Sat, Apr 12, 2014

Joanne Moudy | April 12, 2014

Sadly, even if Governor Jan Brewer signs HB-2284 into law, one has to wonder what impact it will have on abortion providers, since they already disregard rules, regulations and laws. Nevertheless, if states want to prevent abortion clinics from operating at substandard levels of care, this is the approach they must take.

John C. Goodman | April 12, 2014

What is most missing from the Republicans is not so much the lack of an alternative to ObamaCare. It is the lack of a clear vision. Even if you can understand what their various proposals (and friends and close allies often cannot), it is almost never clear why they want to implement them.

Fred Wszolek | April 12, 2014

Racketeering, assault, and extortion -- these are just a few of the crimes that union organizers have been accused or convicted of committing over the past few weeks and months.

Humberto Fontova | April 12, 2014

It’s not often that a U.S. government agency gets caught red-handed abiding by its charter and performing its publicly-avowed and legislatively-approved duties. But last week the AP “broke” a long and breathless story from Havana that nailed the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) for just that.

John Ransom | April 12, 2014

That liberals decided of their own accord that they would crown April Fools' Day--forever after-- as Obamacare Day, is again another irony that seems to be lost on people who believe that a variety selection of chilled cheeses is much more important than having a variety selection of competent doctors.

Rich Tucker | April 12, 2014

In politics, the trend is toward smaller, more homogenous government. Czechoslovakia broke into two countries.

Mark Skousen | April 12, 2014

Last year at the Milken conference, one speaker suggested that the State Capitalism model of China was superior to the Market Capitalism of the West. Niall Fergeson had a shocking response: During the past 30 years, China has boomed because it reduced government control of the economy from 80% to 20%.

Chris Versace | April 12, 2014

Watching what you used to consider television is about to get a whole lot more interesting. By now, most us have abandoned true broadcast television and left our “rabbit ears” behind for cable service of one kind or another.

Babak Dadvand | April 12, 2014

March 21st marked the close of the latest round of nuclear talks with the P5+1. In light of the latter development, the US Congress sent a series of letters last month to President Obama, advising him on the continuation of the negotiations.

Mark W. Hendrickson | April 12, 2014

St. Paul seems to be saying that God ordains human governments and that Christians should honor and obey the government under whose jurisdiction they live. Many Christians conclude from these verses that Christians should accept whatever government and laws their country has. Other Christians, while accepting the need for government and lawful behavior, question whether Romans 13 commands us to submit to human governments unconditionally. They ask: Is rebellion ever justified? Reform movements? Civil disobedience? Tax protests? Change?

Pierre-Guy Veer | April 12, 2014

The Canadian province of Quebec held elections on April 7th, only 18 months after the last ones. Unsurprisingly, the separatist Parti Quebecois (PQ) miserably failed to stay in power under the struggling economy, losing by a landslide.

Larry Kudlow | April 12, 2014

Higher prices are not the way to a better economy.

Steve Deace | April 12, 2014

Commandment #3 of the 10 Commandments of Political Warfare. Whichever side’s premise gets argued wins the argument.

Night Watch | April 12, 2014

For Russia, a peaceful outcome means that Kiev agrees to a federalized Ukrainian state that recognizes Russian as a second national language. For the US, a peaceful outcome apparently means that Moscow agrees to refrain from interfering in Ukraine

Fri, Apr 11, 2014

Michael Brown | April 11, 2014

There is no doubt that there is real suffering among the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank (which is actually ancient Judea and Samaria). The question is who, precisely, is most responsible for their suffering?

Thomas Sowell | April 11, 2014

Black journalist Chuck Stone was one of those people whose passing makes us think, "We shall not see his like again." He was passionately interested in racial issues but he was never a race hustler. He followed nobody's party line but called the issues as he saw them.

Michelle Malkin | April 11, 2014

Zeituni Onyango, President Obama's illegal alien aunt, died this week of cancer and other complications. I hope she rests in peace. America, however, should be up in arms.

Joanne Moudy | April 11, 2014

Successful businesses have three things in common: A well-recognized, positive public image, an unending supply of new or repeat customers, and a product customers believe they can’t live without. Without these important elements, businesses are doomed.

