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Black Lies Matter. All Lies Matter

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AP Photo/ Markus Schrieber

America was hoodwinked.

Some of us knew it from the start. Some of us should have known better from the start.

The Black Lives Matter movement pretended to be about racial injustice. Mainstream media swooned. Churches centered the propaganda instead of Scripture. And Corporate America groveled at their feet. Seven years and nearly $200 million dollars later, the world has been conned. 


Several years ago, I published my “Top 10 Reasons I Will Never Support the Black Lives Matter Movement.” I received lots of love for it as well as some predictable hate from those who accused me of being a traitor, an “Uncle Tom”, not black enough, and a self-hater. It never ceases to amaze me when people think calling me an “Uncle Tom” is a put-down. To be compared to an individual who gave up his life so that others could be set free is an honor. So, thank you. 

The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t about self-sacrifice. It’s about sacrificing the truth for personal gain. And a lot of it. Just ask Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) co-founder Patrice Cullors, a self-proclaimed “trained Marxist”, about her not-so-secret love of capitalism. Mostly white corporate CEOs lavished her black-led organization with loads of white guilt in the form of a color hucksters love: green.  Who knew that BLM actually stood for Buy Large Mansions or Become Loaded Marxists. Cullors, who is “married” to a woman, now owns a reported four homes worth over $3 million, you know, because economic egalitarianism is her goal. Her house-buying “binge,” as reported by many news outlets, started in 2016. Cullors pretended that her massively increased income wasn’t a direct result of her involvement in BLM.

Now, there’s a lawsuit accusing yet another BLMGNF leader—Shalomyah Bowers—of stealing $10 million from the organization. Follow me here. The Black Lives Matter Grassroots coalition filed the lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (the one with all the money).  


There are only three Board Members of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, an organization that received $90 million in donations in 2020 and another $77 million in 2021. Three! And one of them is Shalomyah Bowers. According to the lawsuit, he only made “$2,167,894 million dollars from BLMGNF in less than eight months.” What’s a trained Marxist to do when your shady organization is awash in cash?

Who’s to blame? White people, of course. The 3-member Board fired back at the lawsuit, brought on by other black BLM activists, with this classic response: “To the contrary, they would rather take the same steps of our white oppressors and utilize the criminal legal system which is propped up by white supremacy (the same system they say they want to dismantle) to solve movement disputes.” 

 Black lies matter. In fact, all lies matter. 

Frederick Douglass famously proclaimed on his North Star paper’s masthead: “Right is of no sex. Truth is of no color. God is the Father of us all. And all men are brethren.”


I don’t care what beautiful hue of skin you have. If you’re a crook who steals donated money, you should be in jail. Yeah, the same prisons that the movement wants to abolish. How convenient. How many times do we have to hear the pathetic and racist justifications of BLM leaders? I run a non-profit organization. I’m brown. I don’t complain about the same IRS laws that apply to every non-profit organization. To say that Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is corrupt is an understatement. Good luck trying to follow the trails of cash. Even BLM chapters can’t get any transparency. Some of them have been calling for it for years. 


BLMGNF Board writes (and I’m trying not to laugh): “Our hearts are broken at this moment because white supremacy is the winner when movement leaders take the approach of publicly ‘calling out’ comrades instead of ‘calling-in.’” Yes, Marxist comrades don’t like to be called out when they give capitalism a bad name by taking millions (they didn’t earn) for personal gain. It’s not “white supremacy” that’s the problem. It’s greed, dishonesty, pride, and jealousy. That’s sin supremacy.

Corruption knows no color. It can be carried out by people of any hue, either gender, or any political affiliation.

With all the hyperbole and racist rhetoric that continues to serve as the foundation of the BLM movement, it’s almost like the whole predictable imploding situation of BLM Grassroots versus BLM Global Network Foundation is a case of Black-on-Black crime. The movement swindled the nation and the entire world. The movement repeatedly failed to distinguish between what was true and what was a lie. It failed to identify between truly systemic (like the inherent racism of the abortion industry) and specific instances (i.e., the exploited and tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery). Now, it seems, BLM leaders cannot distinguish between what money belongs to a public charity (yes, BLMGNF files as a 501c3 entity) and what goes into their personal piggy banks. The IRS is hiring 87,000 more agents, so I’m sure they’ll have time to look into BLMGNF and any questionable grassroots chapters of BLM. (Who am I kidding? Accountability and public scrutiny are soooo racist, obviously.) 


Maybe some of that $42 million in BLM assets could help begin to defray the $2 billion worth of destruction BLM’s “mostly peaceful” protests caused to cities (including many minority-owned businesses) across the country. 

Sorry BLM. Look into the mirror. The real oppressor just might be looking back at you.

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