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Biden, Bloody Sunday, and His Big Lies

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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President “You Ain’t Black” Biden exploited a historical moment in Selma – Bloody Sunday – and turned it into histrionics. “Selma is a reckoning,” Biden strangely said as if it were early 1965. “The right to vote ... to have your vote counted is the threshold of democracy and liberty. With it anything’s possible.” 


With Life anything is possible. Without it, nothing matters. (Actually, to be even more precise, with God all things are possible.) Life is the right from which all other rights flow. Yet the Democratic Party is the Party of Unlimited Abortion. The ultimate form of voter suppression is killing voters before they’re born. And nowhere is this decimation more evident than in the black community where abortion rates, according to the CDC, are four times higher than the majority population. Forty percent of the nation’s abortions occur in black communities already ravaged by violence, fatherlessness, failing schools, higher incarceration rates, higher school dropout rates, and Democratic leadership. 

And it’s that leadership that undermines free and fair elections. Across the country, Democrats continually try to give non-citizens the right to vote. That’s one of the obvious ways liberals ensure Americans’ votes don’t count. The Republican-led House recently voted to rescind a DC law that would allow people here illegally to vote starting in 2024. Last June a New York state judge struck down NYC’s unconstitutional law allowing non-citizens to vote. Funny. Biden was silent about all of that because he knows there’s no democracy or liberty without election integrity.

Selma was a reckoning, Mr. President. It’s almost humorous the way Democrats love to live in the past, pretending that nothing has changed since 1619 or the 1960s, while never accepting responsibility for the inhumanity their Party foisted upon people of my color. 


I’ve been to Selma. I was blessed to be able to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge a few years ago. I couldn’t help but thank God for the incredible transformation in America. My family is the reward of those who fought for human equality. As an adoptive family of fifteen with white, black, mixed, Native American, Vietnamese, able and disabled siblings, we’re literally the realization of Martin Luther King’s dream. My marriage and my four mixed children are a testament to a movement that fought to erase the destructive lines racism had drawn for our society. 

I feel like Biden dishonored the sacrifices of black, brown and white civil rights champions who risked their very lives to stand for what’s right. It was as if their fight was in vain. I mean, if nothing has really changed, were at square one, right? “This fundamental right remains under assault. The conservative Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act over the years. Since the 2020 election, a wave of states and dozens and dozens of anti-voting laws fueled by the ‘Big Lie’ and the election deniers now elected to office,” the AP reports Biden saying. 

Really? Where is this assault happening? In the crumbling Metaverse? Because it’s not happening in real life. The 1619 Project crockumentary on Disney’s Hulu tried this same schtick, spending an inordinate amount of time lamenting voter suppression, but gave exactly zero cases of it. They scrounge up one instance where an elderly residential complex had to vote in a different precinct because of a zip-code snafu. They were “disenfranchised” according to fiction writer Nikole Hannah-Jones’ historically-challenged project. But who’s to blame? Conservatives? Or the liberals who run the Fulton County Elections Commission, chaired by a Democrat who is an open lesbian politician, Cathy Woolard? Good news? Ultimately, everyone got to vote.


Let’s ignore the fact that the voter integrity laws – ones that Biden and the entire DNC demonize and pretend are Jim Crow 2.0 – have only led to increased voting in the black community (here and here).  A 2022 University of Georgia poll revealed that 99% of Georgia voters “reported no issues casting a ballot.” 

And which election deniers is Biden talking about? Stacey Abrams? Congressman Hiram Jeffries? Hillary Clinton. Himself? It’s sheer lunacy that Democrats and all their news media allies now condemn the very thing in which they regularly engage. The Disinformation Police are the disinformers. 

Let’s talk about the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) that the Supreme Court allegedly “gutted.” Despite the blatant lie posted on Democrats.org for many years, the DNC was not the Party of Civil Rights. The Republican Party has that title. The DNC absurdly asserted: “we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s Civil Rights laws.” What??? They worked to prevent every one of our nation’s Civil Rights laws until they finally realized they had no choice but to catch up with the Republican Party. The VRA, repeatedly touted by Dems, was made possible because of far larger margins of Republicans voting for it: 94% of GOP versus 60% of the DNC. Fifty four percent of Senate Democrats also voted against an amendment to punish those using racist poll taxes. 

And what did the Supreme Court do with the VRA? It’s over six decades later, and a lot has changed. They rescinded the portion that required federal approval for nine states and other jurisdictions to change their voting laws. Many people don’t realize this applied to many counties and municipalities including Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. I guess Biden thinks NYC needs pre-clearance to change its voting laws too. 


But the racism industrial complex needs to keep fueling the fire. Fear is the Left’s weapon of choice. Facts are their kryptonite. 

I don’t need you, Joe Biden, to “rescue” me. I don’t need you, the Democrat Party, to underestimate me. I don’t need you, fake news, to misinform me.  I walked across that bridge in Selma and felt hope and promise. You can keep your despair and propaganda, Mr. President. I’ll move forward in victory as you and fellow Democrat leaders exploit the victimhood your Party created. 

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