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The Friday Filibuster: Conservatives For The Win

The Friday Filibuster: The one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about this week in politics.

Closing Numbers

55% of Republicans either prefer a candidate who supports Obama’s immigration policy or say they could vote for a candidate who does if they agree with them on other issues.


70 – the number of years it’s been since the Allied victory in Europe during World War II.

331 –the number of seats in the Parliament the Conservatives in the UK now have after winning an outright majority in the election.

15% of likely Republican primary voters support Bush.

6 times –the amount greater the big three networks devoted to covering alleged police misconduct than ISIS.

16% of 15- to 17-year-old teens in Baltimore have been raised in an intact, married family.

Campaigns & Elections, From the Right

Lots of election news this week with Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Mike Huckabee jumping in the race. The Washington Post noted that it’s beginning to look like one of the most diverse GOP fields ever. While in the spotlight this week, Huckabee took some time to address accusations that he’s a big government conservative, and Fiorina perfectly handled her website gaffe on late night TV. We may soon see another familiar face jump into the race as Rick Santorum strongly hinted that he’s running again. With Rubio now in the race, Rep. Ron DeSantis announced this week that he’s running for his seat. Meanwhile, things in Arizona aren’t looking great for Sen. John McCain’s reelection bid.

Campaigns & Elections, From the Left

Let’s be honest, this section is mostly just an update on HRC this week. She agreed to testify on Benghazi, she supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but as a reminder, in 2003 she said she was ‘adamantly against illegal immigrants.’ Oh, and the Democrats will host primary debates after all. Racial politics are already coming into play in Illinois’ Senate race, as some Democrats are fretting over a drop in black voter turnout.


Texas, Terrorism, and Free Speech

The week sadly began with yet another attack free speech, this time at a Mohammed art exhibit in Texas. A British Imam said the organizer, Pamela Geller, deserves a death sentence for the Mohammed cartoon contest, while CAIR condemned the attack but also said she had it coming. The White House for its part said there's no justification for the attack. Some in the media, however, are more concerned about the cartoons than the terrorists killing those who draw them. The winner of the contest pushed back again censorship and attacks on free speech and cautioned that ‘once free speech goes, it’s over.’ ISIS took responsibility for the attack and as a reminder, there are Islamic State camps in Mexico just a few miles from the U.S. border.

White House, Congress, and Government

The White House confirmed this week that it couldn’t guarantee money from Iranian sanctions relief wouldn’t go toward funding terrorism. Comforting, right? It probably won’t help to learn that Obama’s next executive action will likely be shutting down Guantanamo Bay.

Now for some good news (kidding, of course): the IRS sent billions in education credits to those who aren’t qualified to receive them. While we’re on the topic of the IRS, Democratic Rep. Mike Thompson would like them to investigate the NRA. But how about some investigation of the IRS? They not only retain but promote willful tax cheats.

On the Hill, bipartisan legislation was introduced to stop politicians from flying first class on your dime. There’s also bipartisan frustration over Harry Reid’s plan to block a trade deal.


Police News

NYPD officer Brian Moore, who was shot in the face over the weekend, died. Jet Blue again offered free flights to visiting police officers. (Speaking of acts of kindness, Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson upgraded a soldier’s seat to first class). The Baltimore Police Department has a lot of room for improvement

Townhall exclusives:

Cortney caught up with former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to discuss the troubling news that Gov. McAuliffe and his AG are seeking to “expand” abortion services by easing clinic regulations. On a more lighthearted note, she also spoke with producer Stephen Bradley about his new biopic “Noble,” which highlights the efforts of Christina Noble, a heroine you should know.

I also interviewed Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty to hear why the time is ripe for conservatives to think twice about capital punishment. 

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