Sat, Jun 15, 2013

John Hawkins | June 15, 2013

This is President Obama’s number one political agenda item because he knows we will never again have a Republican president, ever, if amnesty goes into effect.

John C. Goodman | June 15, 2013

Have you noticed that the revelation about the National Security Agency surveilling our phone calls, our email, our credit cards and other personal information is creating great divisions at both ends of the political spectrum?

Neil McCabe | June 15, 2013

Because the flawed immigration legislation working its way through Capitol Hill is poison to conservative Republicans, Speaker John A. Boehner announced he must break the “Hastert Rule” to drag it over the finish line.

Cal Thomas | June 15, 2013

Let the broadcast networks not make a "play" for the Fox audience. That just means more success and more money for Roger Ailes.

Caroline Glick | June 15, 2013

Many have chalked the failure of Better Place up to its poor management. The company's business model was an incoherent study in overreach and hubris.The only incentives Better Place gave consumers were ideological. And if the ticket price of being a pioneer in a risky market is the same as the price of a normal car, then no one will want to be a pioneer.

John Ransom | June 15, 2013

In a second-term reprise, Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin in return lectured his pal Obama about “privacy.” The lecture comes in the wake of a number of snooping scandals including the IRS targeting of conservatives, the NSA spying scandal and the general Chicago-style thuggery practiced by the Obama mob.

Kathryn Lopez | June 15, 2013

At a recent Thursday-morning press conference, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi was asked to explain the moral difference between the 20-week-old babies whom Dr. Kermit Gosnell killed in his Philadelphia clinic and the unborn children that legislation sponsored by Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks would help protect.

Kevin McCullough | June 15, 2013

The "mixed" reviews surrounding the debut of the new motion picture franchise "Man Of Steel" are both amusing and disgusting.

Crista Huff | June 15, 2013

Gunmaker Smith & Wesson reported preliminary fourth quarter numbers, beating earnings estimates, and reflecting huge year-over-year gains.

Steve Deace | June 15, 2013

Recent scandals and invasions of privacy prove big government is the problem regardless of who’s in charge of it.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 15, 2013

And here you thought the problem with labor unions where their tendency to go on strike. . . Nope. They might just break some kneecaps first. . .

Julie Gunlock | June 15, 2013

Typically environmental organizations target consumers with overwrought warnings of how some everyday product or activity is destroying the world and threatening their health. Yet now, activists are turning their targets toward major retailers.

Bill Tatro | June 15, 2013

I imagine, however, that Ronald Reagan, his cohorts, and perhaps even his enemies would be absolutely stunned regarding the conditions of our current trickle-down effect.

Fritz Pfister | June 15, 2013

The American home purchaser can be a fickle beast. Many believed rates would either fall or hold at historical lows indefinitely. These consumers had no sense of urgency to purchase. The old herd mentality then draws them to the market on news of rising interest rates.

Fri, Jun 14, 2013

Michael Medved | June 14, 2013

The remarkable new film FILL THE VOID is richly romantic, overwhelmingly emotional, and full of inspiring religious overtones.

Alan Sears | June 14, 2013

If anything has been made clear in the ongoing Internal Revenue Service scandal, it’s that this is bigger than the work of one or two partisans. Rather, it is indicative of a mindset within agencies which says, "We know what's best for you."

Wayne Allyn Root | June 14, 2013

History proves that people in government the world over are liars, cheats, frauds, incompetents, common criminals, tyrants, and even murderers. Yet you think I should trust them with my phone records, emails, tax records, and healthcare?

Rich Galen | June 14, 2013

There are no good options for Barack Obama in Syria. If he continues to do nothing, the carnage that has only been growing over the past two years will almost certainly expand. But if he moves aggressively to help depose Assad, his entire anti-Bush, anti-Iraq position will be called into question and his already softening supporters on the left may, in fact, leave.

Michelle Malkin | June 14, 2013

We all know now what the vengeful Obama IRS has been doing to conservative nonprofits the past four years: strangling them in the crib. But do you know how much pampering and largesse far-left welfare-state charities have received while limited-government groups suffered? You don't know the half of it.

