's closing the sale that counts. Sell to the walls if you can; if you can't, at least outsell your competitor.

David Sterman | September 18, 2012

If the going gets tough, these companies can temporarily defer payments to preserve cash. This differs from bonds, which come with such tight restrictions and payment terms that they can force a company into bankruptcy.

Doug French | September 18, 2012

Meanwhile the guy running the Federal Reserve is an expert on the Great Depression. Ben Bernanke wasn't going to make the same mistakes the policy makers made during the 1930s.

Chris Poindexter | September 18, 2012

It was a rough morning for commodities across the board with crude oil, platinum, palladium and copper all joining gold and silver lower.

Jeff Carter | September 18, 2012

In 2007, oil hit $144 per barrel. Gas prices at that time were over $3 per gallon and everyone was screaming. It seemed as if every media outlet grabbed their pitchforks and were running to kill the speculators. But this time the silence is deafening.

Robert Knight | September 18, 2012

It was Constitution Day yesterday, so I spent part of it compiling a non-exhaustive list of the ways Barack Obama has violated the Constitution.

Armstrong Williams | September 18, 2012

In recent days we have witnessed an attack on America’s Embassy in Libya that left four Americans dead, the breach of our Embassy and violent protests in Egypt, and a subsequent political spat between the White House and Governor Romney. Governor Romney blasted the Obama Administration for taking an apologetic stance in the wake of the attacks, pointing to a statement from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo that he described as “akin to an apology.”

Mon, Sep 17, 2012

Byron York | September 17, 2012

Salena Zito, a reporter with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, watched Mitt Romney's Sept. 12 news conference from a diner in Wisconsin. Customers paid careful attention to the TV as reporters repeatedly asked Romney if he had made a mistake by criticizing President Obama's handling of the embassy crises in Egypt and Libya. The exchanges left no doubt that Romney's questioners thought he had made a mess of the situation.

Madeleine McAulay | September 17, 2012

Young Conservatives have managed to create a social media empire, yet the mainstream media continues to report as though they are non-existent.

Lisa De Pasquale | September 17, 2012

During Johnny Carson’s reign on late night television, one of the greatest honors for a comedian was getting Carson to laugh. In the Twitter world, it’s getting a retweet from Stephen Kruiser.

Matt Barber | September 17, 2012

While America mourned the 11th anniversary of the Islamic attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, atheist radicals were throwing fuel on the fire. While millions were praying for the friends and families of precious souls lost, self-styled “progressives” were preying upon the most significant symbol of hope to which many of the grieving clung.

Michael Brown | September 17, 2012

The Democratic Party Platform contains just one reference to “God,” and the inclusion of that single reference was famously booed by many delegates at the Democratic convention. In contrast, the Republican Party Platform contains 12 references to “God,” and candidate Romney has emphatically stated, “I will not take God out of the name of our platform. I will not take God off our coins and I will not take God out of my heart. We’re a nation that’s bestowed by God.” Does this make the GOP the party of God?

Jeff Jacoby | September 17, 2012

The true long-term impact of the Chicago teachers strike may be not be known for some time. But there is no mystery about its impact in the immediate term -- anxiety, panic, and disruption for myriad mothers and fathers left in the lurch when 30,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union walked away from their classrooms last week just as a new school year was getting underway.

Rich Galen | September 17, 2012

Friday night I was on Anderson Cooper's CNN program, AC360 with one of my favorite debate partners, Paul Begala. As neither Paul nor I am a foreign policy expert we talked about the domestic political aspects of the riots - and killings - in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Michael Barone | September 17, 2012

In Libya, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues were murdered Tuesday. Earlier that day, protesters in Egypt stormed the U.S. embassy and tore down the American flag.

Star Parker | September 17, 2012

It says something about today’s public education reality that the two sides in the teachers’ union dispute in Chicago are the union and the mayor.

Mike Adams | September 17, 2012

Dear Mitt: Despite the fact that I really do not trust or respect you, I have decided to give you some free political advice. I do it for two reasons: First, I would rather have a president I do not really trust (you) than one I actually despise (Obama). Second, the advisors and spokesmen you are paying are doing a woefully inadequate job of directing your campaign. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Katie Kieffer | September 17, 2012

Step aside, Justin Timberlake. Let’s bring selfish back, y’all!

Wayne Allyn Root | September 17, 2012

If Obama is re-elected on November 6th, you haven’t seen anything yet. Because the first Obama term was just a small taste of things to come. Without ever having to answer to voters again, he will be free to be his REAL radical self.

Tim Phillips | September 17, 2012

Over the last four years our national debt has risen nearly $6 trillion, and just last week the debt topped an astounding $16 trillion.

Bruce Bialosky | September 17, 2012

“Government ’help’ to business is just as disastrous as government persecution... the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off.” That is what Ayn Rand has to say about government involvement in the world of business, but the full extent of this practice is difficult to nail down. Tad DeHaven of the CATO Institute investigated the situation to determine exactly how deep the problem runs.