Brent Bozell | April 11, 2014

It's graduation time. Many college students are preparing for their commencement ceremonies. On some campuses, some students are playing a game of what we might call "Dump the Speaker."

Michael Barone | April 11, 2014

Forty years is roughly the length of a working lifetime -- and long enough for history to have taken some unexpected turns. And to have proved that long-term forecasts based on extrapolations of existing trends usually end up wide of the mark.

Jonah Goldberg | April 11, 2014

"If all you have is a hammer," the old saying goes, "everything looks like a nail." Left unsaid is the fact that the real problem isn't the possession of a hammer, but the certitude that all you need is the hammer.

David Limbaugh | April 11, 2014

Under the administration of President Barack Obama, as never before in my lifetime, there is reason to be a bit afraid of the federal government.

Mona Charen | April 11, 2014

The screeching polarization of American political and cultural life in recent years is exacting a toll. Debate has been debased. Contempt and hatred for those with opposing views is now the norm.

Scott Rasmussen | April 11, 2014

Conservatives and liberals had entirely different reactions to the recent confrontation between Attorney General Eric Holder and Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert. After the event, Holder expressed his view that no previous attorney general or president had ever had to deal with such treatment and that the reason had to do with race.

Pat Buchanan | April 11, 2014

President Reagan was holding a meeting in the Cabinet Room on March 25, 1985, when Press Secretary Larry Speakes came over to me, as communications director, with a concern.

Suzanne Fields | April 11, 2014

The brutal winter ebbs at last, giving way to the season of hope, deliverance and renewal. The celebrations of Passover and Easter, marking the beginning of spring, overlap this year, as they often do.

Linda Chavez | April 11, 2014

Agree with him or not, you have to respect Jeb Bush's honesty. On two issues, immigration and a common core in education, Bush recently went on record stating positions at odds with some powerful activists in his own party.

Diana West | April 11, 2014

When Brandeis University withdrew an honorary degree for Ayaan Hirsi Ali after a student-professor firestorm branded her an "Islamophobe," the campus in effect declared itself an outpost of Islamic law, American-style.

John Ransom | April 11, 2014

This is a country noticeably lacking in dangerous men right now. And women. And blacks. And Hispanics. And the unemployed. And that lack of danger is a danger in itself.

Paul Greenberg | April 11, 2014

Our president is back with one of his grand conceptions, ideal compromises and works of staggering political genius. This one, like the others, is designed to please every special interest involved, though it may leave out a minor matter or two. Like national security. And the kind of obsessive attention to detail that national security calls for.

Donald Lambro | April 11, 2014

The news is filled with bleak reports that continue to cast a pall of gloom over many Americans who say life for them is a daily struggle.

Erick Erickson | April 11, 2014

This week starts the anniversary celebrations of the greatest event in history. Two thousand years ago, in a rather routine and inconsequential act for that time, Roman authorities nailed a man to a cross.

Lee Culpepper | April 11, 2014

Last April, 16-year-old Flair Griggs shot and killed 17-year-old Joseph Gomez in a McDonald’s parking lot in York, Pennsylvania. According to the prosecuting attorney, David Maisch, video evidence and eyewitness statements made Griggs’s actions “as perfect a self-defense case as you can get.”

Charlotte Hays | April 11, 2014

The White House probably didn’t enjoy Equal Pay Day—the bogus feminist holiday cynically used to rally women voters—half as much as usual this year. Think of Equal Pay Day 2014 as a bad hair day for the phony 77 cents gender wage gap.

David Williams | April 11, 2014

The media are demanding a lot of answers from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie these days. But, at least one important question that increasingly affects many New Jerseyians is not being asked, and that is about tort reform.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 11, 2014

Louisiana State Senator, Elbert Guillory, said that Democrats are trying to keep citizens on the Government Plantation. And, judging by the way they foster dependency on government programs, he might be right. Ransom also talked about Eric Holder’s pathetic charges of racism.

Night Watch | April 11, 2014

Whenever Iran engages in talks about its nuclear program, the Supreme Leader seems compelled to remind the world that the nuclear program is not negotiable.