Mark Davis | June 14, 2013

After a week of enduring the crossfire over the relative benefits and dangers of the deeds of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, I am left wondering whether this has been good or bad for our nation.

Brent Bozell | June 14, 2013

Egotistical musicians often exaggerate their political influence, none more than the nattering, narcissistic rapper Kanye West. He has compared himself in global stature to Apple founder Steve Jobs and has titled his latest album "Yeesus."

Jonah Goldberg | June 14, 2013

It's true - no ideal libertarian state has ever existed, and no such state ever will. But here's an important caveat: No ideal state of any other kind will be created, either.

David Limbaugh | June 14, 2013

The Obama administration's handling of its multiple scandals paints a picture of those who believe they are above the law. There's a pattern of arrogance, dismissiveness, denial, scapegoating, stonewalling, lying, false professions of ignorance, assurances of accountability and punishing whistle-blowers.

Mona Charen | June 14, 2013

Whoever turns out to be right about climate change, certain reforms are worth doing. One is to stop subsidizing disaster.

Pat Buchanan | June 14, 2013

Next year should be a banner year for the GOP, and may yet be.

Suzanne Fields | June 14, 2013

It's the season of Pomp and Circumstance, flavored with dashes of parental pride, as a rising generation in cap and gown marches solemnly into its future. They're glowing with the beauty of youth, eager to take on the world. But what have we taught these young men and women, and will what they have learned lead them to become good citizens with productive and satisfying jobs?

Scottie Hughes | June 14, 2013

Scandals are what soap operas base their story lines off of. Scandals are actions of a President and his intern in the Oval Office. I consider this administration's actions to be more in the category of betrayal.

Linda Chavez | June 14, 2013

Like most people who live in democratic countries, Americans believe elections matter. But elections alone don't define democracy. Elections are simply the mechanism by which free people choose the leaders who will uphold the rule of law and protect basic human rights, including the rights of those who did not vote for them.

John Ransom | June 14, 2013

Charge me with a hate crime. Or better yet, accuse me of not being patriotic. Or here’s an idea: call me racist, or greedy. Tie me somehow to work for the Koch Brothers, or accuse me of profiting on an offshore deal.

Diana West | June 14, 2013

At what point does it become clear that we no longer inhabit America?

Donald Lambro | June 14, 2013

President Obama's job approval polls are declining, proving Abraham Lincoln's admonition that you can't fool all the people all the time.

Night Watch | June 14, 2013

North Korea has not broadcast the cancellation of the talks to its own population. That probably explains its extension of another invitation to cooperate in its domestic propaganda. The difference in this offer is a lack of mutuality.

Jerry Bowyer | June 14, 2013

All of this means that fetus-phobic countries face economic irrelevance, and when they add the additional toxin of socialism, the path to oblivion becomes even steeper and more slippery.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 14, 2013

The President of R Street, a conservative think tank in DC, joined the program to talk about Ronald Reagan’s environmentalism. (It is possible a few liberal heads just exploded after reading that sentence.) John also presented this week’s Powerful or Pitiful award to a very deserving candidate.

Douglas MacKinnon | June 14, 2013

If you are a conservative and someone who believes in the foundation of traditional values, then it’s time to face a sad truth -- the Republican Party of 2013 is all but useless to you.

Bill Tatro | June 14, 2013

Once again, we’re all very disappointed in the fact that we can’t reestablish our “A.” Perhaps in a few years when the politicians have changed faces we’ll once again be worthy of our “A,” but for now we can only keep our fingers crossed.

Christopher Prandoni | June 14, 2013

Empowered by a recent court ruling, the Environmental Protection Agency is coopting arcane laws to inhibit economic development and kill thousands of jobs. In order for a mining operating to begin production, developers must apply for and receive a handful of permits.

