Sat, Nov 08, 2008

Matt Lewis | November 08, 2008

Whether your candidate won or lost the election – and whether your campaign experience was a stressful 24-hour-a-day pace – or a fun-filled orgy of campaign debauchery and greasy food – or both – the odds are it was not easy to adjust to civilized life after the campaign ended.

Robert Murphy | November 08, 2008

It has become fashionable to compare our present economic crisis to the Great Depression, especially by partisan opponents of the Bush Administration.

Michael Barone | November 08, 2008

The Democrats' victory -- and Barack Obama's -- was overdetermined and underdelivered.

Donald Lambro | November 08, 2008

Within hours of Barack Obama's historic election last week, a chorus of media analysts were predicting that the Democrats had at last built a permanent majority that would keep them in power for many elections to come.

Robert Novak | November 08, 2008

In serious conversations among Republicans since their election debacle Tuesday, what name is mentioned most often as the Moses, or Reagan, who could lead them out of the wilderness before 40 years?

Fri, Nov 07, 2008

Brent Bozell | November 07, 2008

The election of Barack Obama was certainly historic, and the great attraction of that historic moment led to more history: an Obama-smitten news media that completely avoided their responsibility to test the nominee with hard questions.

Janice Shaw Crouse | November 07, 2008

In the midst of a far-left Senator's sweeping victory to become the first black president of the United States, voters in three states stood on moral principle to solidly support the institution of marriage as an exclusive union between a man and a woman.

Kathryn Lopez | November 07, 2008

Candidates cannot live by the Internet alone, but there was something clever about former Tennessee Republican senator Fred Thompson's media approach to running for president.

Rich Tucker | November 07, 2008

As comedian Yakov Smirnov used to say, “What a country!” Americans witnessed history Tuesday night. Too bad nobody noticed.

Jonah Goldberg | November 07, 2008

No doubt everyone is relieved to have the election behind us, even if some of us are less than ecstatic about its result.

John McCaslin | November 07, 2008

While not a household name, Gail Lovelace arguably is the person responsible for the orderly transfer of power from President Bush to President-elect Barack Obama.

Mike Gallagher | November 07, 2008

Just how strange has this week been?

S. E. Cupp | November 07, 2008

Celebrated author and veritable Renaissance man Michael Crichton died this week, and upon reflection his passing brings up some interesting thoughts on Barack Obama’s historical election.

Rich Galen | November 07, 2008

I generally watch CNBC every morning while I'm getting ready because I don't know much about their subject matter so it is more interesting to me than watching Fox & Friends or CNN' American Morning.

Amanda Carpenter | November 07, 2008

An important discussion is emerging in the online conservative community about how to integrate with the old guard Republicans and grow the GOP movement.

John Hawkins | November 07, 2008

After the 2006 election, the question you heard conservatives asking over and over again was, "Did the Republicans learn anything from their defeat?" As we now know, regrettably the answer to that question is "no" -- and so we're back once again trying to figure out if the GOP's 2nd savage beating in a row has stirred them from the Beltway bubble they've been firmly ensconced in over the last few years.

Michelle Malkin | November 07, 2008

Sunken ships loosen bitter lips. The failed McCain campaign, for all its high-minded talk of honor, duty and courage, is now teeming with unscrupulous gossipmongers.

Jonah Goldberg | November 07, 2008

Barack Obama's victory was a huge win for self-described progressives. Arguably the most liberal presidential nominee in American history, Obama has given some very old ideas an aura of new coolness.

David Limbaugh | November 07, 2008

Let me first say that we conservatives should be gracious in defeat because it's the right thing to do. That does not mean, however, that we should for one minute abandon the vigorous pursuit of our ideas.

Mona Charen | November 07, 2008

Twelve years ago, the most popular man in American political life was an African-American -- Colin Powell.

Ken Blackwell | November 07, 2008

Two things are evident from the 2008 election. The first is the American people voted for change, embodied in President-elect Barack Obama.

Oliver North | November 07, 2008

Though the next commander in chief has yet to announce exactly how he will do it, he clearly intends to change the commitments, capabilities and cost of America's military.

