Rich Tucker

            For years, liberals have been claiming they live in the “reality based community,” while conservatives supposedly live in some unrealistic fantasy world. As the longest presidential election in planetary history wheezes to a close, though, it’s clear that the roles have been reversed. It’s liberals living in a fantasy world.

            If you want proof, just look at the campaign signs, growing like mushrooms on lawns across the fruited plain.

            Those for the Republican candidate tend to be pedestrian. “McCain for president 2008” is a popular design. Like most yard signs, McCain’s seem primarily aimed at showing neighbors which candidate you’re going to vote for.

The Obama signs, however, are a far different story.

            His campaign has introduced the concept of the mega sign, 2 feet by 3, which can be used to display any sentiment, no matter how removed from reality it may be. Many of these simply say “Vote for Change,” which obviously means whatever the reader wants it to mean. Want to change the planet? Or simply your socks? Either way, Obama’s apparently your man.

Another sign, seen in Arlington, Va., reads, “Obama/Biden for lower taxes.” Now, if I lived next door, I’d probably place an “Obama/Biden for more dishonest signs” placard on my lawn, but it’s unlikely any liberal passersby would get the irony.

And there are also plenty of people freelancing, designing their own yard signs. One in my neighborhood says simply, “OBAMA” in all capitals. The two As are crested with halos, like the former logo of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California.

For most people, of course, the only circular rings we associate with politicians are handcuffs (see Stevens, Ted as a recent example). And there’s a good reason for that: Politicians are far more likely to break the law than to break the mold and change the world.

But that’s the secret of the Obama campaign. It’s a magic mirror, allowing supporters to peer in and see whatever they want to see. See the tax cuts sign cited above. Where would an ordinary voter get the idea that the liberal candidates aim to cut taxes?

            Well, Obama and Biden keep reporting that “95 percent” of Americans will get a tax cut under their leadership. But maybe they ought to consult with other leading liberals in their party before they get too cocky.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for