Crista Huff | June 14, 2013

Safeway has agreed to sell its Canadian stores to Sobeys. Safeway will receive about $4 billion after taxes and expenses, which will be used to pay down $2 billion in debt, and repurchase shares. Safeway’s long-term debt ratio is high at 60%.

Roger Schlesinger | June 14, 2013

Going in a different direction with your mortgage is using mind over matter; or, even better, accepting greed and rejecting fear. It seems simple, but it could be more difficult than you think trying to accept a new way of action.

Thu, Jun 13, 2013

Cliff May | June 13, 2013

Then, as now, the elections were the focus of considerable international attention. Then, as now, the elections were a total fiction.

Todd Starnes | June 13, 2013

A Texas high school principal threatened to sabotage a valedictorian’s appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy after the student delivered a speech that referenced God and the U.S. Constitution, the boy’s attorney alleges.

Cal Thomas | June 13, 2013

While each man should be held accountable for his own behavior, the rest of us should consider what we're promoting and tolerating as a nation and the permission it gives others to follow bad examples.

Kurt Schlichter | June 13, 2013

With the immigration scam well underway in Washington, the only real takeaway for the outside observer is that the Beltway Establishment truly thinks we are idiots. There is no other way to explain the Establishment’s tsunami of faulty premises, bogus clichés, moronic advertisements and bald-faced lies.

Michael Barone | June 13, 2013

In these circumstances most Americans seem willing to accept NSA surveillance programs that, if ungentlemanly, are not illegal.

Victor Davis Hanson | June 13, 2013

At some point our margins of error will disappear, and with them the indulgent toying with our freedoms, defense, energy, education and food. Americans will then have to reawaken and act more like our no-nonsense predecessors -- if our successors are to inherit what we have taken for granted.

Larry Elder | June 13, 2013

For both Obama-haters and Bush-haters, a smaller government reduces the amount of influence and control the "wrong side" has over the other -- a win-win.

Michael Reagan | June 13, 2013

It’s no news to anyone that I disagree strongly with President Obama on just about any issue or policy position you can name.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | June 13, 2013

Reagan, who was known more for his faith in the American people than in the American government, warned that, "as government expands ... liberty contracts." The question that resides in front of us today is whether the people who inhabit our government institutions are aware of their great responsibility.

Debra J. Saunders | June 13, 2013

Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald wrote that Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former intelligence analyst who leaked information on huge U.S. data mining operations, "will go down in history as one of America's most consequential whistleblowers." House Speaker John Boehner called Snowden "a traitor." Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein railed that he had committed "treason."

David Harsanyi | June 13, 2013

There are many idealistic progressives who've remained opposed to the National Security Agency's data mining programs regardless of who is in the White House. (We can't surrender our freedom for safety, you know!) It's only a shame that these same people have such little reverence for constitutional liberties in other areas of public life.

Matt Towery | June 13, 2013

So it seems we have now gone from the case of the lone 20-something gunman in the 1960s to the lone 20-something "leaker" of the 2010s.

John Ransom | June 13, 2013

Even liberals would agree that this wasn’t the Hope and Change that they believe in. And it’s a sad state when we have to rely on China and Russia to point it out.

Steve Chapman | June 13, 2013

George W. Bush took a lot of grief from civil libertarian critics about the terms of the Patriot Act, passed shortly after 9/11, and his use of it. Today, it's clear the critics were wrong. The way the law has been applied is not as bad as they said. It's way worse.

Emmett Tyrrell | June 13, 2013

I depart America for two blissful weeks in Italy and return to find that my country has been transformed, rather rudely, into a totalitarian state on the order of Iran, possibly even North Korea. My telephone is directly plugged into something called PRISM.

Michael Schaus | June 13, 2013

President Barack Obama approved an increase in the so-called “social cost of carbon” calculation to $38 a metric ton. This number is used by government bureaucrats to weigh the cost and benefit of proposed projects, regulations and environmental laws; all without the hassle of actually understanding economics

Crista Huff | June 13, 2013

Teva’s financial obligation in the patent infringement lawsuit will total $1.6 billion, of which $560 million may be covered by insurance.

