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Shrug: Will the Media Ever Bother to Cover the Crime Spree Terrorizing Pro-Life Organizations?

This stuff just keeps happening, and aside from stray headlines, local coverage, and scrutiny from right-leaning outlets, this spree of political violence and crime is hardly generating any national attention.  Political violence is a right-wing problem, you see, and examples contrary to that approved narrative are to be ignored, downplayed, or mis-categorized.  Here is the latest of many recent instances:


The Seattle field division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said Friday it was helping authorities in Oregon investigate a fire that was "suspicious in nature" at a pregnancy center run by a Christian organization. The fire at the Gresham, Oregon facility came after a similar anti-abortion facility in Eggertsville, New York, was damaged in an alleged arson attack earlier this week. That incident is also currently under investigation, according to the Buffalo News. The U.S. government is preparing for a potential surge in political violence from the Supreme Court's ultimate ruling on abortion rights in the coming weeks...First Image, the anti-abortion organization that runs the Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center, said in a post on its website that a fire broke out at the facility at about 3 a.m. on Friday. Extensive fire damage was mostly contained to one room but there was additional water and smoke damage in other parts of the building, the organization said. No one was injured in the incident.

Imagine being so pro-abortion, a fringe that goes well beyond 'pro-choice', that you terrorize and assault organizations that help women choose not to have abortions.  A left-wing group has taken responsibility for some of these attacks.  It is not a rebuttal to the point about under-coverage to cite some news stories about it.  'See, the media isn't ignoring this, stop lying!'  The press is doing the bare minimum here because they don't want to make a big deal out of political intimidation and criminal activity by their allies on an issue about which journalists are particularly biased.  Incidents like these are inconvenient and uncomfortable for them, so they get buried.  It's undeniable, just as it's undeniable that if these were attacks carried out by anti-abortion zealots against clinics, it would be heavily and breathlessly covered as a major epidemic, which would be used to tar mainstream pro-lifers.  It's similarly undeniable that if a heavily-armed right-winger had traveled across the country to murder, say, Justice Sotomayor because he was angry about her jurisprudence, the reaction of the legacy media would not resemble this:


Or this:

I realize the media is profoundly biased, but this is still astonishing.  A Supreme Court justice was targeted for assassination and attempted murder charges have been filed against the fanatic who showed up at that justice's home (the address was doxxed and published by left-wing radicals who have not even been condemned by the White House) with an arsenal of weapons -- and the non-Fox networks devoted zero minutes to it on their signature, DC-centric Sunday morning political shows.  These psychos have gotten more aggressive since the attempted assassination arrest.  The press response is muted or nonexistent.  This is why many conservatives view journalism as irredeemable.  For what it's worth, as of yesterday, the President of the United States had not bothered to comment on the assassination plot.  Amazing, disturbing stuff.  We don't have to guess or deal in hypotheticals about how things would go if the ideological shoe were on the other foot.  We've seen it before.  Democrats with press badges simply have different rules for threats and violence against conservatives (remember this?) versus liberals.  It's a disgraceful fact of life in modern America.  And even some honest liberals aren't even trying to deny it (language warning):


"If it's not something that feeds our narrative, f*** it, we bury it." I'll leave you with this.  Arrest them all, any and every time they attempt this:

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