Pat Buchanan | November 07, 2008

Why did John McCain lose?

Suzanne Fields | November 07, 2008

The dividing of the electorate by category, whether first to set Hillary Clinton apart for her femininity or Barack Obama for his pale brown skin, was insulting, as though a vote should be determined by female features or skin color.

Michael Gerson | November 07, 2008

Election Day 2008 must have been filled with rueful paradoxes for the sitting president. Iraq -- the issue that dominated George W. Bush's presidency for five and a half bitter, controversial years -- is on the verge of a miraculous peace.

David Harsanyi | November 07, 2008

Barack Obama is now my president. Though I wonder whether irascible Democrats who rode around with those snazzy bumper stickers reading "He's not my president" for the past eight years realize the irony of their call for national harmony.

Matt Towery | November 07, 2008

Anyone who doesn't at the very least appreciate the historic nature of Barack Obama's election is either an idiot or a bigot.

Linda Chavez | November 07, 2008

Vice-president-elect Joe Biden issued a prescient warning in the last days of the presidential campaign: If Barack Obama were elected president, he would be tested by a major international crisis soon after taking office.

Charles Krauthammer | November 07, 2008

In the excitement and decisiveness of Barack Obama's victory, we forget that in the first weeks of September, John McCain was actually ahead. Then Lehman collapsed, and the financial system went off a cliff.

Lorie Byrd | November 07, 2008

Although there are many items on Barack Obama’s agenda that would mean big changes, the immediate concerns for the country in light of this week’s election surround the economy and national security.

Kathleen Parker | November 07, 2008

Owing to my pale pigmentation and heritage, perhaps I am not able to fully understand the impact that Obama's election has had on African-Americans.

Burt Prelutsky | November 07, 2008

By this time, I don’t think it will shock anyone if I come right out and admit that I’m not a bleeding heart.

Thu, Nov 06, 2008

Roger Schlesinger | November 06, 2008

This of course is an age old question. I have had many interesting times with this question including my coin flipping with the owner of a restaurant for lunch any time I wanted, double or nothing, and at another time having the entire office of a California state labor board refuse my offer of a free lunch after Proposition 13 passed which limited the property tax in California.

Amanda Carpenter | November 06, 2008

A cabal of conservative leaders convened for a meeting of the minds to plot a way to reinvigorate the Republican brand as Democratic President-elect Barack Obama is being ushered into office.

Paul Weyrich | November 06, 2008

Now that the election is over, it is time to evaluate what the American public can expect from the 111th Congress and the incoming Presidency.

Michael Reagan | November 06, 2008

Barack Obama is president-elect of the United States because the Republican Party and John McCain handed him the presidential election on a silver platter.

Diana West | November 06, 2008

If we really inhabited a "post-racial" world, the news of the week would be that a Democrat has won the White House.

Amanda Carpenter | November 06, 2008

The Republican National Committee wasted no time licking their Election Day wounds to blast President-elect Barack Obama’s choice of Chief of Staff.

Cal Thomas | November 06, 2008

When Barack Obama takes the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009, he will do so in the 30th anniversary year of the founding of the so-called Religious Right.

Bob Burney | November 06, 2008

I was a little apprehensive about waking up on Wednesday morning. After all, America had willingly elected the most liberal president in our history.

Cliff May | November 06, 2008

Will President-elect Barack H. Obama use this awesome power to strengthen America's defenses in a time of global conflict and repair America's economy in a period of financial distress?

John McCaslin | November 06, 2008

"I enjoy being a plumber, and I'll still do that," Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher told this columnist this week.

Janice Shaw Crouse | November 06, 2008

The big question tonight is whether Barack Obama will be as pragmatic in his governing as he was in campaigning. He won the Democratic primary by being deeply beholden to the hard left wing of the party.

Larry Elder | November 06, 2008

"Does Obama's victory, as a black man, make you feel that you can do anything?" Someone asked me that on election night.

George Will | November 06, 2008

Graciously conceding as vice president in 1980, Walter Mondale spoke of voters wielding "their staggering power."