Night Watch | June 13, 2013

This looks like a set up. Yesterday item four in the North's press release cited agreement that a ministry-level official would lead each delegation. The North clearly reneged on that commitment.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 13, 2013

Common Core is taking on the same description as the NSA, IRS and DOJ: Creepy. Joy Pullman, with the Heartland Institute, joined the show to talk about the intrusive Federal Government overreach in our school system. Also, John points out, yes, Ransom Notes is dedicated to helping anyone reach the American dream.

Roger Schlesinger | June 13, 2013

There is only one sure way to turn this country around, heading back to the recent past when American ideas and products were valued around the world because of their quality that came from our ingenuity & hard work, as well as our values, traditions and customs.

Wed, Jun 12, 2013

Ann Coulter | June 12, 2013

Democrats terrify Hispanics into thinking they'll be lynched if they vote for Republicans, and then turn around and taunt Republicans for not winning a majority of the Hispanic vote.

Todd Starnes | June 12, 2013

The Obama Administration “strongly objects” to a proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have protected the religious rights of soldiers – including evangelical Christian service members who are facing growing hostility towards their religion.

Jerry Newcombe | June 12, 2013

Do you remember the last time you saw a movie and, when it was over, you thought, "That was great, except there wasn't enough swearing?" You don't? Neither do I.

Jeff Jacoby | June 12, 2013

On the evidence so far, Power and the UN are indeed a perfect match. And yes, that's a compliment.

Todd Starnes | June 12, 2013

HGTV viewers are expressing outrage after the network suggested they use American flags as table cloths for Fourth of July celebrations. Many viewers called it offensive, un-American and an insult to the American military.

Rich Galen | June 12, 2013

As if President Barack Obama didn't have any embarrassing issues to deal with, now come the reports -- not proof -- of some really ugly allegations. The original CBS reporting contained a memo from the Diplomatic Security Service alleging wrongdoing and possible interference in at least eight investigations.

Ken Connor | June 12, 2013

For years, the LGBT movement has invoked the twin spectres of equality and human rights in their war against traditional marriage. We must remember, however, that having a mother and a father is a basic human right, one in accordance with Nature and Nature's God. To infringe upon this for selfish gain or gratification is an affront to natural law and to the Constitution.

Bob Barr | June 12, 2013

In a single weekend, Edward Snowden became one of the most famous -- and wanted -- men in the world. This is because last week Snowden, a former contractor technician for the National Security Agency, blew the lid off of a domestic spying program straight from George Orwell’s worst nightmare.

Thomas Sowell | June 12, 2013

The headline on the front page of the New York Times said it all: "Women in the Senate Confront the Military on Sex Assaults."

Michelle Malkin | June 12, 2013

Welcome to Opposite World again. As the U.S. Senate geared up yesterday for the Gang of Eight illegal alien amnesty bill debate, President Obama goaded Capitol Hill to pass what he called "smarter enforcement, a pathway to earned citizenship and improvements to the legal system" of immigration.

John Stossel | June 12, 2013

This week, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said the National Security Agency's data mining violates our Fourth Amendment right to be "secure in their persons, houses, papers" and is "tyranny that our founders rebelled against." Good for him.

Walter E. Williams | June 12, 2013

Why should people have to depend on altruism and voluntary donations to provide something that one day they may need more urgently than food, water, cars, clothing or housing? All objections to organ sales reduce to nonsense, ignorance or arrogance.

Brent Bozell | June 12, 2013

The unfolding story of the Obama administration monitoring not just telephone records but Internet usage has drawn media coverage with adjectives like "astonishing." No doubt about it, even the pro-Obama press acknowledges it is a scandal.

Jonah Goldberg | June 12, 2013

The idealist wants credit for ending the war, while the alleged pragmatist wants to keep a surveillance apparatus that has no justification if the war on terror is truly over. Maybe he's right on the merits. The problem is that fewer and fewer people are willing to take his word for it.