Thu, Apr 10, 2014

Todd Starnes | April 10, 2014

It’s almost Easter, but an incident that occurred just before Valentine’s Day crossed by desk — and it’s got me fired up.

Victor Davis Hanson | April 10, 2014

We are in a new Inquisition. Self-appointed censors try to stamp out any idea or word that they don't wish to be aired -- in the pursuit of a new race, class, gender and environment orthodoxy.

Derek Hunter | April 10, 2014

No one has been more vocal of late on the “evils of the un-American Koch brothers” than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. But before Reid was beating a path from his office to the Senate floor to attack private citizens, he was busy enriching himself through some now legendary corruption that took him from a man of somewhat modest means to a multi-millionaire – all while being a “public servant.”

Larry Elder | April 10, 2014

For reasons perhaps only psychiatrists understand, Democratic presidents seek, at last, finally and forever, to "solve" the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | April 10, 2014

Last week, National Intelligence Director Gen. James R. Clapper sent a brief letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in which he admitted that agents of the National Security Agency (NSA) have been reading innocent Americans' emails and text messages and listening to digital recordings of their telephone conversations that have been stored in NSA computers, without warrants obtained pursuant to the Constitution.

Michael Reagan | April 10, 2014

The Tea Party bosses have been listening to too much talk radio. They seem to think that what makes a good Republican candidate is someone who sounds like a talk radio host.

Cal Thomas | April 10, 2014

After his spectacular, but predictable, failure to move forward the "peace process" between Israel and the Palestinian side, Secretary of State John Kerry says the United States will now "evaluate" its role in the Middle East.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | April 10, 2014

My father, Newt Gingrich, ran for congress in rural, west, middle Georgia in 1974. At the time, Georgia was dominated by the Democratic Party, there were few Republicans in the state and Watergate was in full swing.

Debra J. Saunders | April 10, 2014

Barbara Bush was right when she pooh-poohed son Jeb's interest in running for the White House in 2016. Forget political dynasties -- Bushes, Kennedys and, yes, Clintons -- the former first lady told NBC last year.

Matt Towery | April 10, 2014

In recent years, the Republican Party has increasingly been described as a shrinking entity dominated by angry white males and southerners. But the problem for the Democrats is that Southern states will likely determine control of the U.S. Senate in this year's elections.

John Ransom | April 10, 2014

Fortunately, Democrats have got the great constitutional lawgiver, the greatest president in the history of the Milky Way and former Accidental College two-time student of the week winner to help us overturn 238 years of history and common sense.

Emmett Tyrrell | April 10, 2014

Spring is in the air, and one senses that it is again time for the college students of the land to engage in protest. It all began in the late 1960s, and one of the legacies of that period is that the campuses are evacuated as soon as possible.

Rebecca Hagelin | April 10, 2014

Anxious and somber faces greet me as I step into the crowded waiting room. A sense of dread fills the air. Men and women sit silently, clutching folders and envelopes, stacks of papers and piles of files.

Steve Chapman | April 10, 2014

Legalizing marijuana is an issue made to order for the Democratic Party. A majority of Americans now supports the idea, and so do two out of three Democrats. Two states have done it, and several more may vote on it in 2016.

Cliff May | April 10, 2014

Blessed are the peace makers. But don’t confuse peace makers with peace processors. The latter think they can persuade the lion to lie down with the lamb. The former are realistic enough to grasp how perilous that is unless the lion has just had a big dinner and a couple of stiff drinks.

Peter Morici | April 10, 2014

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, was called before Senate and House Committees last week to explain why a faulty ignition switch, responsible for at least 13 crash deaths, was not recalled for several years in vehicles manufactured by GM.

Michael Schaus | April 10, 2014

Chevy has sold a mere 58k Volts in more than 3 years. By comparison, 70k Ford pickups were sold just last month. The Volt almost makes Obamacare enrollments look like a rousing success. (Almost.)

Bill Tatro | April 10, 2014

It seems so long ago that we were dealing with liar loans, Ninja loans, and a host of other subprime funding vehicles. Perhaps one of the biggest culprits was the General Motors Acceptance Corporation. GMAC was a poster child for what was wrong with the lending practices so prevalent at the time.

