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Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses to Condemn Firebombing of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

During Monday's press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked to condemn protests outside the homes of justices, which she failed to sufficiently do, as Spencer covered shortly thereafter. Jean-Pierre was also asked asked about the four pro-life pregnancy centers that have been firebombed or targeted with Molotov cocktails. 


"Over the weekend, a crisis pregnancy center in Oregon was firebombed. That’s the fourth one so far," RealClearPolitics' Philip Wegmann mentioned in his question. He pushed Jean-Pierre to speak on this issue, asking in another question for her to answer about what they're doing "with regard to some of the arson that we’ve been seeing around the country?"

While Jean-Pierre acknowledged the rise in the violence, she did not actually condemn it.

"Well, that’s something, clearly, the DOJ is looking into.  And, you know, they’ve taken that very seriously.  We have seen an uptick of that type of arson and bombing and — or attempt to bomb, as we saw just recently over the weekend.  And so, again, that’s for — DOJ is taking that very seriously, and they’re going to continue to do so," is what she had to offer.

Regardless of what the Department of Justice (DOJ) has done, and it's worth questioning how helpful it's been, since these acts of violence keep happening, President Joe Biden has done even less. 


The president has not directly condemned or even addressed last Wednesday's murder plot against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which Wegmann also asked about. Rather we've had to hear from Jean-Pierre and White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates

The White House released a statement--albeit a delayed one--after the Wisconsin Family Action headquarters was firebombed over a month ago. There has been no statements when subsequent pregnancy centers have been targeted with violence, or to do with the countless more being vandalized. Although Wisconsin officials, including Democrats, condemned the actions in their state, Democratic officials in other states have only provided the most pitiful of responses, or haven't responded at all. 

The country is on edge as a decision may come out on Wednesday in Dobbs v. Jackson. Someone leaked a draft opinion last month showing that the Court was going to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has led to that "uptick" in violence against pro-life organizations and the targeting of conservative justices. 

Radical pro-abortion groups such as Jane's Revenge have targeted pro-life organizations with warnings they plan to ramp up their attacks, and Ruth Sent Us has targeted the justices. Shut Down DC blockaded the Supreme Court on Monday, in case the Court handed down its decision that day, as Julio covered, having been on location. 


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already released memos acknowledging that they expect a rise in violence once the decision comes down. Such an admittance proves that the administration knows to expect something, yet appears to lack the urgency to actually do something about it. 

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