Ben Shapiro | June 12, 2013

With leaker Edward Snowden revealing to the world that the National Security Agency has been both monitoring phone records for all Americans and obtaining emails, videos, voice chats and other private communications between American citizens and those outside the United States under the so-called PRISM program, controversy has broken out over the scope of government surveillance.

Terry Jeffrey | June 12, 2013

On Sept. 11, 2001, 19 people hijacked four U.S. commercial airliners after those airliners took off from airports inside the United States. They then flew those airliners into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and a field outside Shanksville, Pa.

Austin Bay | June 12, 2013

In a humiliating example of self-inflicted electronic bugging, last week a live broadcast television microphone in Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi's Cairo office caught the president and Egypt's most senior political leaders plotting sneak attacks on the upstream Nile's biggest dam builder, Ethiopia.

Paul Greenberg | June 12, 2013

Data-mining has been with us for years. Perspective should return once folks understand what data-mining is and what it's not. It's a sophisticated way to spot incipient threats to our security. It's not an unrestricted license to read American citizens' emails or listen in on our phone calls.

Donald Lambro | June 12, 2013

The president and his top intelligence advisers are sitting on a major breach of national security, but they have yet to explain how this happened and what they're doing to make sure it can't happen again.

Jacob Sullum | June 12, 2013

Last week President Obama claimed he welcomed the public debate over recently revealed government surveillance programs that track personal information about millions of innocent Americans. But if it were up to him, the debate never would have happened, since the programs would have remained secret.

Crista Huff | June 12, 2013

Dole Food Co. CEO David Murdock, who owns 40% of Dole, has offered to buy all outstanding shares for $12 per share and also take on the company’s debt obligations.

Night Watch | June 12, 2013

South Korea and North Korea agreed on 10 June to hold high-level talks in Seoul on 12 and 13 June, according to an official in South Korea's Ministry of Unification. They reached agreement after 17 hours of working-level talks at Panmunjom.

Ralph Benko | June 12, 2013

George Gilder, whose new book publishes this week, is one of the original pillars of Supply Side economics.

Andrew Langer | June 12, 2013

In this new era of budget cuts and Department of Defense reform, Congress’s job of ensuring adequate resources for military readiness has become yeomen’s work. Competing priorities and dwindling funds due to sequestration will make this authorization and appropriation season on Capitol Hill among the toughest in decades.

Bill Tatro | June 12, 2013

I’m thrilled that our great leader clarified what my position should be regarding the rest of our governmental leadership.

Ann-Marie Murrell | June 12, 2013

You would think a floundering state like California would do all they can to entice people like the Colbert family to stay—but unfortunately the opposite has been true.

Armstrong Williams | June 12, 2013

No longer are good grades and good test scores enough to get you into a desirable university. No, it takes greater resources, time, and existential insight. These new conditions favor the affluent and unscrupulous.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 12, 2013

The Equal Pay Act turned Fifty years old this week. . . And Liberals are still trying to “close the pay gap.” Maybe they should look at why there is a gap in the first place. Romina Boccia from the Heritage Foundation joined the program to discuss the free market’s answer to the war between the sexes.

Tue, Jun 11, 2013

Hector Barreto | June 11, 2013

We started the week knowing that Richard Griffin is a defendant in an embezzlement and racketeering lawsuit. These developments should disqualify Griffin - this information should lead U.S. Senators to oppose Griffin’s confirmation to the National Labor Relations Board.

Rachel Marsden | June 11, 2013

What's truly tiresome is this growing culture of conspiracy whereby everything that the government does is an evil plot against average Americans. Why are we always looking out for the imaginary Adolf Hitler whom conspiracy cranks believe is lurking in the soul of every elected authority?

Todd Starnes | June 11, 2013

A Midwestern lawmaker is calling on his colleagues in Congress to offer cover to an Army soldier under fire for his conservative political views and religious faith, and accusing the Obama administration of “creating a tyrannical culture of political correctness in the military.”

Phyllis Schlafly | June 11, 2013

It has become evident that Barack Obama's definition of "fundamentally transforming the United States" includes Big Brother harassing selected conservatives while monitoring everybody's email and telephone traffic.