Larry Provost | April 10, 2014

Weak administration foreign policy is causing Senators from both parties, led by Sen. Ted Cruz, to fix and lead diplomacy.

Night Watch | April 10, 2014

It probably will be difficult or impossible for Ukraine to to take back their Government building without violence. Violence and a request for aid by the activists might be "sufficient" grounds for Russia to respond with an armored intervention force.

Wed, Apr 09, 2014

Ann Coulter | April 09, 2014

Between having Republican presidential candidates fly to Las Vegas to kiss his ring, billionaire Sheldon Adelson has managed to fit in time to talk Sen. Lindsey Graham into sponsoring a bill banning Internet gambling.

Jerry Newcombe | April 09, 2014

A new court ruling has determined that churches can no longer rent public school facilities. Churches in New York City can be evicted from the schools. Despite the good they do in the community, they could be out in the cold.

Ashley Pratte | April 09, 2014

Women are not prizes to be won, we are hard working, self-reliant, and command respect. Women are not helpless victims looking to be saved by the federal government. The federal government and its programs have actually done more harm than good for women.

Mark Nuckols | April 09, 2014

In his fourteen years in power, Vladimir Putin has now made three successful land grabs. In 2008 he de facto annexed South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two miniscule and impoverished provinces in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Armstrong Williams | April 09, 2014

Last week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided to let college football players at Northwestern University unionize. Usually I am not in favor of unions, but clearly something must be done to change the way college athletes get compensated for their services.

Michael Schaus | April 09, 2014

Deciding that bribing women with free birth control could only take them so-far, Democrats have decided to tackle “Equal Pay”… This tactic has been adopted, most likely, because simply creating jobs has proven too difficult for a community organizer from Chicago.

Michelle Malkin | April 09, 2014

I have created a new species designation for the female Democrats who play hypocritical gender politics on behalf of Barack Obama. They're genderhawks.

John Stossel | April 09, 2014

It's tax time. I'm too scared to do my taxes. I'm sure I'll get something wrong and my enemies in government will persecute -- no, I mean prosecute -- me. So I hired Bob.

Walter E. Williams | April 09, 2014

"Engineering Evil" is a documentary recently shown on the Military History channel. It's a story of Nazi Germany's murder campaign before and during World War II. According to some estimates, 16 million Jews and other people died at the hands of Nazis.

Dr. Ben Carson | April 09, 2014

Imagine a situation in which there is an earthquake that destroys a suspension bridge over a deep canyon.

Brent Bozell | April 09, 2014

On April 1, Washington Mayor Vincent Gray was denied a second term, defeated in the primary by upstart city councilwoman Muriel Bowser.

Jonah Goldberg | April 09, 2014

An economic system that simply doles out favors to established stakeholders becomes less dynamic and makes job growth less likely. (Most jobs are created by new businesses.) Politically, the longer we're in a "new normal" of lousy growth, the more the focus of politics turns to wealth redistribution.

Bob Barr | April 09, 2014

Walking the streets of Zurich, Switzerland, one might stumble upon the following ad for an apartment...

Ben Shapiro | April 09, 2014

Last Thursday, Mozilla, the company that's home to the web browser Firefox, forced the resignation of CEO Brendan Eich. What, precisely, had Eich done wrong? Back in 2008, Eich had donated $1,000 to the Proposition 8 effort backing traditional marriage in California.

Terry Jeffrey | April 09, 2014

My mother, a doctor's daughter who became a doctor herself, sometimes accompanied her father when he made house calls in the Livermore Valley of California during the Great Depression.

Austin Bay | April 09, 2014

Vladimir Putin's creeping assault on Ukraine continues. With a quick strike invasion, Russian conventional and special operations forces bit off Crimea, annexed it, and then waited.

John Ransom | April 09, 2014

It always pains me when I have to point out to good, faithful conservatives that they didn’t invent the Constitution even if some of them just discovered it six years ago.

Paul Greenberg | April 09, 2014

There are bishops and there are bishops. Indeed, the Diocese of Little Rock had four of them before a priest named Andrew McDonald came out of Savannah, Ga., to become the fifth, and Lord willing there will be many others to come after. Yet when people in these parts referred to the bishop, there was no doubt whom they meant.

