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Democratic National Convention via AP

Social media may be able to create leftist celebrity lawmakers, but they can’t imbue them with critical thinking skills. Such is the case for elected leaders like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). 


A massive 75% of Americans disapprove of Congress according to a Gallup poll in September of this year. Only 23% approve of this current Congress’ job performance; 2% somehow have no opinion. In another poll that measured Americans’ confidence in our major institutions, Congress inspires the absolute least. Only 7% responded with a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence. News organizations fared slightly better with 11% for television news and 16% for newspapers.

It's because we know they’re not telling us the truth. Simple. Basic. Truths.  

For instance, AOC insists men, against all known science, can get pregnant. No man ever has…or can. She says the GOP reduces women to “uterus holders” while she objectifies women and calls them “menstruating people” and “birthing people.” Why is a woman fighting to erase women? Not only is the radically pro-abortion AOC aggressively seeking this erasure for females born but for those yet to be born. 

The Democrat lawmaker from New York declared in a House hearing that without abortion, “poor and working-class people” are “forced to give birth against their will.” She added that Corporate America is in favor of abortion restrictions (that’s funny…which ones???) and that denying abortion keeps “a workforce conscripted to large-scale employers.” First of all, killing your current or future customer base is bad for business. Abortion kills that base. Secondly, there’s a long list of corporations willing to fund the trafficking of people to states where abortion is legal, so I’m not sure that equates to AOC’s fantasy of conscription. 


As a “working-class” father of four children (three of whom were “unplanned”), it should be a given that I provide for them. It’s not conscription (as if anyone is drafted into the workplace); it’s called responsibility. If one would apply AOC’s “logic” to real life, why should any parent be “forced” to provide for his or her child at all, at any age or stage? When they don’t, of course, it’s rightfully called neglect. This is what happens when we try to sever sex from procreation. We pretend that there should be no ramifications. And our children are mere objects to be discarded so we may live a life unencumbered by causes and effects.

Children are a blessing. To fake feminism, they’re always a burden. It’s why the pro-abortion movement has to dehumanize the child and make themselves the victim of make-believe patriarchy that wants to “control their bodies.” What about 13% of American women who think abortion should be illegal in all cases? What about the additional 50% of American women who believe abortion should only be legal under certain circumstances? 

I despise polling (while citing the statistics) because plurality doesn’t mean morality. Even if only 2% of women thought abortion should be illegal for any reason, it’s still morally the right position. The Democrat Party has become so radicalized that it wants zero restrictions on abortions up until birth (including partial-birth abortion), zero accountability for abortionists and abortion facilities, and zero responsibility for mothers and fathers who’ve procreated an unrepeatable human being whose life begins at conception.  


AOC intentionally ignores the vast free resources available to those facing an unplanned pregnancy in our nation’s 2,700 pregnancy help centers, 450 maternity homes, and many adoption agencies. Of course, the extreme Left wants to shut down pregnancy centers (see the Warren Crusade), demonizes maternity homes, and has waged a war against faith-based adoption agencies. 

At one point in the hearing, AOC scolded Congressman Jake LaTurner (R-KS) for speaking about abortion because he “never had to contend” with bearing a child. LaTurner is a father of four. He knows a lot about what it takes to care for and provide for children. AOC is childless; she never had to contend with childbearing or child-rearing.

Isn’t Corporate America’s abortion trafficking ensuring that large-scale companies keep their female workforce…working? At a time when maternity and parental leave benefits have plummeted, some major corporations have no problem helping to pay for the killing of their employees’ unborn children. What does this say to female workers? We don’t value your motherhood. We value your barrenness. 

Abortion, above all else, is a moral issue. Killing the most vulnerable and defenseless is an issue of justice. In 2020, there were 930,000 innocent humans sacrificed in the name of faux choice. Representative Ocasio-Cortez is right that abortion is (in part) an economic issue but completely wrong as to why. Abortion further impoverishes women by absolving men of any responsibility. Father's absence is a leading cause of poverty. The violence of abortion does nothing to reduce the present low-income circumstances the woman is in. Around the world, reports of baby busts illuminate the profound resulting adverse economic and social consequences. Fewer humans, fewer resources


In an increasingly progressive society that is obsessed with equity, the Left spends an insane amount of time celebrating the most violent form of injustice against the most marginalized. They keep screaming a lie. I’ll keep speaking the truth. 

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