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BREAKING: Carly Fiorina Announces She's Running For President

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced early this morning on Good Morning America that she's running for president of the United States. 


"Only in the United States of America can a young woman start as a secretary and work to become Chief Executive of one of the largest technology companies in the world," Fiorina's campaign website states. "It's time to put a citizen leader in the White House."

Fiorina's new book, Rising to the Challenge: My Leadership Journey, is also out today. All of the proceeds will be donated to charity. 

For months Fiorina has hinted at a White House run and has taken direct aim at Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. In an announcement video posted on her campaign website, Fiorina again slams Clinton and points out the Founding Fathers, "never intended us to have a professional political class." 

"We know the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it," Fiorina says in an announcement posted online. "I'm Carly Fiorina and I'm running for president."

Yesterday Dr. Ben Carson officially announced his candidacy during an interview with a local radio station. Fiorina and Carson join Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as official presidential candidates.

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