Rachel Marsden | April 09, 2014

While America was busy providing Cubans with baseball stats and the sort of cultural softballs that surely Cuba's ruling enemies of freedom would never permit, the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei was busy upgrading Cuba's Internet infrastructure, and China was working with Venezuela to build an underwater broadband linkup for the island.

Donald Lambro | April 09, 2014

For weeks, Putin has been playing a skillful, diplomatic cat-and-mouse game with President Obama and Europe's major powers. Publicly, Kremlin officials said Russia had no intentions of seizing more Ukrainian territory, as Putin plotted a further territorial takeover in this fragile Eastern European nation.

Jacob Sullum | April 09, 2014

Last week, the Supreme Court overturned federal limits on the total amounts that one person may contribute to candidates and political committees during a single election cycle. "The government may no more restrict how many candidates or causes a donor may support than it may tell a newspaper how many candidates it may endorse," the court declared in an opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Mark Skousen | April 09, 2014

About 50 of us currently on the FreedomFest Asian cruise heard famed financial guru Jim Rogers (“The Adventure Capitalist”) speak on his living in Singapore and your latest investment advice. He is an old friend who, as the former partner of George Soros, made millions of dollars in a joint hedge fund.

Phil Kerpen | April 09, 2014

Democrats confronted by the massive problems caused by Obamacare - millions of plans canceled, spiking premiums, lost doctors - have retreated to a vague promise to fix the law. But how can the American people trust the very politicians who told the infamous "if you like your plan, you can keep it" lie to actually fix their own mess.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 09, 2014

Comrade Putin thinks he can push NATO around because he has the ability to disrupt the global economy. Well, he only has as much power as the US and Europe decide to allow him. There’s a reason the Cold War ended – and it wasn’t because Russia’s all that powerful…

Crystal Wright | April 09, 2014

Gays are trying to portray traditional marriage as an alternative lifestyle and those who support it as evil. It’s beyond despicable that Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, purveyor of Firefox, resigned from his newly appointed post last Thursday because the gay mob found out he had the nerve to . . .wait for it. . . exercise his first amendment right and support traditional marriage.

Larry Provost | April 09, 2014

Actor Mickey Rooney was a man of great patriotism and faith. These were his greatest roles.

Night Watch | April 09, 2014

The Donetsk activists requested Russian peacekeeping troops to protect them from the government in Kiev/Kyiv. They also declared the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv an independent republic.

Erica Wanis | April 09, 2014

Without God, everything is permissible. Man is the author of his own destiny and the captain of his soul. Moral authority is located within the self, and might makes right. These are fierce human convictions and we live in an age that glorifies these convictions at every turn. The only thing capable of shattering these delusions is the recognition of our contingency, that we are not sovereign and we are not the measure of all things.

John Kass | April 09, 2014

Thanks to learned scientists, I've discovered that I suffer from a mental problem afflicting millions of Americans.

Ralph Benko | April 09, 2014

Puerto Rico is in the terribly awkward position of territorial status. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. Yet they are not entitled to vote for president. They have a “resident commissioner” to, not a full Member of, Congress. They have no Senators.

Tue, Apr 08, 2014

Paul Greenberg | April 08, 2014

It's enough to make a tear appear even on the usually stony face of Clio, muse of history, who you'd think would be used to having her works -- and their lessons -- ignored by now.

Ashley Pratte | April 08, 2014

Today marks one year since the passing of the Iron Lady—Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher is best known for her strong conviction and influential international leadership.

Thomas Sowell | April 08, 2014

The recent Supreme Court decision over-ruling some Federal Election Commission restrictions on political campaign contributions has provoked angry reactions on the left. That is what often happens whenever the High Court rules that the First Amendment means what it says -- free speech for everybody.

Chuck Norris | April 08, 2014

As with all Americans, my wife, Gena, and I had our hearts broken again last Wednesday as we heard about another killing spree at Fort Hood, Texas, in which four people died and 16 more were injured at the U.S. Army's largest active-duty installation.

