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The November jobs numbers are in, and the results confirm what most Americans already know: Joe Biden’s economic agenda is a disaster.

On Friday the Labor Department reported the economy added a paltry 210,000 jobs in November. That’s not just missing the mark – it’s less than half the number economists predicted, making November the worst jobs report of this year. Sadly, underwhelming jobs reports are the new normal when it comes to this administration. In three of the past four months the economy has added far fewer jobs than economists expected. November’s dismal jobs report fits into a larger pattern of failures Biden has presided over since taking office.


Americans have watched helplessly as prices have skyrocketed on everything from gas to groceries on Biden’s watch. As we head into the winter months, Americans are about to endure a brutal stretch where they will have to shell out up to 50% more than in previous years to heat their homes. Inflation is wiping out any wage gains people might be seeing. The Biden administration now concedes that higher prices are here to stay, a complete about-face from their earlier assurances that inflation was only “transitory.”

Unaffordable prices are only one component of the economic calamity Biden has created. As Americans do their Christmas shopping they are seeing empty shelves because of  Biden’s supply chain crisis. Small businesses that suffered for more than a year under Democrat-led lockdowns are finally starting to recover and are eager to hire again. The problem is that they can’t find any workers. Despite there being more than 10 million job openings there is still a persistent labor shortage because Biden paid people not to work.

In traveling across my home state of Texas I’ve seen a staggering number of “Help Wanted” signs and stores that have been forced to reduce hours and pare back services because they can’t find workers. It will take years for us to know the true damage of Democrat policies that are crushing people’s work ethic and sapping our country’s economic vitality. 

As terrible as November’s jobs numbers were, Biden is lucky in one regard: they would be even worse if it weren’t for Republicans stepping in to lead where Biden is failing.


Ever since the pandemic began, Republican governors have been leading economic recoveries in their states and getting their citizens back to work. 17 of the top 20 states for jobs recovered are led by Republican governors. The top 11 states are all Republican-run. But instead of taking cues from Republican leaders and their proven, conservative policies, Biden is doubling down on his failing agenda.

Biden has already pumped trillions of inflationary spending into our economy with nothing to show for it. Yet he still wants to go on another reckless spending spree as part of his Build Back Broke agenda. He wants to give millionaires living in blue states a massive tax break at the same time his regressive inflation tax is hitting poorer Americans and those living on fixed incomes the hardest. This comes even as liberal economists warn spending trillions more will only exacerbate inflation

Perhaps the only thing worse than Biden’s socialist economic policies is the elitist, arrogant attitude that accompanies them. 45% of households say that rising prices are causing them economic hardship, including 71% of those making less than $40,000. Biden’s response? To condescendingly tell them to have some “perspective.” Meanwhile, Democrats have the temerity to brag about gas prices going down two cents last week. Remember, that’s after gas prices have shot up by more than a dollar per gallon because Biden is punishing American energy producers.

Americans have come to expect this kind of cynicism from Biden and Democrats. Biden couldn’t keep his promises, so now he is trying to pass off blame. Biden wants to fire  frontline workers by imposing an unconstitutional forced vaccines mandate that will only hurt our economy more. Heavy-handed mandates and more government control over our lives are the only tools Democrats like Biden know how to use. They’re not working. 


The data confirms Biden is squandering the economic recovery he inherited from President Trump so he can appease the likes of AOC by pursuing a radical political agenda. The good news for Biden is that is the last jobs report to be released this year. The bad news is that unless he starts reversing his failed policies, Americans can expect more of the same failures going forward.


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