Ben Shapiro | November 06, 2008

The Great Election of 2008 is over. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

Emmett Tyrrell | November 06, 2008

What a wonderful morn! Campaign '08 is a corpse. Step gently around it.

Ross Mackenzie | November 06, 2008

A stream of election-related observations . . .

Debra J. Saunders | November 06, 2008

In the end, American voters serve as the great equalizer. When one party goes too far, voters snap the leash, as they did on Tuesday.

Wed, Nov 05, 2008

Robert Knight | November 05, 2008

The pundits are already at it, saying that conservatism is dead.

Robert Novak | November 05, 2008

The national election Tuesday was not only historic for the election of the first African-American president in the nation's history but also for how little the avalanche of Democratic votes changed the political alignment in Congress.

Ann Coulter | November 05, 2008

Last night was truly a historic occasion: For only the second time in her adult life, Michelle Obama was proud of her country!

Bill Bunkley | November 05, 2008

The contentious 2008 Election has finally come to a conclusion. Divisions in America are as pronounced as ever before. Not since Franklin D. Roosevelt of the Great Depression era has a president assumed the office with the nation in worse trouble.

Laura Hollis | November 05, 2008

As Republicans and (some) conservatives sift through the rubble of the 2008 campaign to find remnants of hope for the future, there are a few things that stand out loud and clear – things which can and should form the basis for the Republicans’ message as they move forward.

Amanda Carpenter | November 05, 2008

The Republican presidential candidate may not have won on Election Day, but a slew of state-level pro-marriage initiatives did.

Rich Galen | November 05, 2008

Ok. It was a bad night. It wasn't the blow-out the Democrats were hoping for, but it was plenty bad enough.

Jerry Bowyer | November 05, 2008

As I hear about the death knell of conservatism, I’m reminded of Churchill. He won WWII, and then lost the next election to a Fabian socialist named Clement Atlee.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | November 05, 2008

While the Democrats and Barack Obama have won the presidential election and come close to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, they will be handicapped by the financial condition of the nation they will inherit.

Wynton Hall | November 05, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama won for a simple reason: historical amnesia.

Thomas Sowell | November 05, 2008

The politically clever way to get special privileges is to call them "rights"-- especially "equal rights."

Michelle Malkin | November 05, 2008

Sorry to break the bad news to Joe the Plumber. But the winner of Campaign 2008 is Peggy the Moocher. No matter who moves into the White House, Peggy has good reason to do a happy dance.

John Stossel | November 05, 2008

Some of you think you went to the polls yesterday to pick someone to run America.

Walter E. Williams | November 05, 2008

There has always been contempt for economic liberty. Historically, our nation was an important, not complete, exception. It took the calamity of the Great Depression to bring about today's level of restrictions on economic liberty.

Jonah Goldberg | November 05, 2008

We almost had a really interesting conversation about taxes in the waning days of the election. Almost.

Tony Blankley | November 05, 2008

In regard to attitude, America's conservatives could do worse than to be moved by those lines of Robert Blake from another place and another time on behalf of a similar sacred cause then not yet realized.

Michael Gerson | November 05, 2008

I come to this moment of national decision with deep concerns about the next president. His victory is likely to unleash an ideological and vengeful Democratic Congress.

Terry Jeffrey | November 05, 2008

Up until the 1930s, the United States maintained a small federal government that mostly focused on the limited number of things the Constitution authorized it to do.

Kathleen Parker | November 05, 2008

We Americans are so spoiled. Well-fed and -medicated, our biggest problem is that we can have everything. For the past decade, credit has been easy; tract mansions possible and new cars a staple. Mortgages were, almost literally, a dime a dozen.

Brent Bozell | November 05, 2008

Teenagers who watch a lot of television featuring sex talk and sex scenes are much more likely than their peers to get pregnant or get a partner pregnant, according to the first study to directly link television programming to teen pregnancy.

Michael Gerson | November 05, 2008

I come to this moment of national decision with deep concerns about the next president.

Austin Bay | November 05, 2008

The expanding war in the Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern provinces is a bitter reminder that complex problems cannot be fixed with good intentions and inspiring rhetoric.