Michael Barone | April 08, 2014

If you've been following events in Ukraine closely, you may have seen maps, available at, showing how the ethnic Russian areas voted heavily for one candidate and the ethnic Ukrainian areas for another.

David Limbaugh | April 08, 2014

Let me see whether I have this right. Brendan Eich was forced to step down as CEO of Mozilla because it became public that he opposed same-sex marriage, the same position that President Barack Obama, darling of the LGBT community, held prior to his phony conversion.

Mona Charen | April 08, 2014

In the aftermath of the mass shootings in Aurora, Colo.; Newtown, Conn.; Tucson, Ariz.; Virginia Tech; the Washington Navy Yard; and sadly, other locales, conventional wisdom held that the epidemic of mass shootings was a problem of gun control.

Cal Thomas | April 08, 2014

The Fiscal Times reported last week that the State Department has missing files or incomplete files for more than $6 billion in State Department contracts.

Dennis Prager | April 08, 2014

In 31 years of broadcasting, and 40 years of writing, I have never advocated a boycott of a product.

Pat Buchanan | April 08, 2014

"There is a gay mafia," said Bill Maher, "if you cross them you do get whacked." Maher, the host of HBO's "Real Time," was talking about the gay activists and their comrades who drove Brendan Eich out as CEO of Mozilla.

Kerri Toloczko | April 08, 2014

Like all mergers, the proposed $45.2 billion Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable—the largest and second largest cable providers in the nation—has its advocates and critics. There are certainly important questions about what impact the merger would have on consumers—but there are equally significant issues associated with the highly politicized approval process.

Debra J. Saunders | April 08, 2014

"While painful, the events of the last week show exactly why we need the (Web). So all of us can engage freely in the tough conversations we need to make the world better."

John Ransom | April 08, 2014

If it weren’t for the "selfie" Obama would have no presidency at all.

Paul Greenberg | April 08, 2014

By the splittest of split decisions, by the narrowest and, yes, the most partisan and ideological differences of opinion, the Supreme Court of the United States has decided that our rulers may not decide the total amount an American may contribute to a political candidate, party or committee.

Phyllis Schlafly | April 08, 2014

U.S. control of the Internet's basic functions has kept the Web free for Americans and the entire world. And it's up to us to keep it that way.

Chris Versace | April 08, 2014

The recently ended March quarter was one filled with all sorts of things, including harsh winter weather, political issues, the 2014 Winter Olympics, as well as weaker-than-expected guidance from a number of companies earlier in the quarter.

Bill Murchison | April 08, 2014

"Lib-er-al adj. 1. a. Not limited to or by ... authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas ... b. tolerant of the ideas and behaviors of others; broadminded ... "

Hank Adler | April 08, 2014

For almost one hundred years, student athletes have been considered students, not employees.

Susan Stamper Brown | April 08, 2014

Cutting military capability during a time when the world views America as the primary threat to world peace is...well, just dumb. Punishing those willing to sacrifice life and limb for more than ten years with benefit cuts and forced early retirement displays the enormous lack of respect the Obama administration at large has for the military and their families.

Bill Tatro | April 08, 2014

The Justice Department has explicitly stated that arresting significant figures at financial institutions would be too disruptive to not only the institutions themselves which are the real fabric of Americana (huh?) but also to the economy which is so dependent on their decision making.

Michael Schaus | April 08, 2014

Eric Holder (ya know: the guy that helped run “Operation Fast and Furious” which ran guns from the US to Mexican drug cartels) spoke before Congress on Friday about the importance of tracking the lawfully owned firearms in America.

Roger Schlesinger | April 08, 2014

This points to the difference between government and business and shows you why government shouldn't be in business. They should spend their time governing!

Night Watch | April 08, 2014

If Russia intends to extend its sphere of influence in eastern Ukraine, recent Ukrainian regime and NATO moves might require Russia to accelerate its operations and meddling.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 08, 2014

Obamacare is great! (Which is why the President has been unilaterally altering it as needed.) The recovery is steaming ahead! (Which is why we need to extend unemployment benefits.) This administration has made a career out of misleading the American public… And Dr. Larry Kawa has decided to take the President to court. Literally.

