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Soaring Prices Are the Result of Biden’s Failed Agenda

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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Back in the summer, Joe Biden repeatedly dismissed Americans’ concerns about rapidly rising prices. At the time, Biden told us that skyrocketing prices under his watch were “temporary.” In short, nothing to worry about. We now know that Biden was lying.

Last week we learned that consumer prices rose a whopping 6.2 percent in October compared to last year. That’s no minor blip – it’s the sharpest spike in 30 years.The numbers paint a grim picture of the difficult reality Americans are facing thanks to Biden’s failed policies. Americans are suffering as they helplessly watch the cost of everyday goods grow more and more expensive without any signs of slowing down.

While prices soar, real wages are going in the opposite direction. Rising prices are  wiping out  any wage gains workers might be seeing, no matter how many times Biden lies about it. We’re not only seeing rising prices in a few select areas - we’re seeing them across the board. Consider a typical family’s trip to the grocery store in Biden’s America.

For starters, just driving to get there is an increasingly expensive affair. Gas prices are up 60 percent  and are at a seven-year high. Americans are stuck paying $1.30 more for a gallon of gasoline that costs $3.41 on average. In some places, it’s above $4.

Once you get to the store, things don’t get much better. Biden’s supply chain crisis is to blame for empty shelves and shortages on everything from Christmas gifts to essential medicines. If you’re lucky enough to find what you’re looking for, you are almost certain to pay more for it. Be prepared for the biggest sticker shock on items like beef, poultry and fish. Prices for kitchen staples like eggs are up 13% too. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, Americans are bracing for one of the most expensive in history. From the turkey to the stuffing, everything at the table is going to cost you more.

As we head into the colder months, Americans better hope the first winter of Biden’s presidency is a mild one. Families are facing the possibility of paying 50% more to heat their homes thanks to Biden’s anti-American energy agenda.

In light of this self-inflicted economic calamity, you could expect Biden to face the facts and change course. Instead, he’s doubling down on his completely backwards priorities.

At the same time that Biden’s regressive inflation tax is hitting poorer Americans the hardest, he wants to give the rich living in blue states a tax break. He wants to fire frontline workers by imposing an unconstitutional forced vaccine mandate. Worst of all, Biden wants to raise your taxes and spend trillions more in money we don’t have as part of his "Build Back Broke" agenda. He’s doing so even as left-leaning economists warn it’s time to slow the brakes on the runaway spending that's responsible for the unchecked inflation we’re seeing. In short, Biden’s solution to the economic crisis he created is more of the same.

Biden doesn’t care that Americans are struggling to figure out how to pay for everyday expenses. Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain dismissed skyrocketing prices for gasoline and groceries as a “high class problem.” Something like the surging cost of milk might not be a big deal to Biden’s team or elites living inside the D.C. Beltway Bubble. However, it’s causing a whole lot of hurt to families all across the heartland.

Sadly, cruel disregard for families in need is par for the course when it comes to this White House. Case in point: Biden’s Energy Secretary started laughing when asked recently about how to make gas more affordable. Joe Biden might be a joke of a president, but nothing about the economic pain Americans are going through is a laughing matter.

After months of paying more and more to get less and less, it’s little wonder Americans are having buyer's remorse about Biden’s presidency. By a staggering 7-1 margin, independent voters have said Biden has done far worse than they expected. Already two-thirds of Americans don’t want Biden to run for a second-term. Astonishingly, that includes more than a quarter of Democrats.

Americans know we can do better than Biden’s failing economic agenda. That’s why we need to elect more Republicans in 2022 who can be a check on Biden’s failed agenda and implement commonsense conservative policies that work.  

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