Shaun McCutcheon

Shaun  McCutcheon
A Senate Pass for Twitter and Biden?
By Shaun McCutcheon
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee was supposed to issue a subpoena Tuesday to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – but those ...
October 21, 2020
Gervais Was Great – Limiting Free Speech Wasn’t
By Shaun McCutcheon
As Ricky Gervais roasted the Hollywood elite at the Golden Globes Award Ceremony Sunday evening, reactions from across the political ...
January 07, 2020
Double Standards in Whistle Blowing
By Shaun McCutcheon
What is happening to the practice of journalism today? From the way it seems, fair reporting is literally crumbling under ...
November 12, 2019
Will Twitter’s [Stupid] Policy Last?
By Shaun McCutcheon
In a thunderously stupid move, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced last week that the platform is banning political and issue ...
November 04, 2019
I Sued The FEC And Won. Now I Want The Agency Fixed.
By Shaun McCutcheon
The Federal Election Commission (FEC), the agency I fought all the way to the Supreme Court (and won), is in ...
September 29, 2019
Give the Left a Mirror
By Shaun McCutcheon
Hypocrisy in politics is nothing new. Frankly, there is not much new in politics at all. Having become so bored ...
June 17, 2019
Shouting Fire or Starting One?
By Shaun McCutcheon
Donald Trump’s Presidency continues to be wildly successful – a never-ending nightmare to the left. With employment at an all-time ...
October 22, 2018
Putin Didn’t Influence My Vote, Hillary Did
By Shaun McCutcheon
Over and over again, we hear that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. With nothing more than wishful thinking, and ...
July 31, 2018
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