Herb London

Herb London
The Stark Choice with Iran
By Herb London
It is high time to face reality. The extension of talks in Vienna suggest that despite flexibility in negotiations on ...
December 01, 2014
Academic Fraud and Big Time College Sports
By Herb London
If you follow big time college sports as I do, the latest news out of the University of North Carolina ...
November 09, 2014
The Other Side of Technology
October 30, 2014 |
Obama's Cobbler Strategy
September 07, 2014 |
“A World Without Borders"
By Herb London
Policies emerging from the Obama administration are often perplexing. Why give ISIS a virtual free hand in destroying Iraqi ...
August 18, 2014
Palestinian “Victimization” Is At Core Of A War Without End
By Herb London
As Israel’s troops withdraw from Gaza, the world should not be hopeful that the “peace” will be long-lasting. As ...
August 07, 2014
Putin, Obama and Flight 17
By Herb London
Against mounting evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin supplied the SA11 missile system that shot Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 out ...
July 26, 2014
Middle East Scorpions
By Herb London
The old story about the deadly scorpion and the frog has been adapted to the current situation in the ...
July 20, 2014
The Presbyterian Church and the Boycott of Israel
By Herb London
There’s a radical form of liberal secularism taking root in both Christian and Jewish religions that seems more interested ...
July 07, 2014
The Middle East Winter of Discontent
By Herb London
The Arab Spring has evolved fully into the Winter of Our Discontent. An American offer to negotiation with Iran ...
April 14, 2014
Turkey on The Brink
By Herb London
In many respects, Turkey today is an exemplar of the Middle East as a whole -- a nation divided by ...
March 11, 2014
The Great Reawakening
July 14, 2011 |
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