Katie Kieffer

You’d think every American would love free speech. Wrong. Some ultra sensitive liberals oppose free speech even when applied to their favorite TV hosts—as illustrated by the recent Twitter protest of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report.

Last Thursday night, Twitter began blowing up with the hashtag #CancelColbert. The online protest started when the Twitter account attached to The Colbert Report posted a tweet that at first glance seemed insensitive to Asians.

In less than five minutes of research—more time than fragile protesters were willing to invest—I was able to learn three vital points: First, unsurprisingly, the quote was never meant to offend Asians. Second, the quote was not posted by The Colbert Report’s host, comedian Stephen Colbert, or anyone on his staff. Third, the quote was pulled from a show bit that Colbert performed while satirizing the Washington Redskins’ name controversy and the bit itself did not seem to offend anyone. It was not until Comedy Central’s social media generalists posted the quote on Twitter, without context, that it came off as insensitive rather than funny.

Twitter limits every post or “tweet” to 140 characters. If you post a photo or a hyperlink in addition to text, it takes up characters. So, it can be challenging to make a point on Twitter that’s more complex than: “Check out this new selfie of me eating Lucky Charms for breakfast!! #sssoooocuttttee I can't believe how amazing these #marshmallows taste!”—given Twitter’s rules of engagement.

Try writing a joke in 140 characters and you’ll quickly see how easy it is to be taken out of context. Just to make that challenge crystal clear, here are 140 characters:


Stephen Colbert has branded himself as a comedian and has never pretended to be a serious news reporter. Unfortunately, we have a cultural dilemma where many Americans rely on late night television as their primary “news” source and thus take Colbert’s satires far too seriously.

As I’ve said, Stephen Colbert himself did not post the tweet. In fact, no one on Colbert’s staff posted the tweet. But, these facts did not seem to matter to anti-free speech Twitter Trolls looking to pick a fight.

Katie Kieffer

Katie Kieffer is the author of a new book published by Random House, LET ME BE CLEAR: Barack Obama’s War on Millennials and One Woman’s Case for Hope.” She writes a weekly column for Townhall.com. She also runs KatieKieffer.com.