Ashley Pratte

While today may be the opening day for baseball, today is the final day for enrollment in the Obamacare exchange.

In trying to navigate this morning, it was discovered that the website was down for maintenance. The administration was quick to put a headline on the website that said the website would be slow due to a high volume of visitors to the website, but all along this is what the White House claimed to expect during the final days of the enrollment period. Why is it that all the glitches hadn’t been worked out before the day of the final deadline?

Day after day there seems to be another issue with Obamacare, it is a far cry from what was sold and pedaled to the American people. What happened to the promise of affordable healthcare, keeping your doctor and your insurance, and a website as simple as As we all know, these three promises, along with many more, were broken. Many visitors to the website have waited hours just to try to enroll, over six million people have lost their coverage, and premiums are skyrocketing due to the lack of enrollment by millennials.

Young America’s Foundation polling shows that once young people learned that they had to provide personal and private information on, they were 52 percent less likely to recommend Obamacare to their peers.

Since the rollout of Obamacare the website has been plagued with technical deficiencies. It is not shocking that young people are unwilling to enroll in Obamacare, let alone recommend enrolling to their friends. Young people are increasingly less confident in the federal government when it comes to the handling of major programs such as Obamacare.

The problem is that young people don’t believe that they are better off under Obamacare, a YAF poll showed that 34 percent of millennials believe that they will actually be worse off. The White House has managed to turn away the very demographic that they tried so desperately to attract.

Ashley Pratte

Ashley Pratte is a communications consultant in Washington, D.C.