Neal Boortz

The election is now eight days way.  If you've made up your mind for Obama; or if you're trying to noodle through some of the things he's been saying on the campaign trail, this should help.  And if you’re voting for Obama, clearly you need help.   I've taken four statements that The Chosen One repeats at almost every campaign rally. Now these statements are pretty powerful ... if unchallenged ... and we know that the MoveOn Media isn't exactly what we would call "eager" to challenge God's Candidate on any of these issues.

So, here we go again .. this simple talk show host (right wing, hate-filled shock jock, I believe they call us) is going to use some basic logic and the ability to actually read newspapers to catch you up to speed on just what the Big BO is saying here.  Now if you're educated in our wonderful government schools you may find this challenging.  Stick with it. In spite of what the government has done to you, you can generate some new brain cells that will help you deal with this stuff.  It would also help if you got your campaign news from somewhere other than Saturday Night Live. 

Here we go, front and center with Barack Obama!

"I'm going to cut taxes for 95% of Americans."

This Obama promise has already been pretty much debunked in the media.  The problem is that it hasn't been debunked on the Black Entertainment Television network or on Inside Edition or Entertainment Tonight.  Until these television outlets bring forth the facts most of Obama's supporters won't know the truth. 

And what is the truth? The truth is that almost one-half of working Americans eligible to vote don't pay federal income taxes in the first place.  This brings forth the interesting question of how do you cut taxes for people who don't pay taxes.  What Obama has done here is change the definition of "tax cut." 

It used to be that when the government walked up to someone who had just received their paycheck and said 'Gimme some of that," and the government then gave that money to someone else who had not earned it; that was called welfare.  Now apparently you can't get welfare if you're working ... so we'll just call it income seizure and redistribution.  Under Obama a couple earning, for example, $70,000 and owing no federal income taxes at all will get several checks from Obama's federal taxpayer-funded treasury.  These checks will be called "tax cuts." 

Neal Boortz

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