Tom Purcell | April 08, 2014

"We know who you are, Tom. In the digital age, you will be shocked by what we know about you."

Mon, Apr 07, 2014

Scott Erickson | April 07, 2014

The Second Amendment frequently comes under great scrutiny in the wake of tragic events like the recent shooting at the Fort Hood military post in Killeen, Texas.

Todd Starnes | April 07, 2014

Gay rights trump religious rights. That’s the rule of law in New Mexico after the U.S. Supreme Court declined on Monday to consider whether a wedding photographer was within her rights when she refused to film a gay couple’s commitment ceremony.

Ryan Williams | April 07, 2014

The decision passed down this week by the regional National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Chicago ruling that Northwestern University football payers are essentially employees of the University has rocked the sports world this week. The pundit class as well as sports junkies across the country have been feverishly debating the consequences of the ruling, both intended and unintended.

Nita Ghei | April 07, 2014

According to a study recently released by the Pew Research Center, a mere six percent of the so-called Millennial generation believe they will receive the same level of Social Security benefits as current retirees.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | April 07, 2014

The ACA’s intended benefits for older Americans—which raises premiums for younger adults to help lower the costs for the elderly—may not materialize since so few young people are signing up.

Michael Brown | April 07, 2014

For years I’ve been sounding the alarm about an impending social, cultural, and spiritual crisis, and for years critics have compared me to Chicken Little, discounting my warnings as the ravings of a hysterical, religious fundamentalist.

Rick Santorum | April 07, 2014

The mainstream media are in full cry for the U.S. Senate to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Watch out. When the United Nations starts talking about rights, the truth about what it’s really up to is often carefully concealed.

Kurt Schlichter | April 07, 2014

Can you feel the excitement? The Washington Post reports that all the important Republicans have decided that Jeb Bush is going to be our nominee in 2016. Phew, that’s a relief! If we had had a primary, we conservatives who actually do all the working and voting for the GOP might have had a say.

Star Parker | April 07, 2014

The Supreme Court’s decision last week in McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission, eliminating the total limit that an individual can contribute in an election cycle to candidates and party committees, amounts to a shot of adrenalin to American democracy.

Mike Adams | April 07, 2014

When I first started writing about campus free speech issues for Town Hall in 2003, I complained that most college administrators were ignorant of the constitution. One of my readers, Jim Collins from Colorado Springs, was quick to correct me.

Cathy Reisenwitz | April 07, 2014

Ryan’s House Budget Committee has a new budget blueprint which promises to eliminate the deficit in decade or so through tax cuts, and a new accounting trick. The budget plan contains the first reference to a line item labelled "macroeconomic fiscal impact," and it refers to the economic growth created by cutting the deficit.

Katie Kieffer | April 07, 2014

Americans are incredibly generous individuals. Last week, when tragedy tore two young lovers apart—anonymous donors across the nation reached out, proving that individual goodness trumps social welfare.

Terry Paulson | April 07, 2014

You could blame having to work hard on Adam and Eve for getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden. If the Bible's not your thing, blame Darwin who established the compassionless truth that life is about the survival of the fittest. Whatever the cause, life has never been easy.

Jeff Jacoby | April 07, 2014

Traditional liberals should be cheering the Supreme Court's decision last week in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, which reaffirmed a value at the heart of the First Amendment: The best response to unwelcome or controversial political speech is more political speech. Democratic self-government depends on the right to participate in advocacy and debate, and the Constitution reserves some of its strongest language to support of citizens who choose to exercise that right: "Congress shall make no law" abridging it.

John Ransom | April 07, 2014

My suspicions are always heightened when someone from a benighted and enlightened Entitlement class suddenly discovers the “workingman.”

Matt Barber | April 07, 2014

They say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Not true. It does if you stand high atop a cliff’s edge waving a lightning rod above your head during a thunderstorm. In fact, in the unlikely event you survive the first strike, it’ll keep right on striking until you climb down.

Michael Tanner | April 07, 2014

Perhaps all of this is one reason why so many politicians feel entitled to run our lives. They simply see themselves as following in the footsteps of their kingly progenitors, endowed with the divine right to rule.