John Ransom | September 17, 2012

Suddenly things become very political for a private company when the government gives them more money than any other private concern in the history of our country and that money essentially becomes a gift. You want to get out of politics? Give us back our money, GM. You have $33.6 billion of cash in the bank right now. Yes, we’ll take it. Give it back and we'll call it square.

Brian Darling | September 17, 2012

Happy birthday, Constitution! Today marks the 225th anniversary of the signing of this unique and prescient document. Every American should take a moment to reflect on what a treasure we have in America.

Dan Holler | September 17, 2012

Congress may not be popular – just one in seven Americans approve of the job they’re doing – but they are creative. Instead of quietly leaving town ahead of the elections, some lawmakers have decided they should start blaming their constituents for the lack of legislative progress in Washington.

Peter Ferrara | September 17, 2012

President Obama started his Democratic Convention nomination acceptance speech with one overriding truth: “But when all is said and done – when you pick up that ballot to vote – you will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation. It will be a choice between two different paths for America. A choice between two fundamentally different visions for the future.”

Mark Baisley | September 17, 2012

Teachers cited the 6-to-7 year mark as the point when they began to realize the ominous political nature of the K-12 education industry.

Crystal Wright | September 17, 2012

Are we really surprised by the Middle East uprising against America? This isn’t about the American produced video against the prophet Muhammad. This is about President Obama being a weak defender of America abroad, almost by design. Barely six months in office, Obama decided his first foreign trip, as president, would be to Egypt to apologize to the Muslim world for America behaving badly after 9/11.

Chris Poindexter | September 17, 2012

Silver is flashing a definite sell signal at this silver/gold ratio, so if you need the cash to purchase durable goods, now is a good time.

Shawn Mitchell | September 17, 2012

Imagine what Nixon could have gotten away with, with the press on his side! You don't have to imagine. Look around at America, 2012.

Jeff Carter | September 17, 2012

Woodland creatures do a good job of explaining Quantitative Easing.

Bob Beauprez | September 17, 2012

You know the Obama-sycophants in the liberal media have crossed over the line when even one of their own can no longer defend them.

Morgan Brittany | September 17, 2012

With a blatant disregard for working toward solving the problem, Congress is just going on its merry way, ignoring the cliff we are heading towards at 100 miles per hour.

Sun, Sep 16, 2012

Salena Zito | September 16, 2012

William J. Clinton and three other locals – Tim, Jeff and Jack, who declined to give their last names – sat at the Dairy Mart lunch counter, a Carroll County roadside staple on the Lincoln Highway for more than 60 years.

Austin Hill | September 16, 2012

The U.S. Federal Reserve initiated more economic stimulus. And the very next day the U.S. Government received another debt downgrade.

Doug Giles | September 16, 2012

Remember back in the beginning of 2011 when Obama told us about the freedom lovers in Egypt and Libya living under the oppression of dictators and needing our immediate help to establish democracy in their fair lands?  

Derek Hunter | September 16, 2012

To protect President Obama from the failure of his administration to anticipate or respond appropriately to the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East, the media has absolutely raped the truth.

Debra J. Saunders | September 16, 2012

"No family should have to set aside a college acceptance letter because they don't have the money," President Barack Obama told the Democratic National Convention as he accepted his party's nomination in Charlotte, N.C., this month.

John Ransom | September 16, 2012

Talk about denigrating women. I know liberals tend to think that women are just uteruses who vote, but, again, you are wrong. Like most liberals, I think you are confused a bit by a woman’s biology. That part doesn’t do a woman’s thinking for her.

Kevin McCullough | September 16, 2012

In the days to come little man, your brother--who's two years your senior--will likely have times when he is not the ever-dearest-angel that we thought he first might be when he was your age.

Steve Chapman | September 16, 2012

On Aug. 31, 1983, a South Korean airliner flying from New York to Seoul drifted off course and entered Soviet airspace. After tracking the civilian plane for more than two hours, Soviet fighter pilots were told to shoot it down. They did, killing 269 people, including 60 Americans. It was one of the most shocking atrocities of the Cold War.

Bob Beauprez | September 16, 2012

Please note that the Townhall Finance column NightWatch first drew attention to inadequate diplomatic security on September 6th after an attack in Pakistan:

Lamar Smith | September 16, 2012

It is not often that members of the liberal national media admit their biases. Americans know that the media is not impartial and that objectivity is not a priority when reporting on current events. Americans need and deserve a balanced media.

Night Watch | September 16, 2012

Imams, encouraged by Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan, have come to understand that democracy may be rationalized with ultra-conservative Islam as a pathway to a caliphate, by choice of the voters.

Jeff Carter | September 16, 2012

Obama and his administration are blaming a movie. But, they should be blaming themselves.

Marita Noon | September 16, 2012

In their arrogance,the EPA believes they know best and they don’t want input from anyone who might disagree with their preconceived bias.

Paul Jacob | September 16, 2012

Around the world, confronting reality and accepting responsibility don't seem to play big parts in official attempts to bolster democracy.