Michael Schaus

Brace yourself, Supreme Court Justices, for another State of the Union scolding from Barack Obama. Yesterday the nation’s highest court ruled that another part of McCain-Feingold is unconstitutional. (McCain, I’m sure, is still busy trying to figure out what part of restricting political speech was deemed “unconstitutional”.) The court ruled that citizens should be allowed to donate to an unlimited number of candidates or causes – provided that they still abide by the individual campaign limits.

In short: Anyone can now give the maximum amount permitted by law, to however many candidates they wish… Yeah… I know! It’s almost like “freedom” or something.

Which probably explains the immediate outrage among America’s most notorious liberals. Of course, Harry Reid immediately took the opportunity to monger fear (I know that’s not how you say it… I just liked how it sounded) over the prospect of the Koch Brothers “buying” the government. He even managed to claim that people’s rights are being restricted by allowing them more freedom to engage in the political process.

And as atrocious as Reid’s obsession with a couple of libertarian industrialists might seem (seriously: he even accused them of tax avoidance), Chuck Schumer (D-People’s Republic of New York) easily outdid the outlandish Senator from Nevada. According to the Washington Examiner, Chuck had this to say to journalists after learning that political speech is actually covered under the 1st Amendment:

"Let's say you're a person who doesn't want to go to a 501(c)(4) because you're worried maybe there'll be an IRS investigation sometime down the road," Schumer told reporters. "You can write one check to a joint committee of 232 House members and give them each the maximum."

Michael Schaus

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