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What is happening to the practice of journalism today? From the way it seems, fair reporting is literally crumbling under the pressure from propping up one-sided political narratives. The action (and in many cases, blatant inaction) of reporters and corporate leadership is destroying all trust and credibility left in the Fourth Estate. It is like journalists are afraid to report what is really going on in the world – or being directed by bosses to ignore critical information.


Millions of Americans were shocked to learn that Fox News anchors have been directly prohibited by company executives from identifying the so-called “whistleblower” that the Democrats have created to build the case to impeach President Trump. This restriction on the free speech of news professionals is unsettling – especially for the supposed fair and balanced, FOX.

For too long, news organizations have killed valuable stories that could have made a difference in the marketplace of ideas – and for what? The truth always comes out.

From Newsweek magazine refusing to run with the Monica Lewinsky story back in 1990s to NBC News’ attempts to cover up the Harvey Weinstein story (along with other bombshell revelations by Ronan Farrow) the refusal of the media to run the stories and expose the truth is disturbing.

Unfortunately, Fox News is not the only one failing its mission and duty. Literally zero mainstream news organizations have exhibited the courage to put out the information regarding the “whistleblower”, his ties to the political left, and how Congressional Democrats have been tampering with this witness for months to manufacture another hoax to try to take down President Trump.

Facebook, another media company, is removing the “whistleblowers” name from its platform too. It is censorship of the facts – clear as day. Will Twitter follow?

The Democrats lost in the election, lost with the Russia collusion narrative, and will lose with this latest attempt to undermine President Trump despite the inaction of the media to expose it.


There was a time when the news media would be interested in reporting a story and breaking news. Journalists have the Constitutional freedom to do so, and moreover a duty to put information out to the public that holds our political leaders accountable.

Where then is the reporting on the “whistleblowers” ties to former Vice President Joe Biden and the hours of meetings (or rehearsals) they have conducted behind closed doors with Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome? Where is the reporting that he worked for John Brennan and Ambassador Rice?

Why hide his name, scrub social media, and ignore all the facts that would lead any reasonable person to conclude that this is just more political theater (but with real consequences?) Why risk the integrity of the First Amendment to defend politicians who lost their integrity years ago?

If brought to light, how could anyone take this seriously. What the Congressional Democrats are doing is akin to witness tampering. Yet, the media is failing the people and keeping this valuable information from the people.

While journalists are obligated to protect their sourced the way Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein protected “Deep Throat”, this “whistleblower” is a source only to Congressional Democrats, not a journalist. The protections of anonymity do not apply, and the American people have a right to know who is out there working to undermine the will of the people.

Any journalist that could prove that Mark Felt was Deep Throat would have reported it years before his admission!

An informed electorate is nothing to fear – if you have nothing to hide.


In other surprising whistleblower news, earlier this week we learned that the individual who leaked the “hot mike” tape of Amy Robach complaining that ABC killed her story on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein four years ago was fired from their job at CBS News. Too bad that they fired the wrong person!

Was the story killed by ABC because of Epstein’s connection to the Clinton’s, and it was so close to the election? If not, why was it killed? Perhaps more importantly why would CBS and ABC team up in attempted blatant retribution against the real journalist – a real whistleblower, in the first place?

As clearly demonstrated by this series of unfortunate events and decline in professional journalism if it were not for double standards, many journalists and politicians would have no standards at all!

Shaun McCutcheon a Free Speech advocate, is an Alabama based electrical engineer and successful plaintiff in the 2014 Supreme Court case McCutcheon v. FEC. His Twitter handle is @McCutcheonWins

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