British Imam: Yep, Pamela Geller Deserves Her Death Sentence For Mohammed Cartoon Contest

Posted: May 07, 2015 8:50 AM

As you know by now, last weekend Pamela Geller held a Mohammed Art Exhibit in Texas. That event was attacked by two jihadists wearing body armor and carrying semi-automatic weapons. Luckily, they were shot immediately upon arrival by a police officer with his handgun. Since the event ISIS has issued a fatwa, otherwise known as a death sentence, on Pam Geller's head. 

Last night on Hannity radical Imam Anjem Choudary, who represents a significant portion of British Muslims, justified the death sentence.

"You're talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger Muhammed, peace be upon him (arabic)," Choudary said. "This woman wants to draw cartoons, or have people draw cartoons, knowing full well this carries the death penalty in Islam so definitely she's asking for an attack."

"The fact is you insulted the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him (arabic) and you knew the consequences," he continued.

"What do you mean I knew the consequences? I live in America. I live in America. There are no consequences," Geller responded.

One of the people in the debate above is an extremist. Based on the reaction of the media this week, you'd think it was Geller.