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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

What a difference a year makes. After beginning 2021 promising to end the pandemic, Joe Biden closed out his disastrous first year in office by waving the white flag of surrender on COVID. Throughout the campaign Biden repeatedly vowed that he would “shut down the virus” like it was turning off a light switch. Now Biden’s message to Americans has essentially been reduced to “this isn’t my job – you all figure it out.”


It’s little wonder Biden has changed his tune so dramatically and so quickly. Despite inheriting multiple vaccines and therapeutics thanks to President Trump’s groundbreaking Operation Warp Speed, COVID is now spiraling out of control. Case numbers have risen to record highs with an average of more than half a million Americans testing positive every single day.

 Biden said he wouldn’t shut down the country, but as cases surge under his watch many aspects of American life are once again shutting down. Businesses are closing, thousands of flights are being cancelled, and hospitals are increasingly becoming overwhelmed and short-staffed. Democrat politicians, working closely with far-left teacher union bosses, are even using Biden’s failures as an excuse to close schools and hurt students yet again.

Then there’s Biden’s testing failure, which is exacerbating the problem. Biden repeatedly promised that robust testing would be available for all Americans. Instead, people have been stuck waiting in hours-long lines in the freezing cold to get tested, a stunning failure that has come to define this administration’s ineptitude on COVID. As COVID continues to rage, even many of his fellow Democrats are now begging Biden to finally take this testing shortage seriously. It’s not like these myriad failures are happening because of forces outside of Biden’s control. They’re happening because Biden is asleep at the wheel, hasn't done his job, and doesn't care. 


Back in the fall Biden rejected a plan that would have provided Americans with free rapid tests ahead of the holidays. His press secretary went as far to mock the idea of sending test kits to Americans’ homes. Facing public backlash, Biden finally reversed course, but those tests won’t start to arrive until mid-January, well after the holiday season. Biden now concedes he should have ordered more tests “months ago.” That’s too little, too late for the millions of Americans Biden has failed. 

Biden might not care about the impact his failures are having on people’s lives, but voters do. Even some Democrats who once supported Biden now realize he’s just another lousy career politician who makes promises he can’t keep. Biden’s inability to contain COVID is in large part why his approval ratings are in free fall, with 56% of voters now disapproving of his handling of the pandemic. 

Perhaps Biden’s failures would be more forgivable if he simply played it straight from the beginning. Instead, all Biden has done since entering office is lie to and divide Americans. Biden and his spokespeople continue to falsely claim that they didn’t inherit a vaccine distribution plan from the Trump administration. The fact is that Biden had the advantage of almost a million shots going into Americans’ arms each day by the time he took office – progress Biden has tried to claim for himself. And remember, this is after Biden spent most of the 2020 campaign spreading misinformation by sowing doubts about whether the vaccines would be safe in a disgraceful attempt to try to score political points.


When Biden isn’t peddling lies or hiding from the press, he’s trying to deflect blame by pitting Americans against each another. Biden is still desperately clinging to his divisive forced vaccine mandate. He’s doing so despite the evidence showing his mandate is ineffective at getting people vaccinated, in addition to being blatantly unconstitutional. Fortunately, the Republican National Committee has stepped in and sued to make sure this authoritarian decree is stopped.

If there’s any lesson Americans learned in 2021, it’s that Biden doesn’t care about the harm his failed policies are causing Americans. That’s why 2022 is the year Americans can help save our country from Democrats’ radical plans and even further destruction. It’s the year Americans can reject Biden’s failed leadership at the ballot box by voting for Republican candidates who will prioritize freedom and put our country back on a path to prosperity.

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