Susan Stamper Brown

As the chaotic healthcare enrollment period grinds to a halt, it is clear that Obamacare has changed America.

Oh, what a tangled web Liberals weaved when they practiced to deceive Americans -- about why it was "necessary" to dismantle America's healthcare system, when all that it really needed was minor tweaking. Coverage for pre-existing conditions and increasing the dependent age are tweaks upon most would agree.

No one really knows how many Americans actually have coverage through Obamacare. Maybe 6 million -or maybe not; whatever the case, it's probably not enough to prevent costs from increasing as early as next year. And there's no telling how many of those were previously uninsured.

We do know some things: Lots of people are uninsured and many of the insured have discovered it's almost impossible to get policies that don't restrict the latest medications or availability to top-notch hospitals. Millions of low income Americans once covered by states through Medicaid are now uninsured. Millions of policies people liked were cancelled and replaced with plans they didn't want and many cannot afford. Far too many had work hours cut back or lost their jobs altogether.

Liberals blame the Medicaid problem on states, policy cancellations on the insurance companies, and lost jobs and shortened hours on employers. Democrats systematically crushed America's healthcare system with a steamroller and now blame everyone except Flat Stanley and themselves for not fixing it fast enough.

The dust has settled temporarily - just long enough for many to realize that of all the things they've lost, their freedom is missed the most. Gone are the days when people were trusted to make their own choices about healthcare.

Dare to disobey Obamacare regulations and the IRS will come collecting. But an IRS penalty is nothing compared to the unprecedented assault on our religious freedoms. Hobby Lobby owners David and Barbara Green's case, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby was argued before the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) March 25.

Hobby Lobby generously provides employees with health insurance, including birth control, but that's not enough for the administration, which demands they provide drugs the Greens religiously object to, believing they cause abortions. In the America we once knew, that would be enough.

Susan Stamper Brown

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