Peter Roff

Peter  Roff
Is the American Labor Movement Dying? All Signs Point to Yes.
By Peter Roff
Washington, DC. – Joe Biden likes to talk about how “unions built this country.” And, up to a point, he’s right. ...
February 09, 2022
In the Current Crisis, Postal Preservation Must Come Before Postal Reform
By Peter Roff
America is – and for some time will be -- a long way from what any of us would describe ...
April 06, 2020
Democrats Arbitration Proposal Binds Patients Badly
By Peter Roff
It's been a little more than 100 days since the Democrats were restored to power in the U.S. House of ...
April 16, 2019
Don't Let the Nannystate Quash Vaping
By Peter Roff
There was a time when vaping - the practice of using a small, electronic device to inhale vapor - was ...
December 14, 2018
Elon Musk: Running Out of Time
By Peter Roff
Little about Elon Musk’s many ambitious activities have changed since he tweeted a threat to take his electric car company ...
November 01, 2018
Renewable Fuel Reforms Needed Now
By Peter Roff
In 2005, when Congress created the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), it was in expectation that the nation's supply of gasoline ...
August 13, 2018
SCOTUS Puts Internet Sales Tax in Play
By Peter Roff
Bloomberg Businessweek just did a feature piece about the demise of Toys R US that, complete with an illustration of ...
June 23, 2018
Hypocrisy Should Not Guide Internet Policymaking
By Peter Roff
The Democrats have regularly assailed Republican use of a legislative tool called the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to repeal Obama-era ...
May 03, 2018
The Pentagon Needs to Reverse Course
By Peter Roff
A lot has been written about the Pentagon's plan to move its computing operations onto the cloud. The contract to ...
April 02, 2018
Dismantling the Nannystate, Bit by Bit
By Peter Roff
The premise of the Nannystate, the place to which all progressive roads lead, is that the people are not informed ...
March 24, 2018
The White House Shoots for the Moon
By Peter Roff
Earlier this month, President Donald J. Trump signed a space policy directive to "restore American leadership in space." To the ...
December 22, 2017
Playing Politics with Trade Policy
By Peter Roff
As the keeper of the tablets Steve Bannon was the person inside the West Wing responsible for making sure campaign ...
August 22, 2017
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