Byron York | June 11, 2013

Now that he's president, no matter what he says, Obama hasn't had it any worse than his Republican predecessor. Indeed, when one takes away all the umbrage and unsubstantiated statistics, Obama's Rose Garden message to Senate Republicans was very simple: Don't do unto me as I did unto you.

Michael Brown | June 11, 2013

He may only be 11, but Alexi Caples is already starting to think that his mom might be a vampire.

John Hawkins | June 11, 2013

"The 'Gang of Eight' bill is not immigration reform. It is big government dysfunction. It is an immigration Obamacare. All advocates of true immigration reform — on the left and the right — should oppose it."

Thomas Sowell | June 11, 2013

One of the most common arguments for allowing more immigration is that there is a "need" for foreign workers to do "jobs that Americans won't do," especially in agriculture.

Rick Santorum | June 11, 2013

This jarring event was a grim reminder of the continued threat to America that exists and should have been a wake-up call to the Obama administration about the deadly nature of radical Islam. But here we are now, nine months later, and there still are no answers or explanations from the Obama administration about what exactly happened, why it happened and what those in charge knew while it was happening.

Chuck Norris | June 11, 2013

"Food poisoning" - when food is infected, tampered with, or altered in any way, it becomes detrimental to its consumer. But what about the genetic engineering, tampering or alteration of our food supply? If it causes bodily harm, even over the long haul, could that be considered poisoning?

David Limbaugh | June 11, 2013

Isn't it ironic that President Obama, having acquired the highest office in the land by agitating -- all his political life -- against privilege and discrimination, is now systematically wielding his executive power lawlessly to favor his friends and punish his enemies?

Mona Charen | June 11, 2013

It would be nice to write a column in praise of President Obama for his vigorous conduct of the war on terror -- to praise his willingness to look for "dots" to connect amid all the electronic noise of the communications web.

Cal Thomas | June 11, 2013

The notion that we should trust government is foolish and dangerous. Government officials, like all human beings, have the capacity to do wrong, as well as right. That's why the Founders gave us a Constitution, to control government that "the blessings of liberty" might be secured.

Dennis Prager | June 11, 2013

If you were a Christian minister who was given the opportunity to write an op-ed piece for the Washington Post, what subject would you choose? War and peace? The decline in faith among America's young people?

Pat Buchanan | June 11, 2013

If Big Brother is our guardian angel now, could he become Lucifer?

Debra J. Saunders | June 11, 2013

Before President Barack Obama took a question on intelligence surveillance and stepped on his message in an odd and hastily put-together event in San Jose, Calif., on Friday, the president made a few scheduled remarks about California's implementation of his Affordable Care Act.

John Ransom | June 11, 2013

Let’s juxtapose this new, do-nothing government, which we have been enjoying the last few months, with the all-activist, all-the-time government that we’ve gotten from the Democrats since 2006.

Paul Greenberg | June 11, 2013

Sixty years. Sixty years on the throne of the United Kingdom. Can the little Englishwoman entering Westminster Abbey all in white, including the almost 19th century lady's hat, a big black matron's bag slung over a begloved arm, be the same young queen who tremblingly took the throne 60 years ago?

Bill Murchison | June 11, 2013

The 29-year-old computer technician who spilled U.S. surveillance secrets all over the floor last week explained himself in an interview with the Guardian newspaper in England.

Bob Beauprez | June 11, 2013

There is no longer any shock value in catching the President saying something diametrically opposed to reality. We are all too familiar with Barack "It-was-the-video" Obama and a plethora of other exaggerations and fantasies. Occasionally, though, he goes beyond his own standards for hypocrisy.

Marvin Olasky | June 11, 2013

A decade later, couples report encouraging news about God’s work in their marriages.

Crista Huff | June 11, 2013

Comcast shares reached new highs this year, then experienced a pullback. The stock seems to be completing a bullish double bottom chart pattern today.

