Ryan Bomberger

Ryan Bomberger
The CDC and Pandemic Propaganda
By Ryan Bomberger
Ahhhh. Barnstable County, Massachusetts. To most Americans, it has no special meaning. But when the CDC strongly “recommended" everyone wear ...
August 25, 2021
Juneteenth and the Freedom It Unleashed
By Ryan Bomberger
Juneteenth. It’s a profound holiday that was known by relatively few until now. I’ve written about it for years. It ...
June 18, 2021
Patriotism and Pride
By Ryan Bomberger
It’s interesting how we move from the self-sacrifice of soldiers who’ve died for our freedoms into a month of self-obsession ...
May 31, 2021
Biden's HHS Is Lying About Title X to Push Abortion
By Ryan Bomberger
The Biden administration’s dishonest efforts to force taxpayers to fund abortion via Title X have taken center stage. In order ...
May 17, 2021
The Dad Who Rescued Me
By Ryan Bomberger
Last Friday, January 22, was the most painful day of my life. I lost the most incredible man I ever ...
January 29, 2021
PolitiFact Lies, Fake News Denies, and BLM Thrives
By Ryan Bomberger
What do you do when you want someone to think they’re getting a different product or service (even though it’s ...
January 13, 2021
Sorry, Raphael Warnock. You Cannot Serve God and Planned Parenthood.
By Ryan Bomberger
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January 05, 2021
LGBTV – The 'V' is for Victimhood
By Ryan Bomberger
There is no other movement in America like the acronym-that-knows-no-bounds movement: LGBTQGNC et al. It’s simultaneously one of the most ...
December 10, 2020
Remember When the UN Declared the Unborn Should Be Protected?
By Ryan Bomberger
I do. Well, I wasn’t around then, but I teach about this shocking truth in many of my speaking events, ...
November 20, 2020
When the Pro-abortion Left Attacks Adoption
By Ryan Bomberger
I’m completely biased. I’ll let you know that up front. It’s not an implicit bias; it’s an explicit bias. I wouldn’t ...
October 08, 2020
The Racial Violence that Erupted in Obama’s and Biden’s America
By Ryan Bomberger
I went to Ferguson shortly after all the mayhem back in 2014. I saw sections of the city burned to ...
September 04, 2020
Stop Apologizing For America
By Ryan Bomberger
Dividing people is always easy. All it takes is a lie dressed up in a hashtag. Uniting people is never ...
August 07, 2020
Two 'Biracial' Abolitionists From Different Centuries, Both Conceived in Rape, Praise Emancipation Memorial
By Ryan Bomberger
Editor's Note: The following speech was delivered in Lincoln Park, D.C., July 14, at the Center for Urban Renewal and ...
July 19, 2020
NAACP and Anti-Defamation League Don't Believe We're All Created Equal
By Ryan Bomberger
Life is filled with irony. Last year “feminists” were celebrating women’s equality declaring #TheFutureIsFemale; now men can be “women” merely ...
July 05, 2020
Juneteenth and Modern-Day Slavery
By Ryan Bomberger
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June 19, 2020
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