Tommy Hicks

Tommy Hicks
Biden’s Gas Hike Bad News For Democrats
By Tommy Hicks
Biden and Democrats are fighting for their lives after a number of self-inflicted crises threaten their chances of holding power ...
April 09, 2022
Biden Deflects Blame On Inflation – But Americans Don’t Buy It
By Tommy Hicks
It is no secret that inflation is staggeringly high under Joe Biden. In February, it only grew worse, with the ...
March 17, 2022
Democrats’ Mask Hypocrisy Evidence of Their Cruelty Towards Children
By Tommy Hicks
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photo of Stacey Abrams that has gone viral perfectly encapsulates the ...
February 16, 2022
Biden’s Disastrous Economic Agenda Seeps into the New Year
By Tommy Hicks
On the campaign trail, Joe Biden promised to “shut down the virus” and promote “prosperity for all Americans.” Over a ...
February 07, 2022
December Economic Data More Evidence of Biden’s Failed Policies
By Tommy Hicks
Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign famously said elections were about “the economy, stupid.” As we begin 2022, Joe Biden better ...
January 19, 2022
Biden Begins 2022 Continuing to Fail on Covid
By Tommy Hicks
What a difference a year makes. After beginning 2021 promising to end the pandemic, Joe Biden closed out his disastrous ...
January 11, 2022
Biden Hiding from Press Because He Can’t Defend His Failed Record
By Tommy Hicks
After spending most of the 2020 campaign hiding in his basement, Joe Biden has spent the first year of his ...
December 23, 2021
November’s Jobs Numbers Confirm Biden Is a Failed President
By Tommy Hicks
The November jobs numbers are in, and the results confirm what most Americans already know: Joe Biden’s economic agenda is ...
December 07, 2021
Soaring Prices Are the Result of Biden’s Failed Agenda
By Tommy Hicks
Back in the summer, Joe Biden repeatedly dismissed Americans’ concerns about rapidly rising prices. At the time, Biden told us ...
November 19, 2021
RNC Taking Biden to Court Over Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate
By Tommy Hicks
For 10 months, Americans have been suffering under Joe Biden and Democrats’ failed policies and power-hungry agenda.Suffering with a raging ...
November 11, 2021
Under Biden, Democrats Are in Disarray
By Tommy Hicks
In 2020, Joe Biden campaigned on a singular premise: that Donald Trump was too reckless to be president, and that ...
October 14, 2021
Biden’s Build Back Broke Agenda Deserves to Die in Congress
By Tommy Hicks
Margaret Thatcher once quipped that the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money. The ...
October 01, 2021
Biden Vaccine Mandate Is More Unconstitutional Overreach
By Tommy Hicks
“This is not about freedom.” So said Joe Biden last week when announcing his order that would force vaccinations on ...
September 17, 2021
Biden Failed Americans and Our Allies in Afghanistan
By Tommy Hicks
Americans left stranded behind enemy lines. Thirteen of our heroes in uniform killed. An arsenal of weapons bought and paid for by you ...
September 08, 2021
H.R. 4 Is Just Another Democrat Power-Grab
By Tommy Hicks
With catastrophe in Afghanistan and our southern border in complete chaos on Joe Biden’s watch, Americans would be forgiven for ...
August 30, 2021
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