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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

During Wednesday's press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre once again defended and praised the Biden administration, as she claimed with a straight face that President Joe Biden "is proud to have restored the rule of law in his administration."


The response came towards the end of the briefing, after a reporter asked Jean-Pierre an unrelated question about "red lines" Biden will avoid in order to get reelected. "Are there parts of the White House that he won’t use for political activities, for example, like the Oval Office or the South Lawn," the reporter asked when giving more specifics. "Are there red lines for the President himself on how he’ll use the office and the White House as a backdrop for his political campaign?"

In asking the question, the reporter had also mentioned the president not being bound by the Hatch Act, as well as criticism about former and potentially future President Donald Trump using the South Lawn and South Portico for RNC events in 2020. 

Even though the question had nothing to do with "the rule of law," that's still where Jean-Pierre went. "So, look, you know, the president is proud to have restored the rule of law in his administration," she offered. "And I can tell you here and I can tell you now that he will not exploit his--the--his office with conventions at the White House, like it was done in the last administration," Jean-Pierre added. "He will not do that in his--on the South Lawn, in his administration. I can--I can assure you that will not happen in this administration."


There is a lot to unpack there. "Moving on -- and this one comes with a beverage warning -- after the above subject matter, but here's why KJP said Biden is proud of his administration," is how our friends at Twitchy aptly put it in covering the day's press briefing. Wednesday was also full of non-answers from Jean-Pierre, including with regards to cocaine that had been found at the White House on Sunday.

The White House doesn't seem to be too keen in finding out who is responsible for bringing the cocaine, given that they're "not assisting" with the investigation. It looks like being able to get away with such a lack of transparency just one of the perks of being a member of the Biden family.

Claiming that Biden "is proud to have restored the rule of law in his administration" is laughable even without the timing of this cocaine discovery. Given Hunter Biden's past addiction, people have wondered if the First Son had anything to do with it. Regardless as to if he was involved or not, Hunter Biden's shenanigans are still one more reason why this is such a laughable claim from Jean-Pierre.

It's shady enough that Hunter Biden was allowed to enter a plea deal for tax and gun charges that resulted in no jail time. There's been confusion regarding claims from both U.S. Attorney David Weiss and Attorney General Merrick Garland as to if Weiss had full authority in charging the First Son. Articles of impeachment may even be coming for Garland over this, and soon. Plus, we just learned earlier this week that another prosecutor in the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Hines, looks to have a conflict of interest with his past employment history.


There's still more though as to why the rule of law is lacking. Not only do Biden family members get preferential treatment, but this Department of Justice (DOJ) is going after Trump with what many--even most Americans, according to some polls--believe to be politicized charges.

It's not just Trump--who currently looks to be Biden's most likely rival for 2024--who the DOJ has gone after. It's everyday Americans, too. 

Let's not forget that parents have been smeared and targeted as domestic terrorists for expressing their concerns at school board meetings, that the DOJ was targeting and infiltrating Catholic churches, and that pro-lifers have faced charges while violent pro-abortion extremists get a free pass

What's worse is that the administration has been dismissive or even untruthful about how Americans have been targeted. Sadly, then, it's not all that surprising that Jean-Pierre would make such a claim. 

And, when it comes to what presidents have done on the South Lawn, let's not forget that the Bidens held a Pride celebration there last month. It wasn't just any Pride celebration, though. It was one where the progressive Pride flag was hung alongside the American flag, in violation of the flag code. Transgender "influencers" flashed their breasts and even fondled each other. While the White House condemned the statement and Jean-Pierre claimed that such behavior "really does not reflect the event that we hosted to celebrate the LGBTQ+ families," nobody was really buying it.


Just about every time she opens her mouth, Jean-Pierre reminds us that she is, in fact a "historic figure" when it comes to this role, words she herself used to describe herself during an interview last month. She's historically bad at it. 

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