Robert Knight | June 11, 2013

George Santayana famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Power in Washington is growing exponentially, but even now, most pastors are not warning their flocks of the danger.

John Bennett | June 11, 2013

On Sunday, New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte announced her support of amnesty. With her support, amnesty could be more likely to pass in the Senate.

Ransom Notes Radio | June 11, 2013

With the NSA PRISM program, it is becoming increasingly clear that our privacy is deteriorating. Jim Harper, from Cato, joined the program to discuss the implications for individual liberty and market privacy.

Ann-Marie Murrell | June 11, 2013

The Silent Majority wasn’t so silent anymore and the Left did not like it--and no one seemed angrier about the conservative use of the Internet than Obama and his administration.

Mon, Jun 10, 2013

Todd Starnes | June 10, 2013

A member of the U.S. Army Band who said he was reprimanded for having anti-Obama bumper stickers on his personal car, serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at a party and reading books written by conservative authors is now facing Article 15 charges – which cropped up shortly after he went public with his complaints.

Erik Stanley | June 10, 2013

Texas-based Pro-Life Revolution applied for 501(c)3 status with the IRS in January 2011--they received that status some 900 days later, on June 6, 2013 in a letter dated May 19. In the interim, they received letters asking for clarification and "more information," and a March 2012 phone call in which IRS agent Sherry Wan told Pro-Life Revolution President Ania Joseph how the IRS expects tax-exempt groups to act, think, and speak.

David Stokes | June 10, 2013

A few years ago, when I finally got around to reading Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, I learned some vital things about culture warfare

Rich Tucker | June 10, 2013

There’s one place where the churning job market becomes more placid: the federal government. A federal job is forever, or just about.

Rich Galen | June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden should be extradited from Hong Kong and tried in the United States. If he is found guilty - and given his public interviews it won't take Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christy to get a conviction - he should go to federal prison for a long time.

Gabriella Hoffman | June 10, 2013

Aristotle once opined, “Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope.” Not surprisingly, millennials bought the Left’s redistributionist policies and class warfare rhetoric again in 2012.

Phil Kerpen | June 10, 2013

In the wake of rising food and feedstock prices caused by corn-based ethanol, U.S. Rep. Pete Olson thinks the answer is to expand the RFS to include ethanol derived from natural gas. The result would be a spike in natural gas prices, hurting manufacturers and consumers.

Jeff Jacoby | June 10, 2013

Ask Democrat Ed Markey or Republican Gabriel Gomez about guns or ObamaCare or each other's qualifications to be the next US senator from Massachusestts, and out come the canned talking points and put-downs that anyone following the Senate race quickly wearies of. But what if you toss them some questions from off the beaten path? I put some nonstandard queries to the two nominees, hoping their answers might be illuminating – or at least unexpected.

Michael Medved | June 10, 2013

While economists and politicians celebrate economic recovery, the American people refuse to accept the good news. Only a third of the public sees the nation headed in “the right direction” – a figure that’s dropped ten points since President Obama’s re-election

Kurt Schlichter | June 10, 2013

Today, with the last of the World War II generation that dominated our politics for a half-century gone. Can Americans in the future ever match the dedication, the competence, and the courage of those who broke the yoke of fascism locked on half of the world seven decades ago?

Michael Barone | June 10, 2013

Barack Obama's appointments of Susan Rice as national security adviser and Samantha Power as ambassador to the United Nations have naturally triggered speculation about changes in foreign policy.

Star Parker | June 10, 2013

It’s time to close the door on a bankrupt, antiquated Social Security system and give every working American the opportunity to build wealth and share in the American dream.

Katie Kieffer | June 10, 2013

Lady Justice and Lady Liberty are supremely beautiful because justice and liberty are foundational to the American experiment and to the U.S. Constitution. We must remember to regularly contemplate their stunning countenances

Ken Blackwell | June 10, 2013

Mikey Weinstein and his militant atheizers in MRFF (the so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation) are boasting of their ability to crush any outbreak of Christian expression in the military.