Jacob Sullum | November 05, 2008

Obama wants to "implement an economy-wide cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050."

Tue, Nov 04, 2008

Ira Mehlman | November 04, 2008

Earlier this month Congress and President Bush committed $700 billion of our children’s and grandchildren’s money in a desperate effort to stave off a financial meltdown.

Michael Medved | November 04, 2008

Regardless of the final tallies in the Presidential election, the two major parties will retain their identities as distinctly different sorts of political coalitions.

Brian Fitzpatrick | November 04, 2008

As the 2008 presidential campaign mercifully drew to a close, several media pundits were suggesting that America’s culture war is also coming to an end, or at least withdrawing into a long and chilly hibernation. This is wishful thinking.

John McCaslin | November 04, 2008

Joe the Plumber conceded Monday night that Republican John McCain has a slim chance of defeating Democrat Barack Obama in the race for the White House.

Paul Weyrich | November 04, 2008

As the American economy continues to struggle through a mortgage crisis, credit crisis and job losses, part of the immense worldwide phenomenon, it would be wise for our elected representatives to consider reducing the amount of taxpayer money they spend annually.

David Limbaugh | November 04, 2008

Obama's entire campaign has been based on the need for radical, transformational change, which implies there is something very wrong with America.

Thomas Sowell | November 04, 2008

The truest thing that Senator John McCain said during this election campaign is what got him into the most trouble: "The economy is sound."

Chuck Norris | November 04, 2008

My wife, Gena, and I recently recorded a public service announcement, lending our support for California's Proposition 8.

Mona Charen | November 04, 2008

So it's the day before the election that will supposedly sweep away all vestiges of conservatism in American life and what do I find? The Washington Post carries a front-page story about TV contributing to teen pregnancy.

Cal Thomas | November 04, 2008

More than the economy has melted down. What remains of big media credibility has also liquefied and won't recover anytime soon, if it ever does.

Dennis Prager | November 04, 2008

Today, Americans decide on whether, in the words of Barack Obama last week, to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Pat Buchanan | November 04, 2008

After losing control of the Senate and 30 House seats in 2006, the GOP is bracing for losses of six to nine in the Senate, and two dozen to three dozen additional seats in the House.

Debra J. Saunders | November 04, 2008

The blog headline read: "Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry" and the author charged that the audio of the meeting with Obama "(had) been hidden from the public."

Donald Lambro | November 04, 2008

Those who think conservatism is dead need to look at how Barack Obama skillfully played the tax cut issue like a Stradivarius.

Bill Murchison | November 04, 2008

Oh, all right. The Republican party didn't manage to sell Americans on the need to elect John McCain as their maximum leader. Forget the small stuff: Republicans are happier people than Democrats.

William Rusher | November 04, 2008

This column is being written in advance of the elections on Tuesday, but there is no serious doubt among observers that the Democrats will win -- increasing their margins in both Houses of Congress, and among the governorships as well, and capturing the presidency.

Phyllis Schlafly | November 04, 2008

"Social-justice teaching" is defined in Education Week as "teaching kids to question whoever happens to hold the reins of power at a particular moment.

Mon, Nov 03, 2008

Larry Kudlow | November 03, 2008

Wouldn’t it be the height of irony if Barack Obama wins this election as the Ronald Reagan tax-cutter?

Laura Hollis | November 03, 2008

It’s down to the wire. Is there anything left to be said? Any argument that will persuade those still waffling, or change the minds of those still inclined to vote for Obama?

Carrie Lukas | November 03, 2008

The final day of the presidential campaign focused in part on an issue of great importance to workers everywhere—the future of the coal industry.

Douglas MacKinnon | November 03, 2008

The four-star general momentarily opened his bloodshot eyes, looked at the five others in the secure conference room as they prepared coffees or grabbed bottled water or soda, and just as quickly closed them.

Bill Steigerwald | November 03, 2008

Just in time for this year's electoral excitement, Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund has revised and updated his 2004 book, "Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy (Encounter)."

