Kevin McCullough

As a man who has fathered a son whose skin is darker than the average African American, and has mild special needs on top that, I am guided in this election by more than just economics, security, and the right of all innocent human beings to life. This election I am burdened deeply by the manipulation of race, the impact of social justice, and the absolute disparity and reproach that an Obama administration would have in store for the African American families of this nation. Understanding this to be the case:

To Black Obama supporters across America,

The election of 2008 is tightening. Those who have followed it since it began over two years ago knew this was coming. Neither candidate will win by a Reagan-esque landslide, regardless of how much the nation's media has rooted for one side. America remains strongly divided over two different philosophical centers, and while neither is perfect--not even ideal, one will have a dramatically worse effect on black homes, black families, black churches, and black communities. And it is you--America's most historically ill-treated--who will suffer most.

Under the Obama administration there will be a calculated effort to reduce the already low number of jobs in most urban centers.

He has been promising it from the beginning. He's just been untruthful in its total effect. He has claimed that he will tax "big business" and "CEO's" in his speeches. But in the fine print of his policy proposal he is threatening to shut down your local grocer, force lay-offs in your business enterprises and head start areas of commerce. Perhaps no one has explained how--so allow me.

Businesses never pay taxes. (It's impossible to make them do so.)

When Mr. Obama wishes to tax the prosperous middle class Barber Shop on the near South Side of Chicago that barely eeked across the finish line with revenues at $265,000 for the year, it will not be the owner of that shop who pays Obama's tax. The one who will pay the biggest cost will be the newest barber on the team. The owner was happy to be able to give that new kid a chance in 2007. There was much pride in him having the chair closest to the window. But because the owner must now spend nearly 45% of his revenue in payment to the Obama administration, he will no longer be able to pay that young man his $20,000 a year base pay and tips.