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The magnificent William Safire used to channel Richard Nixon from above in an occasional column, and read the mind the various Soviet bigs.  I wish he were willing to take up pen again and do so for the friends and colleagues of Obama as we enter the final 96 hours of a very long campaign, but in his absence, here's some possible thoughts from the minds of the Team Obama 1.0:

Bill Ayers:  "How did that b***** Hannity get Prarie Fire?  Axelrod sent pros everywhere to sweep the libraries, the used book stores.  We called Hayden and the entire gang. We had it covered.  It happens I guess.  They never got the tape from the Times though.  I wonder who made that call to Sam Zell?  Wait until Tuesday night.  That's all I promised, just till the polls closed.  Will Bernadine last that long?  I'd better call home again.

What's he going to do with us?  Talk by phone?  Limos to the back door?  He can't expect us not to talk.  We are already being branded cowards by the faithful.  We had the biggest stage in the world, a chance to preach across the globe and into eternity, and we allowed ourselves to be muzzled.  But it was the right thing.  One step forward.  Two steps back.  And the books --how they will sell.  Just take a deep breath.  Walk past the cameras.  They'll be there next week, and the week thereafter and the month after that.  And Barack knows he has to listen to me.  He knows what I know.

Michael Phleger:  "I wonder how the cardinal's going to react when I talk from the steps of the West Wing about poverty in America and the opulence of his digs.  My seminary friends who never got it, never walked the walk, enjoying their scotch and their golf in Evanston, never coming to my world, now they'll be calling me asking for tours.  Let the phone ring.  We have work to do.  Barack knows what we need.  And he'll ask me.  I know he'll ask me.  I have walked the walk.  I have lived the life.  I just need the budget and the control.

What if the cardinal says no?  I'll walk.  I'll have to.  All my life I have been waiting to bring the real good news to the oppressed.  If they try and stop me from helping Barack, I'm turning in the collar.

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