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Walgreens and CVS: Your Neighborhood Abortion Drug Dealers

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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Local pharmacy giants, Walgreens and CVS, are now your neighborhood abortion drug dealers. Thanks to the FDA – a taxpayer-funded federal agency where 46% of its budget in 2022 was supplied by Big Pharma – abortion pills can now be sold in retail pharmacies. Alleged hangers have been replaced by actual DIY chemical abortions. 


This is the back alley. 

Now your neighborhood pharmacy has become your de facto community abortion mill. President Biden, who once denounced Roe v. Wade saying it ‘went too far,’ is going too far to ensure the violence of abortion is easily accessible no matter the women it harms or how many human lives it kills. Never mind both Walgreens and CVS have been found guilty of corruption by a federal jury for significantly contributing to the opioid crisis. Now the two pharmacy chains have announced they’ll happily contribute to the far more fatal abortion crisis (which killed nearly one million humans in 2020).

We’re coming out of a pandemic where extraordinary (and blatantly unconstitutional) efforts were exerted to, allegedly, save human lives. One would think we had plenty of time, as a society, to do some serious introspection as to the value of every human life. We were all vulnerable to a scourge none of us had seen before in our lifetime. Lockdowns changed us but not enough to value the most vulnerable. Content with losing fundamental rights, the Left became even more radicalized during COVID demanding that killing innocent humans was “essential healthcare.” Sure, Democrats. And slavery was job care. 

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), never one to let reality get in the way, celebrated the FDA’s alarming and fatal decision. Yet she tweeted recently: “State-sanctioned murder is inhumane, unconscionable & has no place in our society.” Abortion is state-sanctioned murder. Democrats want abortionists to be able to kill without restrictions, and they demand that taxpayers fund it. 


She bizarrely claims that minorities lack access to abortion. Perhaps that’s why abortion is the number one killer of black lives in America, outnumbering the top 10 causes of death combined. Too many lack access to the truth. Pro-abortion Guttmacher reported that there were 930,160 abortions committed in 2020. The CDC identifies 39.2% of those abortions among non-Hispanic black women, 32.7% among non-Hispanic white women, 21.1% among Hispanic women, and 7% comprise the remaining people groups. The abortion rate in the black community is four times higher than whites and over two times higher than in Hispanics. How much higher should those abortion rates be, Rep. Pressley?

She’s peddling a common lie among the Left that it’s somehow racist to not want black lives aborted. You know, because those of us fighting black genocide are doing this for white supremacy! Community activists used to be in an uproar when liquor and cigarette makers disproportionately targeted black communities. Now, Walgreens and CVS are the new death dealers at the corner of stealthy and crappy.

Woe is Walgreens.

Many don’t realize the long sordid history Walgreens has when it comes to jeopardizing public health. Let me list a few. There was that 2008 racial discrimination class action lawsuit where the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued Walgreens for “discriminating against African American retail management and pharmacy employees in promotion, compensation, and assignment.” Walgreens settled for $24 million. That same year, Walgreens paid out $35 million to the federal government as a result of a national investigation into its fraudulent prescription altering and billing scheme. The pharmacy was accused of changing prescription dosage without any kind of physician approval and charged Medicaid more for the medications. See. Stealthy and crappy, not so much healthy and happy.


In 2013, Walgreens paid $80 million for “an unprecedented number of record-keeping and dispensing violations” with millions of controlled substances, including oxycodone. The chain was accused of helping the flow of these drugs to the black market. In 2019, Walgreens agreed to pay a whopping $269 million to settle both federal and state lawsuits for overbilling taxpayer-funded healthcare programs.

These are just a few of the corrupt actions of your friendly corporate drug dealer.

CVS is a mess.

In 2009, CVS paid $2.25 million in a joint Federal Trade Commission and Health and Human Services investigation where the chain failed to protect patient information. CVS employees threw away pill bottles with personal and medical information, credit card info, employment applications (with SSN info), and more sensitive material into open dumpsters. 

In 2016, CVS paid $3.5 million to settle allegations that 50, count ‘em, 50 of its stores filled out bogus prescriptions for addictive painkillers. The pharmacy chain violated the Controlled Substances Act, and the Department of Justice had to act to “improve public safety and public health” since CVS Health chose not to.

In 2022, both Walgreens and CVS agreed to pay a massive $5 billion settlement because of allegations that they enabled the opioid crisis. In 2021, just over 75,000 human lives died from synthetic opioids according to the CDC


But don’t worry, this recent reckless FDA decision has nothing to do with politics or profits (wink, wink). The Left loves changing the language. Euphemisms are so much easier than the truth. Self-managed abortions are what they now call these back-alley abortions. Grab a snack, some Kombucha, and a do-it-yourself chemical abortion. Fake feminism wants you to kill in the privacy of your own home, your workplace, your dorm room, or even your church’s restroom. 

Women (yes, the only ones who can get pregnant) … you deserve so much better than the violence of abortion. Making it easier to access never reduces the complicated emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma that follows. There is easy access to a network of pregnancy help centers, staffed by those who’ve been exactly where you are. They will love you through your journey and don’t profit from any decision you make. Unlike Planned Parenthood or a local abortion drug dealer, they see your value and the equal value of the life you carry within.

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