Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman
Punishing Success Is Bad Regulatory Policy
By Steve Sherman
Punishing success is not a path to a better America. Legislation seeking to attack ‘Big Tech’ recently introduced by Sen. ...
December 09, 2021
Pregnant Workers Deserve Protection
By Steve Sherman
Most of the time, Congress is incapable of working in a bipartisan fashion. While the infrastructure bill is a recent ...
December 01, 2021
Supply Chain Issues and Inferior Technology Negatively Impacting Coronavirus Fight
By Steve Sherman
Many Americans have found great comfort in getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Whether you are for vaccination or not, most people ...
November 28, 2021
South Dakota Governor’s Race a Case Study in Circular Firing Squad Politics
By Steve Sherman
Republicans primarying Republicans has become the norm in the past few years. Conservatives support the idea of primarying candidates who ...
November 20, 2021
Biden Spending Plan Will Not Help Americans Concerned About Drug Prices
By Steve Sherman
Washington really does not get it. The Washington Elites hatched a plan, the so so-called Build Back Better reconciliation measure, to ...
October 26, 2021
Federal Policy Needs to Incentivize American-Made Vehicles to Create Jobs
By Steve Sherman
Conservatives have partisan and policy issues with President Biden’s ever changing $3.5 trillion budget plan he calls "Build Back Better." ...
October 12, 2021
Trojan Horse Legislation
By Steve Sherman
The American people can see that Congress is broken. As a nation, we are facing about $29 trillion in debt ...
October 01, 2021
Protect American Medical Innovation from Misguided Reform
By Steve Sherman
Americans are learning and relearning many lessons from the coronavirus pandemic. One is the importance of allowing drug companies to ...
September 12, 2021
Is Biden’s ‘Buy American’ Rule Another Hollow Promise?
By Steve Sherman
Many times, politicians make bold promises and pronouncements for a cheap headline to do something that they never intend to ...
July 30, 2021
Broken Promises, Skyrocketing Budgets, and a Fighter Not Fit for Duty – The F-35 Debacle
By Steve Sherman
If we didn’t have broken promises, we’d hardly have any promises at all when it comes to the F-35! Broken ...
June 14, 2021
Biden Administration Needs to Strengthen Border Security
By Steve Sherman
I know it’s probably not a surprise, but this new administration is soft on border security when it comes to ...
May 25, 2021
Fair Trade Harmed by Cheating States Like China and Ukraine
By Steve Sherman
Now that we can see the finish line for the coronavirus pandemic, it is time to go back to business ...
April 10, 2021
President Donald J. Trump Forwarded the Cause of MAGA
By Steve Sherman
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January 20, 2021
President Trump Is Right to Ask for More Direct Aid to Families
By Steve Sherman
Christmas is coming, yet Congress just shortchanged the American people while giving the good presents away to those who don’t ...
December 24, 2020
Next Administration Should Take a Hard Look at the Budget
By Steve Sherman
We are in the midst of an election that will never end, yet the issues of spending and coronavirus response ...
November 12, 2020
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