Rachel Alexander | April 07, 2014

Since the Internet now permeates our lives in every possible way, it is disturbing that Obama has relinquished U.S. control over its underlying structure. Control will be turned over to a global panel, which will include totalitarian countries that do not value our First Amendment protection of free speech.

Chris Edwards | April 07, 2014

The aims of federal policies have gyrated wildly over two centuries, and most policies have failed, as is evident from the poor economic conditions on many reservations.

Larry Provost | April 07, 2014

Sen. Casey, Sen. Landrieu, and Sen. Manchin, soon to be born children need you.

Sun, Apr 06, 2014

Michael Schaus | April 06, 2014

While watching the President speak isn’t completely unlike grinding a cheese grater across one’s forehead, I prefer the written word over watching a Harvard graduate read from a teleprompter. That’s mostly because it lends itself more to editorial narration:

Kevin Glass | April 06, 2014

By shoehorning more and more students into schools they aren't prepared for, to obtain degrees they don't need, the federal government is undermining higher education in America.

Joanne Moudy | April 06, 2014

As quickly as states like Texas, Arizona, and Kansas pass new definitive laws designed to protect women and children against subpar health standards in abortion clinics, pro-abortionists challenge those laws in court, purportedly on the grounds that said laws will restrict access to care and thus limit a woman’s right to affordable healthcare.

Doug Giles | April 06, 2014

Last month, artist, patriot and rebel photographer Ben Phillipi slipped down to photograph me for his forthcoming firearm book, We The People. Ben’s book showcases unashamed, gun-loving patriots, from every walk of life, that love this great land’s founding principles, especially that pesky second amendment that perpetually ticks off the controlling progressives.

Derek Hunter | April 06, 2014

The website OkCupid posted a letter that appeared only when users accessed the site using Firefox as its browser that said, “Mozilla’s new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples. We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid.”

Debra J. Saunders | April 06, 2014

After the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision Wednesday that threw out a cap on the total amount wealthy donors can give to federal candidates in an election season, Democrats and self-proclaimed do-gooders cried foul at the prospect of more big money's tainting Washington politics.

John Ransom | April 06, 2014

Yes… I attend all Illuminati meetings when they are held in my district. We meet in a private room in Applebees, with Ricky Bobby, Oliver Stone and occasionally the disembodied voice of JFK chairing the event.

Paul Jacob | April 06, 2014

Hey, Horace, looks like you might have been wrong. Dead wrong.

Steve Chapman | April 06, 2014

The Supreme Court decision killing limits on total donations to political candidates means billionaires will be running amok.

Kevin McCullough | April 06, 2014

The war that has been brewing between the Sexual Activists of America, and every day people of faith, morals, and conscience has moved into the major campaign of the conflict.

Matt Barber | April 06, 2014

Many Christians have been warning for years that the radical homosexual activist lobby is made up of Christian-hating fascists who are in rebellion against both God and nature, who are hell-bent on criminalizing Christianity and pushing to the fringes anyone who publicly acknowledges natural human sexuality and the age-old, immutable institution of legitimate marriage as created by God.

Marita Noon | April 06, 2014

If it were technologically possible to build a cost-effective truck or SUV that had the size and safety Americans want and that got 50 mpg, that manufacturer would have the car-buying public beating a path to its door.

Mark Baisley | April 06, 2014

Electing this eloquent, Harvard-educated husband, father, and United States Senator was America’s attempt at validating the racial reconciliation where she believed herself to have finally arrived. Barack Obama was, simply put, exactly the wrong person to come along at exactly the right time.

Michael Youssef | April 06, 2014

While many pundits lament the fact that the Obama/Kerry foreign policy is timid, confused, and easily intimidated by strongmen like Vladimir Putin, I submit that it is best compared to a mediocre schoolyard bully.

Jack Kerwick | April 06, 2014

Much to the disappointment of this Catholic, Pope Francis balked on a golden opportunity to convey to the world just how fundamentally, how vehemently, the vision of the Church differs from that of President Obama when the two met a couple of weeks back.

Michael Tanner | April 06, 2014

Another Bush v. another Clinton? Maybe we should just pin on white or red roses and join the Yorkists or the Lancastrians.