John Ransom | June 10, 2013

When we get bogged down in the self-love of a man who adores his own reflection in the surface of a teleprompter because, more or less, he can read the same great speech over and over...well let's just say that's not an America built to last.

Dan Holler | June 10, 2013

For the third time in eight years, the U.S. Senate is debating what many in the media call a landmark immigration bill. This time around, proponents of the bill are cashing in on lessons learned from failed attempts in 2006 and 2007. Chief among those lessons is that words matter.

Matt Barber | June 10, 2013

Every U.S. president seems to have one primary historical hallmark – positive or negative – that characterizes his legacy.

Michael Schaus | June 10, 2013

Well, it has finally happened: The temperature of Hell has dropped below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, pigs have full command of the skies, and I have found a sentence uttered by Paul Krugman with which I agree.

Rachel Alexander | June 10, 2013

Conservatives have long suspected there is discrimination against conservative professors in academia, and now there is evidence to prove it.

Shawn Mitchell | June 10, 2013

It’s not just their mortality in the balance, but all of ours. We were young when we discovered the song. They were young when they created and performed it.

Tad DeHaven | June 10, 2013

When it comes to congressional ethics rules, the fox is guarding the henhouse.

Sun, Jun 09, 2013

Doug Giles | June 09, 2013

I just got back from hunting buffalo in Zimbabwe for the last two weeks. It’s always a pleasure for me to go beyond the pavement, where the cell phones don’t work, and I can’t go online and there isn’t a television that functions within a sixty-mile radius.

Derek Hunter | June 09, 2013

Culture is the culmination of everything happening in a society, the collective stew of the nation. A good stew, a healthy stew, has all the flavors melting together to create something better than the sum of its parts – garlic is great, but it’s much better on something than simply eating a bulb of it.

Austin Hill | June 09, 2013

Americans voted twice for a big-government President, and now we’re beginning to experience the impact of big government. Are you shocked?

Debra J. Saunders | June 09, 2013

"Nobody's listening to your phone calls," President Obama proclaimed at a Friday event that was supposed to be about California's implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Bruce Bialosky | June 09, 2013

Scary. Unacceptable. This is not America. Those are some of the comments that I have heard about the revelations regarding government snooping on our cellphones.

John Ransom | June 09, 2013

It’s hilarious how liberals see it: On the one hand they have to talk down to us, because we’re too stupid to understand anything, but on the other hand, we are so clever that we managed to gather more money and power than anyone else.

Steve Chapman | June 09, 2013

Some years ago, when tax simplification was being discussed, a cartoonist came up with the most likely way the IRS would achieve it: a postcard-sized 1040 form consisting of two lines: 1) How much did you make? 2) Send it in.

Tad DeHaven | June 09, 2013

Rep. Fincher’s inability or unwillingness to remove the plank in his own eye is yet another example of how Republicans are generally lousy at making the case for spending cuts.

Michael F. Cannon | June 09, 2013

Collectively, states can shield all employers and at least 12 million taxpayers from the law’s new taxes, and still reduce federal deficits by $1.7 trillion, simply by refusing to establish Exchanges or expand Medicaid.

Michael Tanner | June 09, 2013

This year, it is reported that the poverty rate is expected to be roughly 15.1 percent and climbing. Between then and now, the federal government spent roughly $12 trillion fighting poverty, and state and local governments added another $3 trillion. Yet the poverty rate never fell below 10.5 percent.

Marita Noon | June 09, 2013

Now, in a season of cover-ups, the Sierra Club has come clean.

Mark Baisley | June 09, 2013

The Liberty Amendment does not attempt to provide solutions to the lost revenues for the federal government. For me, the wisdom in this approach is a forced reduction in the size of the federal government along with re-thinking revenue sources.

James Allen | June 09, 2013

Strobridge Elementary School in Hayward, California is hosting a gun buyback program for kids. What a great way to get unwanted guns off the street, not to mention a great way to get guns out of the hands of minors.

Paul Jacob | June 09, 2013

President Obama sounds eerily like Darth Vader, these days.