Rachel Alexander | November 03, 2008

When Barack Obama picked Joe Biden to be his Vice-Presidential running mate, he demonstrated that he was not in favor of “change,” but would continue the Democrats’ conventional policies.

Bob Barr | November 03, 2008

Federal authorities have announced that they are opening an investigation into the collapse of Washington Mutual, the largest bank failure in America.

Amanda Carpenter | November 03, 2008

A St. Olaf visiting professor bragged about stealing signs for John McCain from his neighbors and described it as a thrilling act of political defiance for a highly-trafficked liberal blog.

Paul Weyrich | November 03, 2008

Senator Barack H. Obama has a huge lead. No, Senator John S. McCain, III is closing the gap. The next poll shows Obama running away with the election. With McCain it is a two-point race.

John McCaslin | November 03, 2008

Barack Obama can thank women - white women, in particular - for his popularity in polling leading up to Tuesday's presidential election.

Rich Galen | November 03, 2008

You know that the popular press has been busy arranging for good Inaugural Ball tickets following the swearing-in of Barack Obama next January.

Debra J. Saunders | November 03, 2008

The biggest loser in this 2008 election is obvious even before the first vote has been counted: conventional wisdom. Remember last year when Hillary Rodham Clinton was considered the shoo-in for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, after which she was supposed to waltz into the Oval Office?

Steve Chapman | November 03, 2008

Regardless of what the polls say, it's not clear who is going to win the presidential race. But it is clear who is going to lose: George W. Bush. If this contest proves anything, it's that the electorate is sick of him and eager for someone very different.

Burt Prelutsky | November 03, 2008

On the eve of the presidential election, I have a few last thoughts I’d like to share. First off, I keep hearing people say they don’t know Barack Obama.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | November 03, 2008

This year the famed October surprise was that John McCain failed to secure 100% of the evangelical vote.

Star Parker | November 03, 2008

Pushing back on accusations from John McCain that he's a socialist, Barack Obama said, "I don't know what's next. By the end of the week, he'll be accusing me of being a secret Communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten. I shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

W. Thomas Smith, Jr | November 03, 2008

COL. JOHN W. RIPLEY, U.S. MARINE CORPS (ret.), recipient of the Navy Cross and for years one of my personal heroes, has passed away.

Ken Blackwell | November 03, 2008

Last week’s revelation - in Barack Obama’s own words - that he believes the U.S. Supreme Court should redistribute income to bring about “economic justice”

Mike Adams | November 03, 2008

TO: Bill Ayers, FR: Mike Adams

Sun, Nov 02, 2008

Terry Paulson | November 02, 2008

McCain has Joe the Plummer. Obama has Peggy Joseph.

Phil Harris | November 02, 2008

Barack Obama’s repackaged song of social justice through wealth redistribution is nothing but a version of Karl Marx’s dream, trimmed and garnished for the ears of worried Americans.

Guy Benson | November 02, 2008

It feels as though Obama could be referring to the length of the current presidential campaign, but he's actually asking voters to evaluate President Bush's job performance.

David Stokes | November 02, 2008

I voted early this week - but just the once. We are being told that one of the unique things about the election this year is the fact that about one third of all ballots cast are via various forms of early voting.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | November 02, 2008

Possibly it is a personality defect of mine, who knows. When I enter my house or office and if the area is not organized, I cannot think. Instead, I begin organizing -- picking things up and putting them away.

Ken Connor | November 02, 2008

On Tuesday, we will choose the next leader of our country. No election in recent memory has been this important, publicized, and controversial.

George Will | November 02, 2008

By midnight Tuesday, millions of conservatives probably will believe that the nation, foundering on the reefs of sin, is ruined.

Kevin McCullough | November 02, 2008

Barack Obama is not the quasi-reasonable moderate he has attempted to run his campaign as.

Austin Hill | November 02, 2008

Forget Wall Street. And forget Main Street.

Salena Zito | November 02, 2008

The narrative of this historic presidential election has come down to which candidate will close the deal and win the trust of Pennsylvania voters.

Paul Jacob | November 02, 2008

Change. Citizens taking charge. Who could be against it? Why, the proponents of "change," of course!